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I have closed the poll on the Season Eight comic and fanfic. There were 46 participants, so you can make of the results what you will, but basically:-

For "Saying the Buffy!Verse comics are fanfic is

An insult to the comics 6 (13%)
An insult to fanfic 25(54.3%)
A way of saying it is not canon 15 (32.6%)

This one had a clear majority, and of the people who took the poll, most see it as an insult to fanfic, rather than, as I suspect in saying it, the other way around to what they mean.

For "People who say the comics are fanfic"

Don't like the comics and reject them as a continuation of the verse 25 (56.9)
Like the comics, but don't accept them as a continuation of the verse 9 (30.5%)
Don't like fanfic 10 (22.7%)

Which would seem to back up the thought I had that it is meant to be an insult. As fanfic can be good and bad, it might depend on what fanfic you have read, if any. I suspect it is an ill founded accussation just to express dissatisfaction with the comics, but shows the person making it doen't know fanfic that well. Or has been very unlucky in the fanfic that they have read.

And finallly "Ah and Now"

The comic is too good to be called fanfic 5 (11.1%)
Fanfic is too good to be brought down by the comic 1 (2.2%)
These people are damn well paid for it, it should be better than fanfic 19 (42.2%)
It is not fanfic, fanfic writers know the verse better than these writers seem to 20 (44.4$)

It seemed quite equal between "These people are damn well paid for it, it should be better than fanfic" and "It is not fanfic, fanfic writers know the verse better than these writers seem to".

I'm sick of hearing the arguement that comic book writers do not get paid that much. They still get paid for it, and expect us to shell out money on the product. If the lack of money is a reason that the comic is not good, then why should we pay for them. They use the fact that they can have more fun than they could on TV with casts of thousands, special effects and letting loose their imaginations in a way they couldn't on TV with the budgets they are given. Now the only limits are to the imagination and skill of the artist, which doesn't always work, especially if the writer or whoever gets carried way and takes the OTT route. Sometimes limits lead to better stories, if the stories get left behind for the special effects.

There are pitfalls in writing comic books, especially from a programme that started on TV, but Joss is very well versed in this field as well as screenwriting, so should've been aware of them. I also expect that quite a few of the writers are not as well versed at we, the fans, are. As fans we can be obsessive, while for them it is just another job, while, even when the programmes where on TV, Joss was never obsessed himself with continuity, it was always more about the story he was telling, rather than how well it fit in with the previous parts of the verse, which leads to lots of meta to make sense of it. So that the comic is not flowing with continuity is not a surprise. It was mearly accepted more in the TV programme than in the comic.

The comic has had problems even before being published with people not accepting them, so it is not surprising that there is quite a lot of discontent. What I object to is it being called fanfic. Fanfic is stories made by fans for fans, with no money exchanging hands. The comics are made by professionals for fans for profit. There is a big difference, and if the people in the comic book are surprised at the reaction to the comic, then it would seem they have not identified their market. Staunch fans.

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Date: 2009-09-08 05:26 pm (UTC)
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hey chuck, sorry to butt in, I tried to call you at half five :-/ No answer. I cant believe what bad luck we are getting trying to meet LOL


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Date: 2009-09-08 06:19 pm (UTC)
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It's ok Jamie love. I was out food shopping, the cupboards were bare. Sorry to have missed you!


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Date: 2009-09-08 06:08 pm (UTC)
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if the people in the comic book are surprised at the reaction to the comic, then it would seem they have not identified their market.

Actually, I think they've been astonished at the positive reaction to the comic, although that's maybe not the answer you were expecting. :-) It's become the best-selling comic Dark Horse produce; its sales figures put it right up there with the established, mainstream comics like Batman and Superman. It's brought a whole new fanbase into comic shops who probably never set foot there before.

I do think people like Scott Allie were taken by surprise by how, um, passionate the 'Buffy' fanbase can get about things, though. :-)

the comic is not flowing with continuity

I disagree, of course. I think it's very much in continuity with the show and full of shout-outs to past events. I think the problem is that many people's own interpretations of what 'Buffy' was about were different to Joss Whedon's. When the show was no longer being broadcast that didn't matter so much, but once he started writing 'Buffy' again people realised that the things he thought were important or in-character for her didn't tally with their own preconceptions.

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Date: 2009-09-08 06:24 pm (UTC)
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They may have been surprised by how many people were buying them, but they did market them as Season Eight, and left no doubt that Joss was involved, calling it canon, so they must have had some idea of the pull of such statements.

I think that maybe we just come from different angles on what we think Buffy might've been up to in the 18 months after 'Chosen'. I did fill in your poll.

The long break might have left people with strong ideas about what they though the Scoobies had been doing, and, as such, have been hard to break. Bringing Warren back I think was a major mistake, as was the explianation for it. A fanfic writer wouldn't get away with that.


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