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When I first heard that the Buffy!Verse was continuing in comic book form I was excited. Now I'm sadly disappointed, and have near enough left the fandom. I stopped buying the Season Eight comics quite a while back, mainly because I didn't want to give Scott Allie and Dark Horse another penny. I kept going with Angel: After the Fall more to support IDW than because I was enjoying the comic.

I've now read this at [ profile] sueworld2003's journal, and am delighed that I stopped buying the season eight comic. In fact I will never buy another Dark Horse comic in the Jossverse while Scott Allie is in charge of the titles. No matter who the writer is. I really dislike the man's attitude, and the way he expresses his opinions.

So seems that filling in the blanks is up to the fanfic writers. Well, with how things are going in the comics that might be for the best. Excellent fanfic writers will do a far better job than the comics have.
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A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! What more could I ask for! CANNOT WAIT!

IDW Panel Bombshell - Major Spoilers

Upcoming Brian Lynch projects )

Oh Gawd, is Brian reading my blog and giving me what I want. A dream come true!

Edit! After last nights Torchwood Trailer I was on an icon snagging frenzy! Uploaded now, if you want to have a look at my new icons go here

All credited and can be snagged!
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Ok, looking at my fandoms, I'm wondering if I really want anything to do with the fandoms. Or how they are going!

I want Spike to have nothing to do with Season Eight Buffy. I don't trust Dark Horse (or even Joss), with his character. I feel totally no love. My original Spuffy shipper as totally died with the first Buffy comic.

I don't want him in Aftermath either. My ideal would be if IDW gave him his own series, and got him out from either Buffy or Angel's shadow!


Getting a bit worried about Sam Wincester in Supernatural as well. I feel too many fans are after his blood, just waiting to jump on him if he does a foot wrong. Not happy!


Doctor Who! Worried it is in danger of becoming too shippy for my tastes. That would so not be my Doctor.


Which leaves me just looking forward to Torchwood. I know it has it's faults, but.......

Oh well, I guess I should just keep an open mind. As long as people don't rip off the actors (I will defriend in a shot), I guess I will survive. Just might leave the fandoms and enjoy the shows or comic!
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Been on a SPN feast for the past couple of days. Been watching the latest episodes, and rewatching favourite from the previous seasons as well. Plot bunnies? No. I am old enough to be their mother, and that is how I feel about them. Just want to protect them, and guess what? Would make for bad fic!

Speaking of which, I know I haven't done the quizzes, but there is a problem. I haven't read the comics yet. Yes there is a reason for this!

Cut for situation with the comics )
Off to watch more SPN....tries to resist watching "Magic Spot" yet again!
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So what am I doing up at this ridiculously early time of the morning. Yes it is now 5:48am, and I have been awake for ages. I think it was because I fell asleep yesterday afternoon, and slept too long then. So of course I cannot sleep at night. My own fault really.

I now have all my comics, but haven't read any yet. Really should settle down and do that. Angel: After the Fall #11 arrived yesterday, with Everybody's Dead, the last one. It is still sitting in it's packaging. Oh when they first came out and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them, and read them. Still I intend to do the quizzes, so will knuckle down and have them all read at some point today. I have lots of hours to fill anyway, because I shall not let myself go to sleep this afternoon, so I can get some sleep at night. Need to get back into routine.

Right, off to rescue the spider in my bath, and have a bath myself.
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Well, was going to do the quiz, but I thought, as Angel #11 came out, I would wait until I get my copy of that before doing the quiz. It gets posted to me, so hopefully I will get it soon.

Was thinking about Angel: After the Fall, and really, the three First Night issues, I think, should've been released separately. The break has pulled me out of the main story arc slightly. To be honest I don't think the pay off was good enough to do that either. I think that First Night was hyped up, and didn't live up to expectations. Except for Gunn. I also think that having varied artists in a series of comics can be very hit and miss. I found that with Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires as well. Maybe I just don't like change.

I hope everyone as a wonderful time at [ profile] writerconuk, and really enjoy your weekend. My flist is going to be quiet without you!
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Well, despite being pimped around LJ, the poll only got 55 votes. Maybe it should've been are you full of apathy for the comics poll! Anyway poor Buffy didn't do too well I am sorry to say, with 5 people saying her comic is a good continuation of her story, and another 11 votes from them both being a good continuation meant she got 16 positive votes overall, while 16 said she jumped the shark, and another 12 votes saying they had both jumped the shark, making it 27 jumping the shark votes for Buffy Season Eight.

Angel did better with 11 saying it is a good continuation of the series, added to the 11 for both meant he got 22 positive votes. For Angel jumping the shark got 0, he did get 12 from the both comics jumping the shark.

Buffy Season Eight good continuation of the series 16
Buffy Season Eight jumping the shark 28

Angel: After the Fall good continuation of the series 22
Angel: After the Fall jumping the shark 12

Edit the poll is now closed!
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[Poll #1230882]
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I saw This Entry at [ profile] erin_starlight's journal, and it got me thinking about who was a Scoobie to me, and who really was in the Fang Gang. So this is my personal take on it. Contains spoilers for the comics, both Buffy Season Eight and Angel: After the Fall.

What does it take to join? )


Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:47 pm
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Just got finished reading my flist, which has totally exploded with Dr Who....I'm only a member of one community for Dr Who, but it must account for half my friends list! It takes me back, and not always in a good way, to when Buffy was being aired. I seriously am not looking for friends on that community. Too many people I do not agree with, so I am keeping my opinions to myself. Yet again I'm out of the main ship. Not a Rose fan!

On that subject, I would say at as far as BtVS and AtS is concerned everyone knows my Ship is Spangel, and I'm more than content if it never gets an official nod as canon. I have totally no axe to grind for either Bangel or Spuffy. My het pairing is Spru, because I can have them in a historic setting, and have YEARS to place them in. So I'm not against a love interest in the comics at all, indeed I'm all for Angel, Spike and Buffy moving on, and having a love interest! Or in Buffy's case growing up and learning how to treat the person you love, not in any way the way she treated Angel, Spike (or even Riley).

So why am I not on board with the comic based love interests they have given them?

Flawed )

I read that Metallica released "Whiskey in the Jar", and have ran to my Thin Lizzy. *Puts Thin Lizzy up Full Volume for protection"


Jun. 28th, 2008 10:45 pm
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I feel like the wettest of wet blankets, all ready to rain on others parades. I'm left with rants about Buffy Season Eight, was not enthused by the latest Angel: After the Fall.....and tonights Dr Who? Don't even ask....unless you really want a total rant about it. Well except for Jack, Ianto and Gwen.

Only fandom I am not ranting about is Supernatural, then that could be cos I am not buying the comic this time!


Apr. 3rd, 2008 02:36 pm
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I phoned my comic book guy, Buffy Season Eight, Angel: After the Fall First Night and Everybodys Dead have all come in! He is going to send them out tonight!

Cross your fingers for me. Maybe this time I will get them in time to join in the discussions, instead of avoiding them to avoid spoilers!

Oh and to add to the squee, James is on Torchwood tomorrow night at 9pm! SQUEE!


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:44 am
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I guess you know I get my comics sent out to me. Well Buffy Season 8 #11, and Angel: After the Fall #4 got sent out together (save on postage, and not that enamaoured with Buffy Season 8, so wait until the Angel one comes out to get them posted). Anyway, was waiting expectently for the comics. They didn't arrive, which means I have been trying to avoid Spoilers, hence lack of comments on the comics.

I phoned the comic shop, and they assured me that they had been sent out. So waiting for the nice postman to push them through my letterbox. Never happened. Phoned the comic shop again today, only to find out that the envelope had been returned with "Not Known At This Adress" on it. We double checked the address, and yes it was corectly labled. Then my local post office is inclined to make mistakes like this. Has happened to me a couple of times, where I got the wrong mail.

What happened to reliable Post Office service?
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My friend Ronnie told me about the up-coming graphic novel they are about to make of Macbeth. The Guardian wrote about it on the 28, and he brought over the article. I tried to scan it, but by the time I got it, it was too badly folded to scan and be readable. There are three versions an *original text", "plain text" and "quick text".

It is thought this might make it more accessable to younger readers, who may not be able to see the play, but can see the pictures instead. While I can see this is a good idea, I do worry that some of the lylical attributes of Shakespeare's words might be lost.

Yes it has the advantage of being able to see the images, and yes, it was a play. Still a static picture is not the same as going to a theatre, and seeing the actors. Which quite a few of us reading the Buffy and Angel comics know is just not the same. That is not to say that it isn't a good idea. If it gets more people interested in the classics, then of course it is a good idea. Just a faithful representation in a TV series might be better. After all it is a moving image that Shakespeare was using to tell his tale.

Still if it gets the classics to a wider audience, who am I to complain!
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Stephen Mooney's Exclusive Cover for SlayAlive Issue 2 under the cut.

Exclusive Cover, Issue 2 )


Oct. 15th, 2007 10:45 pm
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Cannot get back onto MSN tonight. Sorry!

I have quite faithfully been following Spoilers for After the Fall, and reading reviews on-line. While waiting for Spike: Shadow Puppets #4, and Buffy No Future for You, I read reviews from other people who had read them. While I will continue, I will not be influenced by these items any more. I really don't care about the Spoilers for After the Fall, I have ordered them, and will read them. Some of the speculation it leads to can be really imaginative and thought-provoking. Even if I do pray they are wrong.

The thing is, do two people watch or read the same thing and highlight the same things? I don't think so. While someone else raves about something, until you read it for yourself, you really don't know how it works. It is interesting to read what others enjoyed or didn't enjoy, but you are going to bring your own perspective to the work. So even if I maybe a little late, I think I will make a post of my thoughts and likes/dislikes from the comics.

I have been in a pre-order mood. Last week I pre-ordered James Masters Like a Waterfall. Tonight I pre-ordered Spike: Shadow Puppets TPB (yes I did like it that much).

Good night everyone. I will still be reading your reviews, just mine might highlight other things I like/dislike.


Oct. 15th, 2007 11:35 am
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Finally got my comics. Had a quick glace through Spike: Shadow Puppets, and think I will enjoy it more than I thought I might. Looks like Lorne takes that stage!

It was a lotta comics to arrive all at one time. Spike: Shadow Puppets #4, Buffy: No Future For You #2, and Supernatural: Origins parts off to read!
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For everyone on my flist who wants to follow Angel: After the Fall, but hasn't read Spike: Asylum or Spike: Shadow Puppets, I would like to introduce the "new" character you will be meeting in the comic.

Come and meet him here )
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The Post Strike means I will not get my comics until the end of next week! Drats Drats Drats!

Will be Thursday or Friday before they arrive. So I will be totally needing to either seek out spoilers or avoid them.....not sure which yet!

Still I have put in my order for "After the Fall", so all set up for that!
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I really do think, to be fair to Joss, before I rant about Season 8, I should make myself clear about Joss and comic writing.

I have enjoyed a few Joss penned comics, Fray, Tales of The Slayers and Tales of The Vampires. I know that Tales of the Slayers, and Tales of The Vampires are an ensemble pieces, but they had some great stories.

I didn't enjoy "Those Left Behind", but have had real problems getting into Firefly. I have never been a fan of X-Men, so haven't read them, or any others by Joss, only the Buffy!Verse ones. But I Did Enjoy Them!

Which is why I am even more annoyed that I am not enjoying the Buffy Season Eight Series. I went into it fully expecting to love it. Hence the expectations of a rant, and my real expectaions that I will not be there for the end (50 issues, yuck).

So how does everyone else feel about Joss and Comics?

[Poll #999285]


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