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[ profile] pippii, I love you! The necklace with the dragons was amazing, and I'm so lucky. I only just got round to responding to my mail today, and I adore it! *hugs tight*

Been a little busy, finding out more about the flat I'm interested in. It is a lot smaller, each and every single room is, even with three bedrooms. Have no idea how a family are supposed to live in such a small space, but still big enough for me on my own, even if I need to do some serious declutering, and get rid of some of the larger funiture.

David is very high again. Managing to stay out of hospital, but has daily appointments with the crisis team and CPN's. They have upped his medication, which he isn't happy about, but taking it.
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Yes, the kids did have a sleep over in the tents last night. Not so bad through the night, but the earliest riser was the little girl who runs around screaming at the top of her lungs, which she was happy to do at 6am, waking everyone up.

I cannot believe they allowed a bunch of kids to sleep in the back garden in this area. *shakes head* It is not as if no-one knows how bad it is, we make headlines in the paper with our drug problem, crime problem....every problem.

I therefore have the creative juices of the brain dead, please don't wait for me to post my response to the challenge before posting your own. I will try and get some sleep and do some writing, but I promise nothing.

I also had problems getting onto live journal as well. Kept telling me the link was broken. I did find a way round it, but was logged out on that link, and had to log back in.

It has not been a good morning so far!

Oh just remembered David is 60 today, must phone him. We met up yesterday and I gave him his card and took him for a meal at his favourite restaurant, where we both had a fantastic steak pie.
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Ronnie brought my "Good Omens" book back. *clings* In totally the same condition let him borrow it. *hugs Ronnie* Yes I may have missed it so much I was reading some favouite passages. Ronnie really enjoyed it, and is going to read some more Terry Pratchett books now.

Ronnie and I are progressing quite nicely with Supernatural Season Three. I feel like I have a split personality when we are talking about the programme though, as I have usually watched an episode from Season Four on the same day as one from Season Three with Ronnie. This means that when we discuss the episode I have to be ultra careful not to give spoilers, especially if it was a Season Four episode I really enjoyed and would love to talk about. Oh well, such is life.

David has been a pain again. Instead of coming over today, as usual, he will be here tomorrow. I will still find all responses to the challenge and make a master list on Monday. Even if I'm a little late responding, I will be there. His brother is coming over today, and staying overnight. Tom, his brother, drives crazy hours, and sometimes had eye problems, like only seeing half a car, if he is tired. Which of course worries David. If he didn't stay overnight at David's he would end up driving 14 hours in one day. So this is safer, and stops David worrying, and me feeling guilty if anything happened because I insisted on seeing David. Yeah like that would happen.
Must've been tired last night, I slept for HOURS. I did get up for an hour and a half through the night, but still got 10 hours sleep.
I have done one drabble for the challenge, and have another one for it, but I think it will be a flashfic, will wait and see. Nibbling at my heels just now.
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On Saturday I gave David a deadline to leave at 9:30pm, you have to give him a deadline, or tries to stay as long as possible. Even after you give him a deadline it takes him another 15 minutes to leave.

I was feeling really tired, for various reasons, and in the end was a bit more firm in getting him to leave, so he was gone 3 minutes early. I went to bed after he left and went to sleep.

So this week he has been in the huff, and isn't coming over today, which is fine. On Monday he went out with Mary, which he told me all about. On Tuesday we went over to see Maureen (they fell out as usual), and yesterday he went to see Marie, who took him to a Hari Kisna meeting, and got him so worked up he couldn't fall asleep.

So he phones today, still on about not seeing me today, which I agreed to. Neither of us has the food we would need for me to cook a meal, and he was on about how tired he was from last night, while I've been having early nights myself, so will probably be tired myself.

Now I may have mentioned that I have a friend on my friends list on LJ called Jamie, who he now knows is male, and keeps asking about him. Wanting to know more and more about Jamie.

Coincidence? I think not!

Edit David is out of his huff now. He did phone about coming over today, but didn't give me enough time to get things ready, so we are waiting for Saturday now.
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Ok, so the results of the poll. One week won out by one vote, so only just. I will make it one week. Tomorrow I will post up the details, and do a reminder on the Friday. I hope Sunday posting suits, because it is the only day I can say I will have the time to sit at the computer and find the responses.
Went to bed early so up early, Morning everyone!
David read one of my slash stories last night. I don't know if he was being kind, but said he enjoyed it. He had asked before, but I always put him off telling him it was slash, and he wouldn't like it.

I have let both David and Ronnie read my drabbles, which tend not to be shippy in anyway, so this was a first
Well despite being up early, I'm not catching any worms. Off to check my friends list!


Mar. 7th, 2009 04:46 am
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I just don't see the point of Twitter, and I really don't see the point of posting it to your LJ journal. It is like a one sided conversation taking place on your friends list. As annoying as someone using a moble phone within earshot. I had no idea of the context that the whole twitter is in.

Its fine if you use an lj-cut, that way I can just pass by.

I guess I just will not be twittering at all. No matter what celebs I might be able to be friended to. I've done the whole joining things because it is popular or because LJ has some issue. I joined MySpace, and used it for a week, got a greatest journal, which I deleted, but have heard it has gone down, and now have insane journal, which I never use. Unless something happens to LJ.

Never got a facebook, and don't intend to get a Twitter either. LJ is my home.


I'm really looking forward to Sunday and the responses to the challenge. I think there will be some great reading/viewing. I do have an idea myself! Whoo Hoo! Thank You whomever, I can take part in my own challenge


Went to bed early, so of course I'm up early. Why is it when the really good dreams get to the Really Really good bit, you wake up?

OMG, OMG, OMG! I let Ronnie borrow my "Good Omens". Scream! I'm without my book!

I had been raving to him about it, and left it on the couch, next to where he sat down. He picked it up, and had a glance through it. *Deep Breath*, it's ok. It is Ronnie, you have let him borrow books before and got them back just as you gave them to him. He always gives them back!



Another Edit! Oh Ronnie and David watchng "You're Welcome" and "Fresh Blood". Well Ronnie loved them both, but David found "You're Welcome" too difficult to follow, and went off to the garage to get a quote. He asked when we were going to have something to eat, and came back five minutes before we did, missing both episodes.

He did recognise Spike in You're Welcome, but didn't remember his name! *head desk*
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So trying to convince David we are just friends....How do you think it is going?

For Valentine's Day he got me a single red rose, a valentines card with "Valentine If I had to choose between you and chocolate I'd choose you covered in chocolate" four bottles of Pepsi Max (I'm a addicted) and the food for the meal I made.

So would you say I'm being successful here?

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James has made arrangements for the following events in the US and Europe!

List of Events )

David had someone run into him at a roundabout and scratch his paintwork. They did exchange information, but the other guy, who was in the wrong lane and turned left into David is trying to get out it it just now. David is going to talk to his brother, Tom, who is a solicitor, so hopefully it will soon be sorted out

Why is it if I am on the phone for any length of time I get a sore ear? Ouch! I said I had to get off the phone to David because my ear was sore, and he didn't sound pleased. I just have sensitive ears!

Music Meme

Jan. 31st, 2009 10:57 pm
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Sorry another meme, but I was tagged this time! These songs are really old, but what I am listening to is an LP. It is a compliation I bought in the 70's called British Rock. If you are wondering why Jimi Hendrix is there, his Mom was Scottish! Just in case.

Tagged by [ profile] spikeshunny.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your season. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening.

1. Fire The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

2. Whiter Shade of Pale Proco Harum

3. Sunshine of your Love Cream

4. Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix

5. Layla Derek & The Dominoes

6. Something in the Air Thunderclap Newman

7. Hush Deep Purple

Wonder how many of you even remember these, my friends list has become quite young now!

Not tagging anyone, if you want just go for it!

Oh just thought I would mention, David is doing really well with Season Two of Supernatural. He is up to "Crossroad Blues", I told him to pay attention as it was a really important episode, and he asked questions afterwards to make sure he had it in his head! *pats David on the head"
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Oh my flist knows me so well, only two that no-one got! So the answers are

1. RPS! Only if it is AU. Live together. Jared/Jensen spot on by [ profile] ladypeyton
2. Street kid lawyer, and resurrected champion. Spike/Gunn by [ profile] kudagirl
3. Sweet Witch and the vampire Spike/Tara by [ profile] kudagirl
4. There is something about this pairing. Tall and dark, shortish and fair. Gave RPS rec. Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane I know it was tough
5. Young Watcher and dyed blond. Spike/Wesley by [ profile] kudagirl
6. More RPS? Why yes, I'll take them whatever way I can get them together. James Marsters/David Boreanaz by [ profile] aschicca
7. Vicious vampire and Slayer killer. Angelus/William, guessed by [ profile] aschicca
8. Time Agents with a past. Captain Jack/Captain John, spot on by [ profile] aschicca
9. Not his father figure, but they did think they were father and son once. Spike/Giles by [ profile] kudagirl
10. Antiques dealer teams up with hunter, kissing ensues Sam/Sarah

So David and I had a stir fry, with noodles, tonight and caught up on some Supernatural, or David did. Well into season two and up to Simon Said.
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Sorry for two posts so soon after each other, but I just thought I would share about how the recession is effecting some people.

There is this man who really annoys David. His name is David Thompson, and while David never talks to him himself, he gets comments (which he maintains are highly critical), relayed via this woman Maureen. I don't really trust Maureen myself, as she takes great delight in winding David up.

Anyway, DT, as he is called, has investments and shares. At present he is almost watching the news 24/7 to keep track of how his shares are doing. He has lost quite a bit of money on them, and, as he is retried, this means that his savings are dwindling.

DT's mood is not improved by the fact that David is receiving quite a few thousand just now from his uncle's estate, while David has no idea where to put the money to make the most of it!

My up side is that, because David is getting this inheritance, he is taking me out for a meal on Saturday!
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Just an aside to the main point of the most. I'm getting pretty weirded out by how often my real name pops up in both Supernatural (when they mention Jensen's mother), and Doctor Who! Just saying!

Anyway David was telling me about this horror movie he had seen. After listening to him, I figured out it was "House of Wax" he had watched. He said it was pretty gruesome, but that he had pretty much guessed the ending. Why did he do good? Well when I said that Jared was in it, he knew, and had recognised him. Well ok, he did say, "That is the one with the long hair", but yes, he knew who he was. Of course he had to proceed to tell me what happened to him, but just that it made an impression was something for David.

Speaking of David we are watching "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap" today, as it is a two parter. I arranged it so we would watch them both together, so that is him finished Season One. We can start Season Two next time.
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David is very into Friends. He watched the series when it originally aired, all the repeats on TV and has the DVD's. His favourite character is Rachel, who he fancies the pants off. Can he remember her character name let alone Jennifer Aniston's, no!

He also watched Buffy. Is always on about how attractive she is. This time yes, he does remember the character name, but Sarah Michelle Gellar, totally goes beyond him. He even has trouble remembering I fancy Spike, and has no idea who James Marsters is when I mention him.

So why, oh why do I get surprised when, after watching up to Nightmares of Supernatural, he has no idea who Sam and/or Dean are? How does he know which one is which.....the length of their hair!

*head desk*
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David is coming over on Christmas Day, so just a list of things we should be doing.

David will arrive at 3pm
I will make the meal
Episode of Supernatural (Home)
finish cooking the meal
eat the meal (we are having Gammon, with trimmings that should go with turkey, and veg....David's idea. I left the meat and everything up to him to make a decision, and he likes anything piggy)
watch Dr Who Christmas Special
Episode of Supernatural (Asylum)
Have some time together
Episode of Supernatural (Scarecrow).....that gets him to half way through season one.
David should go home
See how everyone is getting on on live journal
crash out!

Well that is the plan. David is on about how much Supernatural we are watching on Christmas Day, not sure if he is joking or not, hadn't told him my plans. Then he seems to enjoy it.....or at least says he is!

This is providing Asylum doesn't freak him out of course with how much time he has spend in Phy hospitals!
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Fell asleep on the couch again! Had a dream where I was in what seemed to be a chuch hall, you know the type, for functions etc. Anyway, got a sloppy kiss from an old man, and [ profile] zoesmith was there as well. We were all chatting about how much we love French Toast....I suppose I will have to go off an make some now. Not a big deal as I love the stuff.


This is my journal, and if I want to squee about Jared (or James, but this has never happened to me when I did), leaving Anonymous comments bitching about how Jensen should've won will not make me like him any more. Quite the opposite. I will just think you are a crazy fangirl, who is doing your guy a dis service by ramming him down everyones throat, like the Bangel people do on lots of fourms.....I think you know how I feel about Bangel.


David and I are having a good laugh at his brother. David's uncle Andrew died last year, and David is getting his inheriance just now, well some of it as the flat hasn't been sold yet. So David told me about this while his brother was in his flat. The brother said is wasn't the "Done Thing" to talk about these kind of things to friends or relations. This is the brother who is constantly talking to David about his financial woes, and owes David thousands, despite the fact he has a good postion. He is just a spendthrift.


Dec. 17th, 2008 10:54 pm
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I promise this is my last post of tonight, and I will stop spamming your friends list. Just had to say how awesome David was today.

I was due for my injection to keep my Manic Depression/Bi Polar, whatever under control. It has worked for years, I had a minor episode for a couple of days over Christmas after Buffy stopped. Have to admit it was fun, if a little Spuffy.....Hey never even heard of Slash at that time!

Well today we went for the injection, and then on to the Village Rest in Luss for a meal. Our favourite Steak Pie, David paid for it as a late Birthday present. We hadn't gone out for a meal before because of my tooth.

We came back and watched one episode of Supernatural. "Bloody Mary", which was totally my fault. After the injection I always feel tired, so I fell asleep on the couch. Poor David had to see himself out.
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Ok, so you all know that Ronnie watches Supernatural with me, but only one episode at a time so we can discuss it afterwards over a Chinese Take Away. Anyway, tonight, David and I ran out of conversation, nothing on the telly, so I made him watch three episodes of Supernatural.

He loved them, he is up to Phantom Traveller now, as he had already seen the pilot. Interested in who was my favourite, but not too much (took more of an intrest in the female guests to be honest), has a laugh at them pretending to be FBI agents etc. Mainly because he loves watching the real life programmes like FBI files.

After he left, he phoned me on his way home on the moble to tell me how much he enjoyed it!

*happy sigh*

So just gotta get him up to speed on the rest now!


Dec. 9th, 2008 01:45 pm
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David, bless him, looked everywhere for a Supernatural calendar for me, but couldn't find one. I think you can only get them from the US to be honest. So, because he saw the picture of James as Captain John as one of the photos inside, bought me Torchwood instead! AWWWW!
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Which episode of Supernatural does Bobby first show up? I was trying to find it last night, but my DVD was playing up, and I don't have time to look through everything today. David is of course coming over, to nag me about my tooth, inform me I am going to die, and generally be fun. Oh well, the stir fry I am going to make should cheer me up I guess!


Nov. 6th, 2008 04:05 pm
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Ok, I have these Granny Pants. They are White Cotton, and cover everthing up to the waist. They are for That Time of The Month. So I find out one is missing.....Know why? David took them home with him. I mean if a man is going to steal a pair of pants, GRANNY ONES? I do have sexy ones, ok not G-Strings, but you know, sexy, silky alluring. Maybe I wouldn't have minded giving him some, as they were from when I was younger, and my middle age self is not as firm as I once was!


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