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Finally my muse came back and gave me three drabbles for the prompt this week. At present the only one inspired to write anything is me. My three little offerings are all that are there!

Sunnydale Survivors Reunion )

Reunited )

And because it is [ profile] menomegirl's birthday, I just had to get Lindsey into a drabble today!

Reward Lindsey )
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These are my three responses to the [ profile] open_on_sunday prompt this week! Yey, got inspired!

Crusing, Buffy )
Depression, Spike/Dru )
Natural Magic, Willow )
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The Giles one was in my head from the start, but just didn't want to get written. I forced it to come out, and be 100 words. *sigh*

Too Late, Snyder )

True Passion, Spike, Drusilla and Angelus )

Respect, Giles )
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Three Drabbles for the [ profile] open_on_sunday prompt

Rally, Andrew )
For Darla, Angelus )
Flagging )
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Just realised I hadn't posted these at my journal!

Title Surveillance Camera

Surveillance Camera, OC )

Title Before a Fall
Before a Fall, Angel )
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Well my usual three drabbles for the week! I'm on such a roll today. Can you tell this is the first day I have felt good in a long time?

Bow Wow, Spike, Drusilla )

Always the Same, Buffy )
Champion, Spike, Angel )

Well I went to [ profile] writerconuk last year, and [ profile] speakr2customrs gave us a talk on the art of writing drabbles. The secret is in the final sentence. So imagin my delight when I got this comment today from [ profile] ayceey "I always like your final sentences, they're always good! :)". See if you got to the convention, you might learn something too!
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These are my Three for this week. Giles wanted to have a ficlet, but I managed to get him down to 100 words in the end!

Title Soul Flower, Angel )

Title Romance, Giles )

Slayer Legacy, Buffy )

Hope you enjoy
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After fighting for ages to get an idea, I got three, and they all wanted to grow. *sigh* so quite a struggle to keep these to 100 words!

Automoble, Spike )

Autopilot, Buffy early season 6 )

Automatic, Willow during Doppelgangland )

Well that is it done for this week!
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I had all three of these drabbles going through my head at the same time, so not sure how good any of them are. I keep jumping from one to the other!

Fashion, Angel, Cordelia )

Victorian Schoolboy, Buffy, Crazy!Spike )

School Report, Xander, Willow )

Done for this week! *sigh*
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Personality Traits Buffy, Willow and Xander )

She Is Worth It Spike )

Master Plans, Angelus )
That's my three for this week!
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They picked my prompt, so three drabbles for it! After Torchwood they really knew how to pile on the hurt, Destruction! Yes, pretty much feeling it here!

Appearances can be Deceptive, Angelus, Spike, Dru )

Memories, Buffy, Willow )

Self-destruct, Gunn, Wesley )
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Did three drabbles for this weeks prompt "Dark" on [ profile] open_on_sunday

Dark Alleys, Angel )
Second Sight, Spike/Drusilla )

Life of a Slayer, Buffy )
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Three drabbles, using the prompt!

Xander and Anya )
Giles )
Xander )
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You know what can be hell this time of year? Getting an annoying Christmas song stuck in your head! Especially one of Cliff Richards Christmas Songs! *sigh* Anyway on with the drabbles!

Xander )

Cordelia )

Buffy )
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My final two drabbles for the prompt

Angel )

Spike )
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Not been feeling too well this week. Spend more hours in bed than awake. But have eaten today and yesterday, so that is making me feel a bit better. But despite about 12 hours sleep, I am still feeling tired.

Enough of that, I did three drabbles for [ profile] open_on_sunday for the prompt Time, and two drabbles for the seasonal community [ profile] seasonal_sd, so I thought I would post them here.

Buffy Season One )

Angel Pre-series )

Mayor Richard Wilkins the III )

June 2nd, 1953, Coronation )

New York, 1977 )
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Sorry spamming today! I'm backing off my files, and it has taken the best part of the day to do so, yes I know it is the vids I have and music, but it is at 92% finished!

Anyway, I thought I would post a couple of drabbles. The first was inspired by a picture by [ profile] sueworld2003 posted at [ profile] darker_spike here, a beautifully aged photo!

Angelus and Family )

The second one was in response to a challenge set by [ profile] speakr2customrs to keep the surprise to the last line. I didn't read mine out, cos I get nervous reading my own work out loud, and end up giggling. Which would so not have been right for this drabble. Also everyone else went for funny, and I went serious....typical!

Perfect Happiness )

Yes will do more about the [ profile] writerconuk midi-meet soon. But that is the drabble done now.

Not been getting my comments for the past couple of day! So annoying.


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