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Ok, back from the dentist. Yes it is an abcess, got something for it, and go back when the swelling goes down, so a couple of things to cheer me up.

I changed my layout, it is J2 in the bath, and was made for me by [ profile] tw_31988. I really had to do very little, as it was to match my already existing layout. I hope you like it.

Was at [ profile] gwen_e_cooper, it is a kind of role play, but we can join in. Jack, Ianto and Gwen each have their own journals. Gwen was asking what charity they should donate to, and what they should do to raise funds. I suggested they should cos dress as AtS and BtVS characters. Gwen seems quite keen, but Jack thinks his teeth are just too good to be any of poll time!

[Poll #1379611]
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Changed my layout again. I snagged another banner and icon from [ profile] ramoniciu I kind of call it Highway in my head. Both Sam and Dean this time!

The colours are the same, again, apart from the background colour. I like this colour scheme. I have reading glasses and this scheme is easy for me to read. I guess that is why I'm keeping it!

Yes I know I keep snagging [ profile] ramoniciu's banners and icons, but I'm not known at all in the Supernatural fandom, so no-one knows, mostly. Expect you dear friends list! Yeah ok, call me greedy!
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I changed my banner and default icon. Not the colours, as they seem to go well with the new banner, so just kept them. They are nice and easy to read.

Big shock horror, not either Spike or James this time. It is Jared Padalecki....What? Supernatural is being broadcast at present, so I thought I would go with Jared for a while. I snagged them from [ profile] ramoniciu.
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I fell asleep early last night, which means I'm up at 5:26, and wide awake. So I changed my layout. [ profile] lady_meander made a banner and matching icon a while ago, which I snagged. I now have it installed, and changed my colour scheme. To be honest it is almost back to the component default layout, but I don't mind as long as it is easy to read....which it is for me!

Anyway if anyone wants to have a peek feel free [ profile] woman_of_

New Layout!

Jun. 1st, 2008 08:56 am
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I have a new layout! I managed to snag a banner and icon from an award wining manip from [ profile] dark_amia and have set it all up now. The layout is a little darker than I usually have it, but I think it is apt for the banner. I hope you like it. Please come over and have a look, and let me know what you think.

New Layout!

Feb. 9th, 2008 02:29 pm
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The lovely [ profile] kazzy_cee has made some Valentines/Spring banners with James and Spike, you can find them here. I snagged one, and it has my name on it, I even got a matching icon as well.

I have changed my layout, if anyone would like to have a look [ profile] woman_of_. It always takes a bit of time for me to get used to a new layout, so at this stage all I am looking for is easy to read. Which it is for me. If anyone wants to come over and let me know if it works (or not), please do!

Thinking of changing my titles as well.....something like Rehabilitate Captain John.

New Layout

Mar. 6th, 2007 05:50 pm
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I got a lovely banner and matching icon made for me by [ profile] mentalme85 at the weekend, so of course had to change my layout! Come and have a look, easy to read, or are the colours too bright? Should I make the colours more vibrate to compiment the banner? Let me know what you all think.

I so adore the banner and icon, the Fanged Four in China! Looking quite wonderful.

Sorry for my spamming, going out now, so no more posts I promise.
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Ok well I have gone back to the wonderful layout made for me by [ profile] vel_vette, with my matching icon! Not the last we have seen of [ profile] mwrgana wonderful swimming pool layouts, just a change after christmas.

Anyway, I am not too sure about the colour scheme, maybe just a bit sickly sweet? Still thinking about it, see if I will change it soon.

How is everyone? Hope that if you were away over either Christmas or the New Year, you had a wonderful time!
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I was made some outstanding Banners and icons by [ profile] mwrgana at [ profile] darker_spike, so, even though I really don't have time, I changed my layout!

It does look a bit like the Scottish flag with the blue and white, and maybe still under a bit of contruction, but I thought the sunny swimming pool theme would give a bit of warmth for the upcoming colder weather! A memory of warm summers we had.

Let me know what you think.
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LJ was so quiet tonight I changed my layout! I don't know about the yellow, but it does make everything easy to read, well I think so. The wonderful Banner and matching icons are by the talented [ profile] amavel_bel, who gave me permission to use them a while back! The background I found on google image search, and is a gold atom, very funky, and looks like stars, or maybe a glimpse of a soul.

Hope you like it when you visit.
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Christmas is over at my lj. I have my new layout up and ready for next year. I may still tweek the colours a bit, but the banner and default icon are staying. They are by the talented and wonderful [ profile] ve_num, and are mine!

I have dreamed of having a banner like this since I first joined lj, and here it is! A matching icon was just so much good. {{Hugs}} and *Smoochies*. Sorry I got the "Slayer Slang Buffy the Vampire Slayer lexicon" book today, so expect much Buffy slang!

I got outbid for the Watcher's Guide and Monster book at e-bay, pout, but did get a couple of books second hand from Amazon. So I also got "What Would Buffy Do" and "The Quoteable Slayer".

Finally also got my "Dark City" DvD from I was supposed to get it for my Birthday, but the original copy got lost in the post! Glad to say that with very little fuss they send me a copy. I think I am up to date now on everything I ordered. Most of my gifts this year came mail order.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year, as I may not get on at the time. I do have a thing about Mpreg, and have found some links to some fic. Off to read some now.


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