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I have closed the poll on the Season Eight comic and fanfic. There were 46 participants, so you can make of the results what you will, but basically:-

For "Saying the Buffy!Verse comics are fanfic is

An insult to the comics 6 (13%)
An insult to fanfic 25(54.3%)
A way of saying it is not canon 15 (32.6%)

This one had a clear majority, and of the people who took the poll, most see it as an insult to fanfic, rather than, as I suspect in saying it, the other way around to what they mean.

For "People who say the comics are fanfic"

Don't like the comics and reject them as a continuation of the verse 25 (56.9)
Like the comics, but don't accept them as a continuation of the verse 9 (30.5%)
Don't like fanfic 10 (22.7%)

Which would seem to back up the thought I had that it is meant to be an insult. As fanfic can be good and bad, it might depend on what fanfic you have read, if any. I suspect it is an ill founded accussation just to express dissatisfaction with the comics, but shows the person making it doen't know fanfic that well. Or has been very unlucky in the fanfic that they have read.

And finallly "Ah and Now"

The comic is too good to be called fanfic 5 (11.1%)
Fanfic is too good to be brought down by the comic 1 (2.2%)
These people are damn well paid for it, it should be better than fanfic 19 (42.2%)
It is not fanfic, fanfic writers know the verse better than these writers seem to 20 (44.4$)

It seemed quite equal between "These people are damn well paid for it, it should be better than fanfic" and "It is not fanfic, fanfic writers know the verse better than these writers seem to".

I'm sick of hearing the arguement that comic book writers do not get paid that much. They still get paid for it, and expect us to shell out money on the product. If the lack of money is a reason that the comic is not good, then why should we pay for them. They use the fact that they can have more fun than they could on TV with casts of thousands, special effects and letting loose their imaginations in a way they couldn't on TV with the budgets they are given. Now the only limits are to the imagination and skill of the artist, which doesn't always work, especially if the writer or whoever gets carried way and takes the OTT route. Sometimes limits lead to better stories, if the stories get left behind for the special effects.

There are pitfalls in writing comic books, especially from a programme that started on TV, but Joss is very well versed in this field as well as screenwriting, so should've been aware of them. I also expect that quite a few of the writers are not as well versed at we, the fans, are. As fans we can be obsessive, while for them it is just another job, while, even when the programmes where on TV, Joss was never obsessed himself with continuity, it was always more about the story he was telling, rather than how well it fit in with the previous parts of the verse, which leads to lots of meta to make sense of it. So that the comic is not flowing with continuity is not a surprise. It was mearly accepted more in the TV programme than in the comic.

The comic has had problems even before being published with people not accepting them, so it is not surprising that there is quite a lot of discontent. What I object to is it being called fanfic. Fanfic is stories made by fans for fans, with no money exchanging hands. The comics are made by professionals for fans for profit. There is a big difference, and if the people in the comic book are surprised at the reaction to the comic, then it would seem they have not identified their market. Staunch fans.
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Well from the poll yesterday, I may do more than one quiz. I guess I should split it into 6, so spread it over a few days so I don't spam my friends lists. I was thinking starting with a post for Buffy the TV Series, then the comic in two separate posts for those who want that. Then on to Angel the next day, and finally Spike the day after that, I suspect that would be fairest to all who responded. Was also considering posting the Angel and Spike ones at [ profile] angel6_atf, at least the ones with the comic content. Would it be cheating to use the questions from the Buffy and Angel magazines? Or would that give people who have them an unfair advantage?

I'm glad I don't frequent the messageboards having seen the usual suspects spouting their usual posts. It gets boring pretty fast, with the same old same old everywhere. Just stuck in the same brainless loop, saying the same things over and over again, on not just one, but almost every messageboard. I'm glad that LJ is not like that, and a nice little refuge from the tired old arguements on the boards. If anything they are worse with the comics now. The double standards are appalling. Almost puts me off Angel the character, with them fawning over him, *sigh*.

Edit Angelus came out at the most evil Aurelius vampire with 18 votes, but The Master was not far behind with 13 votes. No-one else got that many, so it was between the two of them. Darla was third, but only got 3 votes.
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Well, despite being pimped around LJ, the poll only got 55 votes. Maybe it should've been are you full of apathy for the comics poll! Anyway poor Buffy didn't do too well I am sorry to say, with 5 people saying her comic is a good continuation of her story, and another 11 votes from them both being a good continuation meant she got 16 positive votes overall, while 16 said she jumped the shark, and another 12 votes saying they had both jumped the shark, making it 27 jumping the shark votes for Buffy Season Eight.

Angel did better with 11 saying it is a good continuation of the series, added to the 11 for both meant he got 22 positive votes. For Angel jumping the shark got 0, he did get 12 from the both comics jumping the shark.

Buffy Season Eight good continuation of the series 16
Buffy Season Eight jumping the shark 28

Angel: After the Fall good continuation of the series 22
Angel: After the Fall jumping the shark 12

Edit the poll is now closed!
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I know I said the poll was just for fun, but I got recced by [ profile] petzipellepingo and [ profile] su_herald. With my own flist I kinda wasn't expecting Buffy/Angel to do well. I really don't think I have a lot of Buffy/Angel shippers on my friends list. Then when I got those recs, I thought it might do better. It is after all a major ship, with very vocal supporters.

Therefore I was Surprised at the results so far!

Buffy/Angel 18

When this is compaired to other ships, with either Buffy, Angel or Spike in it, I wonder where the Bangel shippers are.

Spike/Drusilla 52
Buffy/Spike 63
Cordelia/Angel 27
Angleus/Darla 40
Spangel(us) is canon dammit! 52

It could be that I am known as a Spangel shipper I guess, but I really do not think I am that well known in the fandom. So I wonder what stopped the Bangel shippers voting. Honest there was no bashing of ships or anything!

To see the results click here, of course it could still change!
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Well, not surprisingly most people miss the TV format, and the comic cannot compete. Guess we all had that in mind at the outset.

What was interesting was that, even from the people reading the comic, 36 reading Buffy and 35 reading Angel, not everyone is accepting it as canon. For Buffy only, only 3, for Angel only, only 10 with 14 accepting both, 27 in total. While 26 will not accept either, even if they are reading the comics. There were 56 people in total taking the poll. Ok so if you say that 20 people are not reading the comics, so they would, perhaps, only know spoilers, if anything at all. That would mean they don't know the full new comic canon, so wouldn't except it. This still means that people reading the comic are not accepting it as canon.

With so many people not reading the comics, and those who are not accepting it as canon, for me, the whole series looks like, for the lj people who did the survey, the comics are not accepted. They are glorified fanfic for most people, even with Joss' involvement.

Still another item the fandom has branched off on, how fragmented can we get?
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From the poll yesterday, I will do a quiz. Most people wanted Buffy and Angel without the comics. That being said, enough wanted the comics included that I will. I will post the quiz behind a cut. The comics will come first, in a seprate cut, with spoiler alerts. That way anyone who wants to answer just the qustions about the TV series, without looking at the comic section can. They just have to hit the second cut. I will also make two posts, one just Buffy, one just Angel.

I will also screen comments, that way if you want to give your answers, without anyone else seeing them, you can. I will not reply to these comments so they will not be unscreened.

[ profile] zoesmith love, could you do me a huge favour? could you make me four icons, two with the comics for the winner of that round, and two with just the Buffy and Angel screencaps for the winners of that round?

Anyway, will probably be Sunday before I post anything, as I will be busy tomorrow. I wish you all well!
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Well my poll gave some interesting results, thank you so much for taking it! Ok, so more people on my flist are interested in Angel Season Six, than Buffy Season Eight (love you). While the considering Comics as canon was even, pretty much 50-50. Which may mean that any stories using the comic canon would have limited appeal. Then have to say that with the two comics I have just now, not inspired to do any fic from it.

Thoughts on Season Eight Big Bad )

How to Introduce New Characters Spike:Asylum Vs Buffy Season Eight )

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Sorry about the delay, but after the hellish weekend, followed by the excitment of finally getting my comics, I now presents......The Final Results of the NC17 poll!

Poll Results )

Now to consider what this means to writing fic. If anything.


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