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When I first heard that the Buffy!Verse was continuing in comic book form I was excited. Now I'm sadly disappointed, and have near enough left the fandom. I stopped buying the Season Eight comics quite a while back, mainly because I didn't want to give Scott Allie and Dark Horse another penny. I kept going with Angel: After the Fall more to support IDW than because I was enjoying the comic.

I've now read this at [ profile] sueworld2003's journal, and am delighed that I stopped buying the season eight comic. In fact I will never buy another Dark Horse comic in the Jossverse while Scott Allie is in charge of the titles. No matter who the writer is. I really dislike the man's attitude, and the way he expresses his opinions.

So seems that filling in the blanks is up to the fanfic writers. Well, with how things are going in the comics that might be for the best. Excellent fanfic writers will do a far better job than the comics have.
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Yes still thinking about "The Long Way Home", and its effects. Behind cut for Spoilers, and a Poll as well.

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I do seem to have been mulling the Season Eight over for the past couple of days. Guess when other things are happening in RL, the mind does a runner!

I dreamed I wrote two Spike ficlets last night, and was so disappointed when I woke up, and no ficlets! They seemed good in the dream, but of course I can't remember them now!
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Ok, so just a couple of silly ideas I had! See what you think!
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