Jan. 2nd, 2009

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I was trying to find The Prisoner version of this song, but could only find the one from The Singing Detective! So here it is.

Can anyone see Dean singing this to Castiel, or is that my sick sense of humour at 4:31am.

My ankle is playing up tonight, and I cannot sleep. After saying it wasn't too bad, it is now brused purple, and is sore from my toes to my shin. While my knee seems ok, if I sit in a certain position in my computer chair, my hip hurts as well. *sigh*

[livejournal.com profile] kimalis found me The Prisoner version of the clip, so here it is!

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Just ignore me, posting this cos I am tired, sore and it always makes me laugh!


Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:01 pm
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I tried to do this before, and it didn't work! Anyone think that there is a chance on Gods green earth of forcing a Sam/Dean plot bunny to be a Janto one? Anyone?

Yes I get a plot bunny, and am stuck cos I don't do Wincest at all....I get everything leading up to it, then my mind goes NO! No! No!


Also I am better at writing British characters and terms for some reason....oh yes, I'm Scottish!
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Right I managed to change the plot bunny into Janto, thank you for the comments, I will just get round to answering them after I post this.

After I started Jack and Ianto just took over.....you will not even see where Sam or Dean would've fitted in now. I'm pretty pleased to say!

Title Reckless Abandon
Author woman_of_
Pairing Janto, there is another one?
Rating NC 17
Word Count 1,082
Summary Ianto is behaving recklessly, Jack is not pleased.
Reckless Abandon )

My first Janto, my first fic for ages longer than a drabble, and smut! Wow, on a roll!


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