Jan. 3rd, 2009

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Yes the ankle is playing up again, so here I am, in front of the computer at 4:41. I think it is getting a little better, so may soon try to get more sleep. I need to, David is coming over today, or at least should be. Don't want to fall asleep on him.

So where does my mind wander at this time of the morning? Really silly ideas. Like if I were to meet Jared and Jensen in RL, I think I would get on with Jensen better.....I know Jared fan saying that.

Ok so we don't really get to know the actors that well. Only got a few interviews mostly to promote whatever they are in at the time, and some YouTube vids from conventions. Even so, I think Jared's 26 year old boyish energy would tire me out very quickly. He might be fun to talk to, but I also think I would have more in common with Jensen.....especially when talking about pets. Which I tend to do.

Not to say I'm not still a Jared fan, he reminds me of Michael a lot, and probably if I was (considerably) younger, it wouldn't be a problem. At my age, I would be exausted by him.

Yes, this is the type of pointless speculation I have at this time!

Oh the poll for Favourite Regular Guests was very close, but Daddy Winchester still rules the roost, with the most votes!

Doctor Who

Jan. 3rd, 2009 09:51 am
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Well they are going to annouce the actor who will play the #11th Doctor today. I suspect, even if I don't go out looking for the information, I'm going to know by the end of the day. Trying to avoid it will be like trying to avoid who would be the next James Bond, it will be everywhere.

Ok so I'm pretty certain that who I want, James Marsters, is just not a contender. I would love to see the look on Jack's face when the spitting image of Captain John is there as the new Doctor, but so not going to happen. Therefore (expect for not wanting James Nesbit, I've never liked anything he has been in), I'm pretty easy going as to who it will be. Maybe after it is all over, I can settle back and just enjoy this year with DT and the specials he is in.
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David was over, and we watched the Doctor Who Confidential. So yes I found out who was playing the #11th Doctor at the same time as the rest of the UK

Our reactions )

Didn't watch the new ITV series "Demons". Had heard what it was about, and David insisted on reading out the blurb from MY Radio Times to me. The teenage male....whatever. So no idea about that. But honestly don't think I missed anything

Watched Two episodes of Supernatural instead. David up to Nightmares now.


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