Jan. 16th, 2009

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I have another damn Wincester plot bunny, there is no explicit porn, but dealing with the aftermath.

Dean is 18 and Sam is 14 when they are staying at Bobby's, Bobby finds out they are having sex, and the next day, after breakfast, tackled Dean about it.

He asks how long it has been going on, and Dean says since he was 14. Bobby is shocked to know that Dean has been doing this to Sam since Sam was 10. Dean explains that he was at a sex education class and the teacher said that he should only have sex with someone he loved.

Bobby tells Dean he has to let John know what is going on. Dean knows that John will not be pleased, but Sam overhears them and tells Bobby it isn't Dean's fault, he is the one tempting Dean. That Dean shouldn't be blamed

Bobby goes to reseach abused children, and finds that many do take the blame themselves.

In the end Bobby tells John, who totally loses it with Dean, while Sam tries to protect Dean, taking the blame himself. John takes Sam to a therapist to find out why he would blame himself, at the same time he also takes Dean.

Is this to dark and angst ridden?
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One year ago since James made his appearance on Torchwood on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so just for Jack and John, them meeting in a bar!

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Just some thoughts on Supernatural Season Four as a whole. Should say I was totally unimpressed with the latest exposide, and may colour my view.

So Where is Supernatural Going )

Ok end of bitch!

Sorry for spamming today.


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