Jan. 22nd, 2009

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While I am delighted that there is so much optimism and enthusiasm for the new President of the United States, even outside America, I am a little worried about how high expectations are for what he can achieve.

I wasn't really going to say anything, and don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but we are, worldwide, in a recession. I hope that it will not last long, and that we can all survive it intact, but it is a situation that Obama has to deal with, and may change the timeline for how quickly he can tackle the change(s) everyone expects from him.

I would love to see these changes, and an America which has more dialogue with the rest of the world, but think it will take time yet!

Even saying that, it is great so see such a positive feeling across my friends list!

Oh and yes, I am delighted he is the new president as well!
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Sorry for two posts so soon after each other, but I just thought I would share about how the recession is effecting some people.

There is this man who really annoys David. His name is David Thompson, and while David never talks to him himself, he gets comments (which he maintains are highly critical), relayed via this woman Maureen. I don't really trust Maureen myself, as she takes great delight in winding David up.

Anyway, DT, as he is called, has investments and shares. At present he is almost watching the news 24/7 to keep track of how his shares are doing. He has lost quite a bit of money on them, and, as he is retried, this means that his savings are dwindling.

DT's mood is not improved by the fact that David is receiving quite a few thousand just now from his uncle's estate, while David has no idea where to put the money to make the most of it!

My up side is that, because David is getting this inheritance, he is taking me out for a meal on Saturday!
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For those of you who saw the first vid, here is the second one!

Title: Saving The World 2 [Doctor Who - Supernatural - Torchwood - Heroes Crossover]
Summary: This time the daleks, the cybermen and the demons come to destroy earth!! Forces must be joined!!
Song: Doctor Who Series 4 Mid-season Promo
Pairing/Characters: Cast of Heroes, Supernatural, Torchwood & Dr. Who
Fandom: Supernatural /Torchwood / Heroes / Doctor Who

for me to keep them in one place )


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