Feb. 4th, 2009

Poetry Meme

Feb. 4th, 2009 10:51 am
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I tried to resist, but did it! Seen this time at [livejournal.com profile] exuberantself's journal!

When you see this post, post your favorite poem.

Well I already posted my favourite poem, quite a while back, so I decided to post the poem I used to get my English O'Level. I like it.

I guess I should've picked Philip Larkin. We have a family link, he is my niece's great great Uncle, but I kind of like Ted Hughes better!

Ted Hughes (1930 - 1998 / England)

Biography of Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes Biography )

Hawk Roosting

Hawk Roosting )
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Anyway, here I am again. I was looking through my tags, and found something I first posted at 10:33 pm September 28th, 2005. I joined LJ on 2005-05-28 12:47:58, so this was one of the first fanish things I ever wrote. And it was a poem. I was trying to write in a William style!

I thought I would share.

Wolfy wallpaper for William to Angelus )
William to Angelus )

Wondering if I can change a Supernatural plot bunny into a Spilliam one. I can do that with vampires, can't I!

I'm also trying to catch up on Leverage. Are you watching it? My friends have insisted, and it is great!
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I'm sure I only have one Supernatural writer on my flist, and I'm sure she knows I don't mean her. I have been reading some J2 fic, because there is no way I can write Wincest. I have been for a while now. I know I can't really say too much about characterisation because it is not like using fictional characters from a show, where we get a good picture of them if we have been watching. The actors are more of a closed book, no matter how open they appear, it is all still a side of themselves on display to the public.

For example, James Marsters seems quite an open guy, but he jealously protects his family from any sort of media publicity. While he will promote himself, his family are very much kept from the glare.

So anyway, where am I going with this, and where does J2 fit in. Ok, so the discriptions of Jared are normally ok, but Jensen seems like just a generic good looking guy! It is not him I see from these discriptions, but a guy I went to university with. Yeah, ok I admit the guy I went to university with is still the best looking guy I have ever seen anywhere, but I am not supposed to be reading Jared Padalecki and Chris (surname withheld).

Jensen just hasn't got an individual character that people are using to hang on him it seems. Could almost be any good looking guy!


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