Feb. 14th, 2009

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Just to wish a happy Valentine's day to my Flist. I will not be doing anything for the day myself, even if I am seeing David! Don't want to give him the wrong idea!

Valentine glitter
Valentine's Day Graphics
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Ok, Leverage....need some fic! Anyone know where I can find some lovely Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison fic? Anyone? I do need it, really! Yes I do know that Alec Hardison is Aldis Hodge who played Jake on Supernatural. I did think he was really good looking then as well, so this is just more goodies. I don't need to say where I know Christian Kane from do I? Really?


Ok, so you have someone on your friends list. They never respond to a comment you leave them, but respond to everyone else. They never leave a comment on your posts either. Any point in having them on your friends list? I mean if there is no dialogue between you, is there any meeting point to say you are friends?

Thinking of unsubscribing.


Just need to go get ready for David arriving, will be back later. Please give me lots of recs for some fic while I'm entertaining, and feeding, David.
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So trying to convince David we are just friends....How do you think it is going?

For Valentine's Day he got me a single red rose, a valentines card with "Valentine If I had to choose between you and chocolate I'd choose you covered in chocolate" four bottles of Pepsi Max (I'm a addicted) and the food for the meal I made.

So would you say I'm being successful here?



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