Feb. 25th, 2009

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I've seen a bit of excitment around my friends list for some TV Programmes, and wonder if you would agree, or if there are others you would like to add to the list.

The British seasons are quite short, others, even if they are American, are short as well!

Merlin. It seems to appeal to the younger members of my flist, but the ones it does appeal to are into it in a big way! I'm not sure, as I was raised on tales of Autherian legend, and the Knights of the Round Table. I'm also used to a far older Merlin.

Being Human. Last episode next week, but only seven episodes and a pilot. The pilot doesn't have the same actors. Have to say everyone seems to LOVE it. I've caught up now, and yes, it is great! Each episode is about an hour long, with no adverts. Don't know if the rest of the world would go for that, or if it would have to be cut.

Leverage. Watch for Christian Kane, stay for great stories. Oh and look out for the Doctor Who references!

Dollhouse I wasn't sure about watching, I was expecting a bit more excitment around my flist for this, so who would recommend it. Should I watch? I mean I'm in the UK, my viewing isn't going to up the ratings.

So any others I have missed that are must sees?
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I seem to be having a lot of NC 17 dreams recently with Jared Padalecki as my boyfriend. Even to the point of (being dressed), and meeting my parents (who are still alive, I'm a lot younger). Maybe I should make an effort to go out and about and get a real life boyfriend....Naw! I think I will stick with Jared as my boyfriend. I just hope I don't stretch up too much in my sleep to kiss him, and aggravate my trapped nerves in my poor neck!
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Just been considering this, and thought I would see what others though!

Behind cut for Season Four Spoilers )

Does my vampire type blood fetish in fantasy come out here?


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