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I saw this at [livejournal.com profile] lp05's journal, and so couldn't resit! So here it is!

This is called the "alternative life meme" and basically you have to fill out the
questions with fictional characters that come to your mind. Pick a different person
for each answer. No repetitions!

1. The guy you would take to meet your parents:
Wesley (BtVS and AtS)

2. The one girl you would do:
Faith (BtVS and AtS)

3. The guy you'd have sex with in your parents bed:
Giles (BtVS)

4. The girl you'd take to the mall:
Tara (BtVS)

5. Your male BFF:
Ianto (Torchwood)

6. Your female BFF:
Fred (AtS)

7. Your gay BFF:
Captain Jack, does he count as gay? Make that Omisexual ok! (Torchwood)

8. The guy who'd take you to prom:
Oz (BtVS)

9. Your big brother:
Dean Winchester (Supernatual)

10. The guy you'd marry:
Sam Wincerster (Supernatural)

11. The two guys you'd have a threesome with:
Not into threesomes....*thinks* Bodie and Doyle (The Professionals)

12. The girl and guy you'd have a threesome with:
*considers* Cordelia (btVS and AtS) and Ash (Supernatural)

13. The guy you'd go clubbing with:
Spike (BtVS and AtS)

14. The guy you'd have angry hot sex with:
Captain John Hart (Torchwood)

Right gonna got to bed and stop spamming!
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This sounds like a nice way to start the day. I'm doing this for the next time I'm ill/depressed/feeling low. I saw it all over my flist, but the last person whose journal saw it on was [livejournal.com profile] nocturniquette1

One little compliment can make you feel great. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you how great you are.

Comments are screened.

I will reply to comments, and then rescreen them....I do hope I remember. If I don't please give me a nudge! My poor memory, it's my age you know!

Go on do it as well! See what nice things your friends say about you!

Could someone send me a private message to tell me what is happening with my comments please? It is just not responding to me at all!
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Sign up for a day with James including an exclusive acting "Marstersclass" on Saturday, May 2, at The Drill Hall in London.

James will be taking to the stage to offer people a rare opportunity to see how he tackles acting roles and gets under the skin of a character as part of a day and evening that also includes a concert, Q&A sessions, personalised autographs, photos and much more.

The masterclass will see him join forces with Torchwood co-star Gareth David Lloyd to offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of acting followed by a question and answer session about stage, TV and film work.

Tickets go on sale at 16:00 on Friday, February 27.

For full information about the event and tickets please go to http://www.jamesmarsterslive.com

James Marsters Live


Ok, tell me this isn't True Love.....needs some James/Gareth RPS
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Ok listen, first, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry to everyone in the UK to took a Personality test in the UK, and was insulted! Ok!

Right, OK! I was in a Psychiatic ward at 15 for depression. My friend Rosa was 20 and a second year student of Psychology...Anyway, we had discussions on the tests, as she was studying them. She maintained that we only got one trait, I maintained that we were more complex, and got more than one.

They got in touch with the guy doing the up-date to the test who listened to us discussing this. He agreed with me, and decide to give more than one type. I was only 15 ok, and also, of course, at that time, knew nothing of Psycolgy. So if you have been insulted about your results...at least I gave you more than one? If you are in the UK.

Oh, at the time, I never did the test. Everyone else agreed with Rosa (who after all was older than me, and had studied the subject) and without taking the test, they all said I was The Thinker!
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Remember I recced Something Supernatural by [personal profile] wereleopard58 Well she had finished it now. Ten shortish chapters. Only problem? Not achived anywhere, neither tags or Memories. So I decided to do a Master List of chapters here at my journal, for those of you who want to read Ianto and Sam together now that it is done.

She did say there will be a sequel, but we shall see!

Something Supernatural by wereleopard58 )

And the video to go with it!

Sam/Ianto Vid )


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