Feb. 27th, 2009

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Doing another Defriending/Unsubscription. This of course works both ways, feel free to Defriend/Unsubscribe at will!

Mainly it will be because of dead journals, different interest now, and we don't talk any more. If you feel that way as well, then maybe we are cluttering up each others friends list, and there are others who might share your interests more.

If you think I have made a mistake in defriending you, please post here!

I'm sure there are lots of you who know I'm not going to defriend you, and you are SO RIGHT!

I wish you all success in your endeavours!

*Done Now*
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It is from an Oscar Wilde play, A Woman of no Importance. I love Oscar, and all his works. A truely brilliant man. I have read so many books about him. It is said that he had Marfans Symdrome....not sure about that as he seems too well built in the pictures I have seen, but apart from that he did fit the pattern. Maybe he was a lot slimmer than he looked. It would explain why he died to young from a heart condition!

the woman_of_ I decided was so my friends could decide what I was a woman of themselves. Scotland, James Marsters, Spike whatever. Whatever you think fits me. *does wonder what you do think I am a woman_of_"


I'm so tired *yawn*, trying to stay awake so I will sleep tonight, but it is a fight!


With James doing his Acting Masterclass, I was going to do a poll to see who you thought was the best actor from a list, then, of course, realised with my flist, I would probably reinforce the opinion I already have. So will just smile and say Thanks! He is, isn't he!

Theatre Trained Actors FTW!


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