Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Well the Drabble Challenge seems like a goer. There seemed to be enough interest!

Every category of the poll is tied. I may just have to make a decision after all!

Even the two most popular prompts are tied, so.........

[Poll #1358648]

The original poll is still open, but it will be one of these two prompts now!

Of course the challenge is open to both drabbles and Manips as well. Whichever the muse inspires you to work with!
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I saw this meme at [ profile] babycin's journal. There is a meme to post a picture of Jared and Jensen smiling, so here is mine


I could do with some smiling pictures, as I woke up early and fell back to sleep. The dream I had has kind of shook me up, as I was at an exibition with Micheal, but he was in a wheelchair. Whenever he tried to stand up, his legs shook so hard, I had to support him so he wouldn't fall on the concrete floor!

Jean and Dick, my sister and brother-in-law were there and Jean was saying that I shouldn't do that, as it could just mean that we both fell on the floor. As Dick had, in the dream, just had a heart operation, then they couldn't help us up if we did!
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I was tagged by [ profile] babycin to do this, so here I am doing it!

Firstly: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. I'm going to be a rebel, and not tag anyone, no matter what it says. For one because I cannot remember who had done it before, and for another it would be the usual suspects who might do the meme anyway. If you want to do it, please feel free!
This way to the Meme )
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Ok, so to be honest, Scotland is a pretty unhealthy country. In every statisic for healthy Vs Unheathy, if it is healthy, we come last, if it is unhealthy we come first.

So the Scottish Parliment, in all it's wisdom has decided to tackle two of these problems....again!

Smoking and Drinking. They are trying to discourage us from them. The wonderful ideas they came up with.

1) Cigerettes have to be underneath the counter and not on public display.

2) No cheap price drink! Drink will be sold at a per unit rate. So no Happy Hours, drink promotions.

Now with the mesures with drink, I wouldm't be so skeptical about what they are doing if they hadn't closed every rehab in our area, and reduced the professional personnel to deal with it. This is just a money measure. If you cannot afford it you cannot buy it. That could just lead to a rise in crime.

The smoking one? So like people don't know the fags are there, even if they cannot see them!

Scotland has become a Nanny State (brainless one at that) Y/Y

Sorry for posting so much, but had to get this off my chest!

Edit can I just say that the area Alcoholics Anonymous has lost three premises, with lots of groups, in some twice a day, and others are under threat from rising hire of premises!

Edit #2 We have had the no smoking in public premises for a few years now. We were the first one in Britian to pass that! Ireland did beat us by a year!


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