Mar. 4th, 2009

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Right well, as I said the Challenge sounds like a goer. What I was thinking of doing was this:-

Throwing it open on Friday, posting on a Sunday. Is that enough time for eveyone?

Having it between 100 and 500 words so that if you do want to stick to a strict 100 word drabble you can, but if you want a bit more you can as well. Not pure enough for the real drabble diehards?

Manips can be any size, no limits. Should I have a limit to size, and if I should any guidelines as to what? Know nothing about it, except when I am changing my banner.

Posting at own journal. That way you can get more feedback. Anyone really not want to post at own journal?

Right prompts. Well it was close, destruction won out in the end, but only by five votes.....So I'm thinking of having both of them. Should it really only be one prompt?

Destruction (de-struk-shun) n. The act of destorying, state of being destoryed, ruin, death, that which causes physical or moral downfall, havoc.

Romanticism The state of being romantic.

Romantic a pert, to romance, fictitious, fanciful.

So any variation of those. No limit to posting and can have one or both or them with the prompt(s). Anyone really unhappy with them?

Ok so the other point is I will put all responses in memories, then on the Tuesday, to take account of time difference across the world, make a master list of every thing that has been posted on the Sunday.

How does that sound? Anyone got anything they would like to add?

Edit! Now we have some snow, not a lot, but it is March should be wind, not snow!


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