Mar. 8th, 2009

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I guess as it is my challenge it is only right that I be the first one to post!

Title Vampire Love
Author woman_of_
Fandom BtVS/AtS
Character(s)Drusilla and William
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any)William/Drusilla
Warnings Drusilla and William the Bloody? It is dark
Rating PG15
Disclaimer Joss is the master. They are his creations. I'm just playing with them because he said we could.
Vampire Love )

I have another two, in another two fandoms! Will post later, as I'm going to bed now! Sweet dreams everyone!


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:11 am
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Second one!

Title Defenders
Author woman_of_
Fandom Supernatural
Character(s) Sam and Dean
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any) None
Warnings None, unless you still think Angels are fluffy.
Rating PG 13
Disclaimer Eric created them, I'm just playing with them!

Defenders )

Just one more to go from me!
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I had a dream where I was discussing the roles of coloured people in the original Star Trek, BtVS/AtS and Supernatural. Even in my dreams, fandom has taken over. I guess at least I didn't have a fanwank in my dream, but it was pretty close!


Has been pointed out to me that I didn't make it clear in Friday's post where to post your drabbles, flashfic or Manips. Could you post them at your journal please. I'm keeping an eye out for them, and putting them in memories. I will then post the Master list on Tuesday from them.

Yes today I will be on the look out for them on my friends list!


Right so that is my Sunday planned out. Hovering over my Friends List like a ghost, keeping an eagle eye out for any posts. Hope you had fun if you did anything for the challenge!
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Final one, so I will stop spamming now! Sorry!

Title Dream Captain
Author woman_of_
Fandom Torchwood
Character(s) Jack
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any) Kind of Jack/Ianto
Warnings None
Rating U
Disclaimer RTD, BBC, Not mine at all!
Dream Captain )

Goes back to checking friends list!


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