Mar. 21st, 2009


Mar. 21st, 2009 11:06 am
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Ronnie brought my "Good Omens" book back. *clings* In totally the same condition let him borrow it. *hugs Ronnie* Yes I may have missed it so much I was reading some favouite passages. Ronnie really enjoyed it, and is going to read some more Terry Pratchett books now.

Ronnie and I are progressing quite nicely with Supernatural Season Three. I feel like I have a split personality when we are talking about the programme though, as I have usually watched an episode from Season Four on the same day as one from Season Three with Ronnie. This means that when we discuss the episode I have to be ultra careful not to give spoilers, especially if it was a Season Four episode I really enjoyed and would love to talk about. Oh well, such is life.

David has been a pain again. Instead of coming over today, as usual, he will be here tomorrow. I will still find all responses to the challenge and make a master list on Monday. Even if I'm a little late responding, I will be there. His brother is coming over today, and staying overnight. Tom, his brother, drives crazy hours, and sometimes had eye problems, like only seeing half a car, if he is tired. Which of course worries David. If he didn't stay overnight at David's he would end up driving 14 hours in one day. So this is safer, and stops David worrying, and me feeling guilty if anything happened because I insisted on seeing David. Yeah like that would happen.
Must've been tired last night, I slept for HOURS. I did get up for an hour and a half through the night, but still got 10 hours sleep.
I have done one drabble for the challenge, and have another one for it, but I think it will be a flashfic, will wait and see. Nibbling at my heels just now.
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Just a quick poll. Not saying it is perfect, I'm feeling a little tired, and have probably missed out loads. Feel free to rip apart!

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