Apr. 3rd, 2009

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Love this song, played it over and over while I worked as a chargehand in 1979 in a bar.

Ian Dury and the Blockheads There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards

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Wow, just Wow!

Supernatural 4:18 )
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Sorry posting another music vid. But a bit of a story to go with this one

In 1978, I was cheering my fiend, Jackie, up as she was feeling a bit down. We both worked in a place called Reids Bar Hope Street in Glasgow, and we were both having lunch. I got Jackie a bit happier, and we noticed a group of guys on another bench playing guitar. We went up to them to ask what they were doing, as they didn't seem to be busking.

We had a bit of a conversation, where they said they were writing a song for us. I said that if they wrote a song for me, I would spend eternity with them. As we were chatting, I mentioned my cat called Celo, short for Celopatra. We told told them were we were heading, and headed of West.

Later that night they came into the bar where I was working. I went over to chat to them again, but my boyfriend, and his family (unoffical bouncers of the bar), came over, and they left.

Anyway, I like to pretend this is the song they wrote for me.

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Andy's agent writes to say what the family wants donation wise in lieu of flowers. "When Andy was in high school his best friend lost his brother so the two boys put together a scholarship fund. Andy continued to raise money til his death for this". The address for the fund is as follows.

The Jason A Fedele Memorial Scholarship
141 Winding Cove Road
Marstons Mills, Mass

and a reminder of our very own this Sunday

Challenge is this Sunday the 5th April.

Open to Drabbles (100 words), Flashfic (101-500 words) or Ficlets (501-1,000 words)
Manips, icons and banners

I will make a masterlist on the Monday from everyone who took part, and what was created.

Just this once, it is all about Lorne (crossovers more than welcome. Jack and Ianto go to LA to investigate alien sighting in a bar, and end up being roped into singing? The Doctor hears some wonderful music, which eases his sorrow from the Oods sad song, or Sam and Dean walk in for a drink to find themselves surrounded by demons singing on stage.....any fandom and every fandom Lorne can have a guest role in).

Prompts "It's Not Easy Being Green" and Caritas.

Pairing (if any)

I hope to get some entries. Good Luck everyone, I would love to see our singing demon do well.


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