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2009-04-16 07:33 am
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Happy Birthday!

It is the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] moscow_watcher's birthday. I wish you a fantastic year. I hope it is filled with love, family, friends and happiness!

Happy Birthday and wishing you many wonderful and creative years ahead [livejournal.com profile] moscow_watcher

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Hugs Glitter Graphics

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2009-04-16 09:16 am
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What other social networking do you have, if any?

So Dreamwidth seems to be the latest in thing. Just a poll to see what other social networking services you use, if any.

[Poll #1384553]
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2009-04-16 08:10 pm
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Prompt Suggestions

A few of you wanted to suggest prompts, so please do so in this post. I will add any more to get up to six, then set up a poll.

I have no definate idea for a story for Sunday at present myself. *sigh* massive fail. I have a very vague one for Janto and Merciless....but it is kind of silly.

*wanders back to drawing board*