Apr. 29th, 2009

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Not seeing David today, that time of the month. Pretty bad this time, may give up and take painkillers and go back to bed.


Well Dean, as I guess can be expected, is ahead in the poll. But pets poor Jack, I thought I had quite a good line on him, even if examples of him being a big brother are scarce. Well I thought it was interesting, but maybe that was only to me.

Was even going to cover survivers guilt, touch a bit on family mourning a child. *shakes self*, I guess a lot of that would've been spectulation anyway.


I think I've got the hang of twitter now, so hopefully I can calm down over there and catch up on some fanfic. Miss the boys!

LJ is still my number one place to be! *clings*
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Just musing on the number of times in my programmes the theme of altered lives has come up.

Off the top of my head.

Buffy: Normal Again

Dean: What is, and What Should Never Be; It's A Terrible Life

Jack: Adam

Yes this is me thinking about the Meta, not gone off to reseach it totally, but this thought just occured to me. Not saying any or all of these alternative lives is perfect for them, just interesting how often it happens. Also not talking about when memories get interferred with either.

Any others? What is your take? Is this an ideal life they are offered, or one they are pushed into making a decision about for the real life they have?

Goes back to thinking about meta.
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Ok, here is the meta. I would say it is also a character study as well, and is pretty long. I did say there was a lot of data.

Dean Wincester: Elder Sibling Extraordinary!

Dean Wincester: Elder Sibling Extraordinary )


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