Jun. 21st, 2009

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I'm reposting something [livejournal.com profile] buzziecat just posted in her own LJ:

Recently, I was talking with some LJ friends who fought or are still fighting a battle with cancer. And, it was clear from our conversation that the love and support received from their LJ friends helped them with that battle.

So, it occurred to me that we might have a Day of Support for them and other LJ friends and loved ones who are struggling with cancer and other illnesses.

In Support, we could use the same symbol for all the posts and replies we make during one entire day. A ribbon was mentioned as a possibility for the symbol.

If you are interested in having a Day of Support, please reply (to me if you want, or directly on buzziecat's entry: here) and also post this message to people on your flist so we can reach as many Lj-ers as possible.

The suggested day is July 20th, a Monday.

[livejournal.com profile] kinnetikart has made a batch of various colored icons with ribbons (including a multicolored ribbon.) Other LJ members may also be interested in designing icons. She also sends out hugs to members of my flist who have been, or are, in the same place she is now. My icon was made by her, and I'm sure the three of you know who you are, and why this is important to me to show support.

People may choose to use one or more icon(s) representing their illness(es) or representing the illness(es) of loved ones.

I hope many of you would want to take part in this :)

Thank you.


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