Jul. 24th, 2009

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Ok, so RTD has pissed off some fans with Season Three CoE on Torchwood. With Season Three Torchwood came of age, but might've left some fans behind from the rather silly programme it was in season One and Two. Ok, not so say there were not plot holes you could hold an M6 traffic jam in, but did have some undercurrents you had to think about, and could do some serious meta on.

His main problem was that he killed off a character in his main ship, putting a hole the size of a cannon ball in it, and sinking it. It is not a wise move to do that. Yes yes I know, "but Joss"....no he didn't. He killed off Angel, and brought him back on the next season, he killed off Spike, and moved him to his spin-off. Bangel and Spuffy fans still life to fight and argue another day, thus keeping the fandom alive, even if I find it quite negative, the Buffy!Verse lives on.

While, after CoE Day Four there has been a massive increase in creativity from the fans, there are a lot of people who feel they have been betrayed, that he threw the baby out with the bathwater.

So what is his message to disgruntiled fans? Watch Supernatural. Not a good idea to totally piss off a whole section of your own fans, then another fandom as well. Especially not Supernatural, with very loyal and, in some cases, fanatical fans. Even worse doing it to an American show when you are off to America to make programmes.

Unless of course this is his way of saying that he is going to bring Ianto back. As we know, Sam and Dean never stay dead.

But then again RTD, having annoyed so many people, even if you get another season, how many are going to stick around to watch it?


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