Jul. 31st, 2009

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An Afterelton.com interview. To be honest they held on to it, the interview took place soon after CoE aried in the UK, until after SDCC.

"Torchwood"'s Russell T Davies Makes No Apologies — For Anything

Now just to be clear here, no I don't think that a writer/producer/creator should always listen to the fans. In many cases vocal fans can get in the way of good drama, and a good storyline. They have their favourites, and can be blinded by that. It is how the writer/producer/creator handles the upset fans that can make the situation worse. At this point RTD seems intent on antagonising the situation and fans.

Yes, CoE has millions of viewers, and the online reactions to the episodes is very small in comparison to all these millions of viewers, so perhaps he sees no value in the fans at all. What is worth bearing in mind about the fans, and having a fanbase it that they can keep the brand name alive, and the writer/producer/creators name in the public eye. It is the fanbase of Doctor Who that keep it going during the wilderness years, and made sure they was an audience for the programme when it came back on the screens. It is Joss Whedon's fanbase that keeps his name attracting attention.

Of the millions of viewers for CoE this time, many of them will not be there for the next project, and will not care. The fanbase keeps the attention on the programme, and helps to attract viewers because it gets you publicity.

Edit John Barrowman isn't sitting on his Laruals either

John Barrowman: 'I'm going to be a Desperate Housewife'


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