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My internet connection is a bit iffy. I had the engineer out, and the signal is being drowned out with water. I didn't even think it was raining that much. I'm online just now, but not sure for how long, I do live in the wettest part of Scotland, so not good news. It took me over 15 minutes to report it this morning.

Anyway, a bit of a rundown of where I am with fandom.

Buffy!Verse:- Near enough left. The fic being produced doesn't interest me, and the comics have left me flat. Think I'm more a JM fan now than a Buffy!Verse fan, but I am watching AtS Season Two with Ronnie. Also thinking of leaving the communities, they are supposed to be Spike communities, but it seems to be every character except Spike that fic and manips are being produced for. The recs at Darker Spike have far too much Angel in them, not interested unless he is with Spike.

Supernatural:- Still a fan, still love Sam and Jared, reading Jared/Jensen fic. Avoiding Spoilers, looking forward to Friday when I can see the premire of Season Five.

Leverage:- Sad that Season Two is coming to an end, but delighted they have another Season. Still reading Alec/Eliot fic.

Torchwood:- Pretty much left now, RTD's comments have totally left me cold, to be honest with his attitude I hope they don't bring back Captain John Hart, because I don't trust him not to ruin the character, or kill him off. Anyway they went on about JM being expensive, so I doubt it.

Doctor Who:- Well I don't really read the fic, and am not that active in the fandom.

Merlin:- Watch it when I can, but don't really make that much of an effort, will read something if someone on my flist writes it, but really not in the fandom.....Nice bit of bubblegum, but not true to the Auther Ledgend.

Anyway having read that, if our interests are not the same any more, please feel free to defriend, I will not mind. I know a few of you have fandoms you are interested in that I don't, but I suspect that this journal will become quite Supernatural centric for a while now, at least while the Season is on the go. I do kind of hope it is the last Season as EK said it would be, I would like it to go out with a very large BANG, and tell a complete story, to be dragged on for more seasons just for the hell of it, getting worse and worse every season.
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