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I haven't got my comics, but have read some reviews of the latest Buffy Season Eight #16, and have come up with an idea about the ever changing Dawn. I would like this, but I suspect the theory is doomed in the water because of that!

Why Does Dawn keep changing? )

Ok, I can dream!
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Well a typical with Bank Holiday Weekend, LJ has been quiet, so I have been lurking round the messageboards to see what is being said about the comics. Yes I even fortified myself with a cup of coffee and ventured into the Dark Horse Buffy one.

Buffy Season Eight )

Now off to enjoy the sunshine....WOW another Bank Holiday, with blue skies, Sun and Warm. No rain! Have we moved?
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I think everyone knows about this reveal from the first comic, but behind a cut. Really cos quite a few will be uninterested.

Season Eight Rant )

Oh well pleased to get that off my chest!

Ok might be my time of the month! When will this curse ever leave me!
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The Los Angeles Times has an article on the writers getting back to work after the strike, and how it will effect the up-coming pilot season here

It says about Dollhouse:-

"Gary Newman, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, said the studio's development staff was in touch with its writers.

"We're not giving people hard-and-fast deadlines," he said. "We're just making them aware of the competitive advantage they'll get if they're able to turn their script in sooner rather than later."

Newman estimated that his studio had 50 to 60 pilot scripts in the works, including one from popular TV producer Joss Whedon, whose new Fox series, "Dollhouse," was ordered from a pitch two weeks before the strike began. Whedon is now busy writing both the pilot script and scenes for auditions."

So if Joss is busy working on Dollhouse, what, if any, effect would it have on the comics. Really "After the Fall" should carry on with Brian Lynch doing the writing. Joss has had his input in plotting it out with Brian, so, unless one of them come up with a brilliant new idea to use, it should be uneffected.

That leaves Buffy Season Eight. Of course Buffy always had other writers involved, and, as long as Joss has the guidelines about where he wants the comic to go, might have very little inpact at all. Or it could mean that they use more writers. It would be a shame if it meant the comic came out infrequently, as, at 40 issues, it is already a long undertaking. Missed months would be a blow to those of us following it!
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[ profile] sueworld2003 said "Trouble is as beautifully done as they are, they mainly served to push home to me how much I miss seeing those characters in a live action format." I was wondering how many others felt the same. Two polls under the cut.

[Poll #1129330]
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Have not got my copy of Buffy Season Eight #10, Anywhere but Here yet. I am waiting until the Angel: After the Fall issue comes out to get them all together. But have been reading reviews. I do have something I am considering discussing, but thought I would wait.

Today I read a story by [ profile] beer_good_foamy called The Good Guys, a Buffy Season 8 - SPOILERS 8.10 take. It is really excellent, and I pretty much agreed with him. Go read it here
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I feel that might be wrong to call this a review, it is more impressions, but I have read #3 and #4 now, so just the feelings I was left with.

No Future For You, overall )

Kinda short for two issues.


Dec. 10th, 2007 08:03 pm
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Well "No Future for You" 4/4 has still not arrived. I phoned my comic book supplier, and he assured me it was posted on Friday. I am not too worried about it, except I have stayed away from reviews. I still haven't read 3/4 either. I thought if I read the last two in the arc together I may enjoy it more. I hope.

I am more worried I will not get my Angel: After the Fall #2 in time for Christmas. I voiced this concern to my comic guy, and he assured me he would do all he could to make sure I get it in time. Still have to depend on Royal Mail yet.

I shall also keep my thoughts on Season 8 off my journal I think, as it does tend to be a bit negative. I am not on the Dark Horse Message Board either, so no loss there. I do lurk, and it is like being back in time, with the shippers and Character bashers. So over that!

While Joss has said these comics are canon, I may just bow out of using them as such. I suspect a lot of other people are the same, and not buying the comics either. So I would still have many who would be on the same page as me.

In saying that I will give another story arc a chance before deciding what to do with buying/not buying the comics. I am not sure what I want to see when it comes to the Japanese story arc, but I have a few ideas that I would dread to see, and would totally pull me out of the story. I just hope they will not appear.
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Don't want Buffy and co to feel left out. Opening Credits to Buffy Season 8. The Long Way Home. If you have read that comic, no Spoilers. Images from the comic.

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I was just looking at the sketchbook for sale and think I know what has been bothering me about the Buffy artwork. The cover of this sketchbook just screamed the problem. If you want the link, it is here

Behind cut for those no interested )


Sep. 14th, 2007 11:20 pm
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Wanna six page spoiler of Buffy Season 8 #7? here


Sep. 13th, 2007 05:44 pm
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Ok behind a cut for this rant, cos it has spoilers for Season 8 Buffy...and my main objection in it!

Rant about Season 8 Buffy )

End of Rant!
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Ok, I sat down and read this today.....I held off, cos I so didn't want to be disappointed.

No Future For You )

I'm Back!

Aug. 16th, 2007 01:07 am
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I'm back from my sisters, and had a great time seeing all the family, [ profile] writerconuk midimeet was wonderful, and met some fantastic people! Will Squee later, once I get paypal to send the money for the event into my account. They are being suspicious about unusual transactions, and limited it. Of course being away from the computer, I have only just been able to make things right.

Finally got my Buffy Season Eight and Spike Shadow Puppets comics when I got back. I have two covers of Buffy Season Eight #5 now, cos I really couldn't wait any longer to read it, and bought a copy while I was in England. Would've got Spike Shadow Puppets as well, but the small comic shop didn't have it! Guess it was the postal strike that delayed everything!.

Spoilers for Buffy #5 )

Anyway tired now, and ready to go to bed. Please if you have posted anything I should know about, please let me know in comments. I cannot catch up at all!
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My Buffy Season Eight comic arrived today. So thought I would do my overview of the whole arc.....not Joss friendly!

The Long Way Home )

Ok that was my impressions.
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First Impressions of Buffy Season Eight #3 )

As anyone else been finding their friends pages a bit strange tonight? I keep finding post coming up on every page I read, so I am not sure where I am in reading what my friends have posted.


May. 9th, 2007 10:34 am
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I liked Buffy Season Eight #3!
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Just been on the phone to my comic book suppliers, and tomorrow is free comic book day! I am getting two free comic books!

So with my Buffy comic (standard cover and variant), I am getting Justice League of America, and League of Super Heros!

Ok from the comments you may have seem from me, I am spoiled rotten for Buffy, but should soon have my own copy. I was only going to buy the first five copies to see what I thought (especially not being a dark horse fan). But no, I will give another writer a chance apart from Joss, and I love Faith. Gotta give the Faith story arc a chance!

I have the first three Buffy Season Eigth standard covers now for the raffle at [ profile] writerconuk, so fingers crossed for the rest!

ETA, overpriced! Some stores at E-Bay are asking silly money for the Buffy comics, 24.99 for Buffy Season 8, 1&2, or buy it now £44.99! Then for the Buffy #3, £10.99. These priced when others are offering the comic for £1.99! What! Check it out the link is here

I Caved

Apr. 30th, 2007 12:10 pm
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I knew it would only be a matter of time until one of the variant covers from Buffy Season Eight caught my attention. So, yes, I ordered
This cover, as well as the stardard one! Pretty!

Probably be a week before I get them, as I have them posted to me. It is worth having my comic book supplier a bit further away, cos it usually means I can be sure of getting them!


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