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I had a fantastic dream. I was working at the Danish Food Center (I used to work there, as the superviser in the Food store), as a waitress while dong a Phd at university. Anyway Christian Kane was also working there, and we made out. He was a fantastic kisser, and had a firm body when he was cuddling me. We did have all our clothes on though, but it was HOT.


Watching [ profile] audio_by_juice and listening to her reading [ profile] chash's fic. Really good to unwind with before going to bed.
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I seem to be having a lot of NC 17 dreams recently with Jared Padalecki as my boyfriend. Even to the point of (being dressed), and meeting my parents (who are still alive, I'm a lot younger). Maybe I should make an effort to go out and about and get a real life boyfriend....Naw! I think I will stick with Jared as my boyfriend. I just hope I don't stretch up too much in my sleep to kiss him, and aggravate my trapped nerves in my poor neck!
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Oh just remembered I had a dream about Lindsey McDonald, yes that one from AtS. He was a taxi driver (?), who wanted to be a policeman. Anyway he was driving me home from a night out, and telling me about his attempts to get into the police force. That one was a curve ball, don't know where it came from at all!

Then last night I was dreaming that I really should rewatch seasons 5-7 of BtVS, as I was getting rusty on them.

Just thought I would share!


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