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Had a Chinese take out yesterday Wor Tip Chicken, but as usual there was enough for two meals, so I left half for today. Heated it up, had two mouthfuls and was ill. Going to let my poor stomach recover and have some soup later. Groan.

Edit. Think I might have a very early night instead, probabaly be up at 3am if I do.


Jul. 25th, 2009 05:12 pm
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I appear to have picked up a few new friends, umm....HI!

Ok, looking at profiles and interests, maybe a bit more about what I talk about on my journal, and what could be coming up.

I talk about Supernatural, and when it is on, that can be a lot. I'm a Sam and Jared girl, but still love Dean and Jensen.

I stay as far away from fanwank as possible. If something annoys me enough, it is here on my journal for my friends to offer input, but nowhere else. I have very sensible friends.

Ronnie and I have watched all the Supernatural DVD's I have now, and are going to be watching Angel the Series, so might be some posts about AtS, and our thoughts on the episodes we watched.

I'm watching Leverage, and really enjoying it, so maybe some posts on that, also Doctor Who, I watch with David, and Torchwood.

It has been known that I post RL stuff.

Anything else, please ask, even my older friends. My journal has changed so much since I first started.

No Spike, Sam or actor bashing allowed. Especially actor bashing, I do defriend for that.
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Umm! Well

1) I'm double jointed and did yoga from the age of 12, so, when I was younger and fitter I could do some contortionist tricks

2) I read the tarot cards

Umm....forget the parties, maybe I should've ran away and joined the circus, just don't ask me to sing.


Ok, finding not really liking High School or between High School and College fic are just not for me, don't know if it is getting in the way of doing recs. Am I just to old and out of date for "coming of age" stories.
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[ profile] pippii, I love you! The necklace with the dragons was amazing, and I'm so lucky. I only just got round to responding to my mail today, and I adore it! *hugs tight*

Been a little busy, finding out more about the flat I'm interested in. It is a lot smaller, each and every single room is, even with three bedrooms. Have no idea how a family are supposed to live in such a small space, but still big enough for me on my own, even if I need to do some serious declutering, and get rid of some of the larger funiture.

David is very high again. Managing to stay out of hospital, but has daily appointments with the crisis team and CPN's. They have upped his medication, which he isn't happy about, but taking it.

Good News

Jul. 10th, 2009 06:24 pm
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I've got a flat to go and see on Monday! *happy sigh*, it is just up the road, and new. So probably small rooms, but, on the plus side, it'll be big enough for just me! Looking foward to it!

Need to get away from here to be honest. And someone interested in my house as well. It is too big for me, what with the trapped nerves in my neck and foot problems, I cannot look after it or the garden!

This could be good news!
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The people next door are building a deck, wooden, that looks right into my kitchen. Not only dated, but did I mention how much rain we get. A wooden deck exposed to the elements, wind and rain.

They also start work at 8:30 am.

Between the T junction in front of my living room, and the deck at the back, I'll have no privacy. Should just get a flat and move out of here.


what does 3:04 mean )


Ronnie coming over today, we are nearly finished with Season 3 of Supernatural, and cannot get Season 4 until September. We should go back to watching AtS now. Despite never watching it when it was broadcast, Ronnie now prefers it to BtVS, which he did watch. As agreed it was darker and more adult. As well as being more realistic.


Ronnie on Torchwood Season Three

Torchwood, Season Three )

Well that is all from me at present!
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Today would've been my mom's birthday. She was born in 1916, and missed the First World War, but lived through the Second. The youngest of four, with two older brothers and one older sister.

She got her wish, and was never a burden to anyone, keeping her strength in body and mind until the end, she died on the 12th May, 1992. Just before my first year exams at university. I missed my Economics exam as that was the day of the funeral. Not surviving my father for long who died on the 25th November, 1990. They were both 75 when they died, from heart and lung falure.

She lived through some really terrible times in history, and, while times could be hard, my father and my mother both survived well. The work they had was always in demand, he was an engineer, and she worked in tailoring. They were always in demand.

They had Jean, and when Jean and Iain Sheridan split up when I was 2 and a half, they took me in and brought me up as my mom and dad. She looked after me while my dad worked away from home, envolved in building power stations in the 60's. She gave up work to look after me and my Gran. Giving up work to become a carer.

When Jean met Dick, in Somerset, and only came back for the divorce it was up to my mom to protect us all from Iain Sheridan when he arrive at our house looking for Jean on the day of the divorce. The only thing I remember was that he had an LP of the Beatles with him. He stromed out, pulling the picture out of my hands as I was reading the tracks in the hall.

Sadly missed!

Oh Dear!

May. 17th, 2009 11:12 pm
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Just realised I didn't do a prompt poll this week. I have been running away from orginising anything, cos I have a lot of it to do, and it is not my strong point. I'm great with the ideas, but not so great with the follow through. *sigh*

Also I've been really tired this week, I think that was the after effects of the cold I had....not helped by the fact that when I had an early night, my neighbours woke me up at 1:45am talking in the garden. Boy but their voices carry. I mean the bedroom is up the stairs, and double glazed but I can still hear them. I'm begining to think the people of Dumbarton just have loud voices. Must be genetic.

So anyway, hope to get everything sorted out soon. Sorry but for those of you who like the challenges, but I think this week is a bust.
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Anyone know any good tutorials, self help sites for CSS? Especially for making style_sheets to change my layout at Dreamwidth? I think if I'm going to stay any length of time, I need to change that layout very soon. Something along the lines of CSS for the total idiot would be good, thanks. Last time I did any programming it was in Basic and that was in the 80's.

*misses Michael, who would have probably been up all night, perfectly happy, making me one*


Going to do a Meta/Character study of Sam Wincester: Family Rebel. There seems to have been a bit of a knee jerk rise in Sam bashing, and I need to make my case.


Right, David and Ronnie coming over today, so I guess I'll need to get ready later.


Just trying to figure out what to say to people on dreamwidth when I add them. I've been going with subscribed so far, but would "joined your circle" be friendlier?
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I decided that I would at least protect my name at Dreamwidth, only to find out it had gone already, damn and blast. This is the second time woman_of_ has been used by someone. I really never thought it would be a popular name.

I ended up calling myself Lady_Windermere, ok, maybe it should've been Lady_of_the_loch, but always been more of an Oscar Wilde fan than Sir Walter Scott.

This is me I've done nothing with it so far, and not impressed so far either, but I guess it is still in beta. I've got no invites, and suspect that by the time I get any, if I do, it will be open anyway.


Got a phonecall at 8:30am from Australia from saying they represented Michael's Uncle who died, and they were trying to track down relatives for their share of the estate. Seemed to know a lot about me, but couldn't track down Michael's brothers or sisters, which I found strange as Michael's oldest brother is a published author of horror stories. They did say they had contacted his agent, but still pretty freaked out at how much they knew about me.

Seems I take the recond as the person to have hung up on her the most times. Oh and no, I wouldn't inherit anything!


Right off to see if I can track down last night's episode of Supernatural

Edit Misha was awesome, but that is pretty much all I have to say about it. Saw preview of next week's episode, and I think we all saw that coming!
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Not seeing David today, that time of the month. Pretty bad this time, may give up and take painkillers and go back to bed.


Well Dean, as I guess can be expected, is ahead in the poll. But pets poor Jack, I thought I had quite a good line on him, even if examples of him being a big brother are scarce. Well I thought it was interesting, but maybe that was only to me.

Was even going to cover survivers guilt, touch a bit on family mourning a child. *shakes self*, I guess a lot of that would've been spectulation anyway.


I think I've got the hang of twitter now, so hopefully I can calm down over there and catch up on some fanfic. Miss the boys!

LJ is still my number one place to be! *clings*
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Yes, the kids did have a sleep over in the tents last night. Not so bad through the night, but the earliest riser was the little girl who runs around screaming at the top of her lungs, which she was happy to do at 6am, waking everyone up.

I cannot believe they allowed a bunch of kids to sleep in the back garden in this area. *shakes head* It is not as if no-one knows how bad it is, we make headlines in the paper with our drug problem, crime problem....every problem.

I therefore have the creative juices of the brain dead, please don't wait for me to post my response to the challenge before posting your own. I will try and get some sleep and do some writing, but I promise nothing.

I also had problems getting onto live journal as well. Kept telling me the link was broken. I did find a way round it, but was logged out on that link, and had to log back in.

It has not been a good morning so far!

Oh just remembered David is 60 today, must phone him. We met up yesterday and I gave him his card and took him for a meal at his favourite restaurant, where we both had a fantastic steak pie.


Apr. 7th, 2009 07:23 pm
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Ok, I got friended by someone two days ago, and they have already deleted their journal. They went to a private boarding school, and in their last post there was a lot of talk about an exclusive Fashion Club at the school that she belonged to. I can only suspect that she didn't get enough responses to it, and has gone off in the huff. *sigh*

I'm unsure why she friended me at all. I'm 49, and when I was that age we were not that fashion consious. The most fashionable thing I owned was a purple trouser suit and a three piece suit (yes it did have a waistcoat). We tended to do our own thing, which, with the fashions of that time was quite possibly a good idea.

For my 13th Birthday we went to a Gary Glitter concert (don't judge), and my friend Maggie, got a message to him at the back door and he sang a song for me that night.

So what wonderful things did we do to get ready for this concert. Swapped clothes, wore a t-shirt on which we wrote Gary Glitter in glitter across the chest with glue, put on clear nail polish and added glitter to that and added glitter to the make-up on our faces. Yes we did get some strange looks on the bus going to the concert, but didn't care, we were having fun.

So you really think I would be a fashion freak now? I don't even know what is in fashion.

I guess I just get annoyed at emo people going off in a huff. I get enough of it in RL, I don't need it on-line
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Ok, back from the dentist. Yes it is an abcess, got something for it, and go back when the swelling goes down, so a couple of things to cheer me up.

I changed my layout, it is J2 in the bath, and was made for me by [ profile] tw_31988. I really had to do very little, as it was to match my already existing layout. I hope you like it.

Was at [ profile] gwen_e_cooper, it is a kind of role play, but we can join in. Jack, Ianto and Gwen each have their own journals. Gwen was asking what charity they should donate to, and what they should do to raise funds. I suggested they should cos dress as AtS and BtVS characters. Gwen seems quite keen, but Jack thinks his teeth are just too good to be any of poll time!

[Poll #1379611]


Apr. 6th, 2009 05:21 pm
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Ok after trying all day, with less and less luck, finally got through to my dentist. I think I have an abcess. I have tooth ache, my gum is swollen and so is the right side of my face. It isn't that painful to be honest. Enough to wake me up, and keep me a wake for a while, but on and off. So I guess I'm gonna lose another tooth. *sigh* the trials of gettng older.
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Sorry posting another music vid. But a bit of a story to go with this one

In 1978, I was cheering my fiend, Jackie, up as she was feeling a bit down. We both worked in a place called Reids Bar Hope Street in Glasgow, and we were both having lunch. I got Jackie a bit happier, and we noticed a group of guys on another bench playing guitar. We went up to them to ask what they were doing, as they didn't seem to be busking.

We had a bit of a conversation, where they said they were writing a song for us. I said that if they wrote a song for me, I would spend eternity with them. As we were chatting, I mentioned my cat called Celo, short for Celopatra. We told told them were we were heading, and headed of West.

Later that night they came into the bar where I was working. I went over to chat to them again, but my boyfriend, and his family (unoffical bouncers of the bar), came over, and they left.

Anyway, I like to pretend this is the song they wrote for me.

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Well today my area of Dumbarton had it's very own Earth Day. And not just lights, it was everything. Yes we had a power cut. Everything electric went down. Luckly I have gas fires, central heating and cooker, so I could make myself a cup of coffee while I considered what to do next.

Yes, there was housework I could do that didn't require electricity, but alas I did that in the morning, so all done in the afternoon when the power went down. Totally every bit of entertainment I have in the house requires electricity, to no watching DVDs listening to music etc.. I kinda felt like this would be a good time to go back to bed I was so bored. Was going to see if Annemarie was free, then found out she was just as bored. So we decided to spend the time together, with her grand daughter. Upside, a few toys I have stashed away for girls from when my friend's girl was little kept her amused, and us amused at her antics. We survived. So I'm back with my main hobby which is the internet and of course you guys, so important to have internet connection right now, as I'm trying to keep up with the LA Convention and Jared and Jensen's day there.
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It is the wonderful [ profile] angels_cordy and [ profile] nero_nailpolish's birthday. I wish you a fantastic year. I hope it is filled with love, family, friends and happiness!

Happy Birthday and wishing you many wonderful and creative years ahead [ profile] angels_cordy and [ profile] nero_nailpolish

glitter graphics

Hugs Glitter Graphics

This and That. I have a couple of things to do on LJ today, and don't want to spam to much. Anyway

I think I've done all the Tarot readings everyone asked for, if not give me a nudge. I hope everyone had fun. Yes, I've been up since 6:30 am doing them, never said they were quick.

I'm thinking of resigning from being a judge at award sites. I know I never said anything about doing it, but it just isn't fun any more. I also am not enjoying the fic that is nominated. It is increasingly hard to make a decision.
My gas fire is being serviced today, so I cannot put it on. I'm still snuggled up in my nice warm housecoat. I guess I better get ready in case the guy arrives soon. I have a urge to put on the fire as soon as I wake up, and feel lost with it off.
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Ok, so I'm tired, but cannot get to sleep. I'm sure you know that that is a recipe for asking stupid questions, and setting yourself up for a fall. Anyway, overlooking that, and the dangers of being a fly on the wall, a poll.

[Poll #1371447]

Ok, I'm off to try and get some sleep again. I know I will regret this in the morning, but have fun filling out the poll.
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Ronnie brought my "Good Omens" book back. *clings* In totally the same condition let him borrow it. *hugs Ronnie* Yes I may have missed it so much I was reading some favouite passages. Ronnie really enjoyed it, and is going to read some more Terry Pratchett books now.

Ronnie and I are progressing quite nicely with Supernatural Season Three. I feel like I have a split personality when we are talking about the programme though, as I have usually watched an episode from Season Four on the same day as one from Season Three with Ronnie. This means that when we discuss the episode I have to be ultra careful not to give spoilers, especially if it was a Season Four episode I really enjoyed and would love to talk about. Oh well, such is life.

David has been a pain again. Instead of coming over today, as usual, he will be here tomorrow. I will still find all responses to the challenge and make a master list on Monday. Even if I'm a little late responding, I will be there. His brother is coming over today, and staying overnight. Tom, his brother, drives crazy hours, and sometimes had eye problems, like only seeing half a car, if he is tired. Which of course worries David. If he didn't stay overnight at David's he would end up driving 14 hours in one day. So this is safer, and stops David worrying, and me feeling guilty if anything happened because I insisted on seeing David. Yeah like that would happen.
Must've been tired last night, I slept for HOURS. I did get up for an hour and a half through the night, but still got 10 hours sleep.
I have done one drabble for the challenge, and have another one for it, but I think it will be a flashfic, will wait and see. Nibbling at my heels just now.


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