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Right, be honest, what to you think the actors really think of fandom.

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Now Castiel is complaiming that he always get left out of crossovers, and is only ever partnered with Dean. He wants equal time!

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Sep. 10th, 2009 08:49 pm
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So, say a demon or angel has sex with a human, without telling the human what they are. If you take possession as a type of sex...demons without permission, therefore already rape, or angels with permission (in as far as they understand it, so pretty much not with total comprehension of the implications of being taken over). Would they

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Just a post from my last one!
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Well just a quick poll, to vent really.

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I don't think they are fanfic myself, I think it is banded about as an insult, when really a lot of fanfic is better that what is being produced. I will say this about Joss, at least he lets his words speak for himself, unlike some. I expect people in areas of creativity to be open minded about their own creations, and fair. Which I'm not seeing in quite a few quarters right now. Yes stand up RTD, EK and Scott Allie
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In comments to my previous entry, I was just wondering.

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Was talking to Ronnie today about the sites we visit most. For me, LJ still comes first, I check my e-mails, then LJ as soon as I wake up. Ronnie asked what was to interesting about LJ, and I said fandom, but really it is more than that. When I first got LJ it was for fandom reasons, but it has branced out since then. What about you?

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So Ronnie and I are watching an episode of Angel, Season Two. The next one on the list is "First Impressions", but I was wondering which one you would recommend us to watch, as the season has quite a strong story arc, therefore a poll.

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After reading this quote from an interview from RTD concerning Rose:-

"she was enormously popular and so — let's be blunt — every time I brought her back, the ratings went up. It's my job to make people come back to watch this. Sometimes people roll their eyes and go, "Oh, you've got another returning character." [To which I respond] "Yeah, leave me alone with my millions, thank you very much." So you know, it simply works. Plus we like Billie... So simply by dint of being her, she's come back the most often. I think that was a very special chemistry between her and Chris and between her and David, and it's very fondly remembered."

On [ profile] blackhemlock's journal, taken from this article, I was wondering if I was imagining things in my thoughts that RTD just has his favourite female characters, which he keeps, or keeps going back to. So a poll.

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If you want you can pimp it for more responses, it is an open poll and post
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Ok, just a quick poll to see what your preferences are with regard to fanfic. Doing the recs, I was wondering what everyone else likes to read.

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Really brought about by the internet comic for Buffy from Dark Horse. Everyone else is talking about it, so I have as well.

Was thinking about the Buffy!Verse and Joss, but could apply to any fandom I guess

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I posted this poll at [ profile] spnforthesane and wasn't surprised by the result, now I wonder what my friends think.

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Sorry for spamming so much today. Don't know what is wrong with my stupid brain, it is racing....must be the bi-polar. I will stop now, even if I have to put my hands in mittens or handcuffs to stop typing!

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A Supernatural poll.

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If you have read it, just forget Angel: After the Fall, who, if either, should get the Shanshu Prophecy.

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May. 23rd, 2009 01:07 pm
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I've been noticing an increasing lack of interest from most of my flist in the challenge, so a poll. I hate using filters, but I think it might be the best idea.

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Why yes, this might have something to do with a meta I'm thinking about writing. Need to do this to get some sleep tonight.

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That time again, please pick a prompt for next Sunday.

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Oh Dear!

Apr. 28th, 2009 09:00 pm
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Right my brain still wants to do this meta, even if my fingers are resisting typing it. Should I do a Meta on the psychology of an Elder Sibling, and if so, which one. Dean would be the most indepth as there is more data to go on.

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Click as many as you like, go mad. Have fun.

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Drats I forgot Merlin! Damn and Blast! Ok what panels do you want for Merling and entertainment.....Sorry!


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