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This one requires more to be said about it than my usual squee post.

Supernatural 4:15 )
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I got my Angel: After the Fall #9. This comic felt like a filler one, which I guess it could've been, just be bring us up to speed after the First Night interlude. So anyway, here is the review...

Angel: After the Fall #9 )
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Well I have decided to give a review of the Two Parter "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead". Before you read, a heads up. I enjoyed it, so pretty much a favourable review!

Spoilers Silence in the Libarary and Forest of the Dead )

I know I took my time!
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Ok, finally got my comic, so thought I would do a review of it, if anyone is still interested.

Angel: After the Fall #7 do I have to say SPOILERS )

I also have the Buffy Season Eight comic as well. I was going to wait until the end of the story arc to read them all at on go. That way I might avoid getting annoyed at something and stewing for a month, but I will read it.....Could talk about it in IM later Alex!

Dr Who 4.01

Apr. 5th, 2008 07:18 pm
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This was just silly! I would've enjoyed it as a bit of cracktastic fun, if I was not still reeling from Torchwood last night!

Dr Who 4.01 )
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Everyone else is doing it, thought I would join in! This is a bit of James Squee, the rest of the gang, not so much!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang )

Phoned my comic book guy for Angel: After the Fall #3, and he promised to put it in the post tonight, with Buffy Season 8 #10. Hope to get it by the weekend.
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I know I am a bit late, but here is my review of Angel: After The Fall #2

Angel: After the Fall #2. Spoilers )
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I feel that might be wrong to call this a review, it is more impressions, but I have read #3 and #4 now, so just the feelings I was left with.

No Future For You, overall )

Kinda short for two issues.
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Seems the critics have had the screening of Torchwood season 2. SFX were very positive, and it does sound as if it has been improved a lot. They tried to stay away from Spoilers. The review is here

James gets a special mention!
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I have been thinking about doing a review of Spike: Shadow Puppets #4, the final one. Then I thought, someone else did a fantastic review which said everything I thought. So much better. Why not just post a link to that review, and Recommend it to your flist.

So.....(Drum Roll) [ profile] elisi Shadow Puppets review here

It is wonderful, brill, and says it all!


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