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I know, two posts in as many minutes! Just posting to say my Supernatural Season Three is on the way, so I hope I will get that on Monday anyway.

I know I don't post about Supernatural much, but to watch the episodes a lot. Today Ronnie and I watched "Roadkill". Ronnie loved it. I thought he would, it is one of those episodes you love the first time round, because the big reveal at the end is well handled, but once you know about it the element of surprise is lost. Anyway, we had a great time, and followed it up with a Chinese Take Away.

Edit You know with how much time I spend watching and talking about Supernatural in RL, I don't seem to post about it much in my journal. Ronnie also brought me the Supernatural Magazine as well. Very glossy and shiney
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I had a good rest last night, and now feel a bit more refreshed. David is coming over today, and we are going to have a salad. It is nice and warm today, so that should go down well.

I have been considering moving house. At present I live in a 4 appartment semi-detached house, with a front and back door and a garden at the front and back. It is getting too much for me, and getting into disrepair, with the garden overgrown. My neigbours help me with it, they started this year, as David's back has been out and he hasn't been able to help like he normally would. Apart from bouts of depression, I have trapped nerves in my neck, and if I try to do too much, can take up to three weeks to recover, by which time the whole cycle starts again. I also end up taking such heavy pain killers, I am out for the count for a while as well.

So I was thinking maybe I should start to look for a flat. I moved into this house when I married Michael, and the memories are starting to bring me down. I don't sit out in the sun, so the benifit of having a garden is not there. So not a sun worshipper. The only benifit is that I can put out a washing when I want....or I could, but my next-door-neighbours son and his friends come into my garden, and touch my washing. Not always with clean hands.

Any advice?
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The Intervention team have left, good news is I am not being hospitalised. I will be getting lots of visits and phone calls. Some cares!


Jun. 5th, 2008 07:55 pm
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Phoned my family tonight, to see how they have been getting on. Didn't do it before as they would just nag me into going to visit them, and I couldn't leave Smudge. So yes, just call me avoidance.

Got Dick, my Brother-in-law, first. He has retired totally now, but still very active. He told me about Jean, my Sister, she has a irregular heart beat, and keeps passing out. Her heart stops, and she doen't get blood, or oxygen to the brain. Looks like she might get a pacemaker put in. kind of broke down, and had to put the phone down before I spoke to Jean.

Dick is going to go with Harvey (my other brother-in-law, should that be half?) when he does a cycle ride from England to Africa for charity. Looks like Dick is being left to do most of the organising.

Tried to have tuna for lunch, but that reminded me of Smudge, and I was sick.

Once I composed myself, I phoned back and got Jean. She reassured me her irregular heart beat is nothing to worry about, and, yes she might get a pace-maker, but that I shouldn't worry...I do kind of, my husband had an artificial valve, which contributed to his death.

Jean has finally retired, she is 66, and I could go to Writerconuk, maybe, as they would make sure I would get to and from it in good time. I don't know. I mean, my sisters health is not wonderful now, she has hospital appointments all the time. I'm maybe not to hopeful at this time, could be just how I am feeling. Sorry
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I have someone coming out to see me tomorrow at 2:30 for my depression. I may disappear for a while if it needs intensive treatment....getting taken into hospital treatment. So if I disappear, that is where I shall be. Thinking of you all!


May. 30th, 2008 06:12 pm
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Ronnie was over, and we watched an episode of Supernatual, "House of the Holy". That is as much as Ronnie has seen, anything after that would be a spoiler. So then he asks if I had been doing any writing. I said I had written 4 drabbles, 2 Buffy, 1 Angel and 1 Supernatural. He innocently asks to see them. Great you say, your friends are interested in you writing. Nothing wrong with that, (well they are so long as it isn't slash that is).

No No, nothing wrong with that. The problem? I forgot all about the spoilers in the Supernatual drabble. Spoilers right up to 3:16, Ronnie is on 2:13. Of course he didn't understand it, and started asking questions. I have tried really hard not to spoil him to this point, not even when the episode is being aired, I just keep quiet when he asks questions. So, I have Spoiled Ronnie. He didn't seem to mind, but it is so much better without knowing anything about it. I can only hope that he forgets the drabble (which he well could). Otherwise I have as good as given away the endings to the Season 2 and Season 3 finale.

On a plus note, he did like the Buffy and Angel drabbles.
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Well the, strangely, beautiful weather we had over the bank holiday has broke. Back to rain, so back to normal. Also a little cooler as well. Yes this is the May weather I expected, I just hope that was not our summer over as well.

Bit worried about the cat. Her quality of life has just shrunk so much. Her day consists of sleeping in front of the fire, coming over to be petted, but can no longer jump on my knee, and eating. She doesn't go out, upstairs, or even as far as the front door any more. I have had to move her litter tray into the kitchen from the usual place, as she doesn't venture that far anymore, but is having difficulties climbing into the box. And no longer glooms herself. Some of her fur is matted, because she struggles when I try to comb her.

Another trip to the vet I think. There doesn't seem to be anything major wrong with her, just getting old. She is 17, will be 18 in August!
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I usually don't get jokes that center round sexual innuendos. I was 29 before I know what a Muff-Diver was. One of the girls as work was telling a joke (in mixed company) centered round a Muff-Diver. I sat there with a straight face, not understanding. At the end, after everyone else stopped laughing and looked at me, thinking I thought the joke in bad taste (it centered round a girl dying in the River Leven, which usually kills about 4 people a year, as it is so fast, and they drown), I admitted I didn't know what a Muff-diver was.

Of course everyone looked at each other, the two boys just walked out, with red faces. Muriel told the girl who told the joke to explain it to me, as she walked out with the other girl, laughing!

I still don't get most of the jokes!
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Ok I worked in an office for two weeks at an optition's repair office. At that time glasses had to be sent into a head office. Not as may people made the glasses then. I hated it. I totally freaked when a pair of glasses came in with the protective area of the noise piece was gone, and the man who sent them in had put two dead bodies of bee in there place!

Should mention the other girls in the office where total bitches. Used to try an make me cry, and show me off to the guys that really did the work, thought it was funny that the mailroom guy fancied me, and I had a boyfriend as well......OK he was not god's gift, but still, I was happy with him. TMI I guess, but anyway, I stayed a month, and that was it!

Oh Oh sorry forgot to credit where I saw this. Thank You [ profile] jaded_jamie


May. 17th, 2008 03:05 pm
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I really am not the obsessive LJ user I used to be, when I would read, look at and comment to the stories and manips almost constantly. Then LJ (and fandom), was shiny and new, and became my main hobby. Could be any number of reasons for this I guess. The comics being one. Loving the Angel: After the Fall (and of course Spike is in that one), but hating the Buffy Season Eight doesn't help. Then that some of my favourite authors have either left fandom totally, or moved on.

The authors moving on is great, if I happen to be interested in the same fandom. But even then, no other fandom has quite captured me like the Buffy!Verse, and no other character is as close to my heart as Spike. So I may dip my toe in those fandoms, and read the odd story (with SPN mostly Gen or Crossovers), I do not see myself as getting a lot of new friends in the fandom. Same with Dr Who and Torchwood. So I guess that not only am I not as active in fandom, but not as active on LJ either. Guess for me the two went hand in hand.

David was supposed to be here today, but his brother is in the area, and his brother's knee is playing up. They are talking of doing a partial or full knee replacement if it gets more painful. Looks increasingly likely. This will be a blow for Tom, as he does a lot of driving as a solicitor, specialising in guns, mostly for gameskeepers at the estates. If he gets the knee replacement, he will be unable to drive for several months.

Right, so off to read some favourite fanfic from aforementioned authors, then see what happens on Dr Who tonight!
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The layout where my house is situated is that I am directly across from a road junction, with building on either side of the junction. The end result being, it is like a wind tunnel. On effect of this is that all the litter blows into the garden, which is ok, just annoying. Of course the weeds get blown in as well. So, I could just go with having a wild garden I guess.

The other effect, and the costly one, that fences get blown down. As it did this year during the winter. My neighour, with whom I share the fence undertook to manage getting the new fence, and we would share the cost. Which seemed fine. Now I have just seen the fence. Unseasoned wood, and no protection. I give it a couple of years at the most!
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My neighbour is going slightly mad with the hammer in the kitchen (a semi-detached house), so my plan to have a nice relaxing bath before meeting David for his birthday (we are going out), just went up in smoke *sigh*

I do hope she is finished before Dr Who starts!

Been Quiet

Apr. 17th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Not a lot been happening here. David got out of hospital, and hopes to start driving again this weekend, and I should see Ronnie tomorrow. Apart from that, very quiet. No muse either, so no stories to post.

Tami has been making manips again, One of Drusilla and One of Fred. If you would like to go over and encourage her the pictures are here

Goes back to boring life!
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Ok, I have agreed to see David tomorrow, am I really anti-social in that I am considering putting him off so I can watch some TV programmes? What are these programmes that sound so good that you would want to discourage your friend? AH! UM!

5.30 River Cottage

6.55 The Culture Show

8.15 The Dead Sea Scrolls

I know he will not watch any of them with me, cos, well, they would not appeal to him, and as a guest.....not really fair to inflect it on him. Anyway, I would probably be cooking and eating during two of them.

I could just phone him up, and put him off till Sunday. Don't think I can say it is because I want to watch TV programmes. But my head cold is still there. It is just not too bad, I could see him.

I know, I am anti-social!
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Oh just done something really stupid! Well I think it was. I got a Chinese on Friday, ate half of it, then, sealed in there containers, cooled the rice and Orange Chicken, and put it in the fridge. I ate it tonight for Dinner, an I have a sore stomach now. Yes, it was piping hot when it came out the microwave and I did let it settle for a minute before eating.....then still thinking I should have an early night, and hope I don't get sick. I do have a delicate stomach at the best of times!

*kicks self* That was such a bad idea!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:34 am
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Yes, my first post of 2008. The stomach bug, or I think Chill I had stopped me from posting. Not cleared up yet, but I have been keeping up with my friends list, so not all lost.

Have been reading how you all got on, and have to say, I am sorry so many for you did not have a good beginning to your year. I hope it improves for you.

Have to go, didn't get much sleep last night, was up at 3:30am. So not feeling that bright.


Dec. 30th, 2007 10:57 pm
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Sorry I haven't got the Buffy and Angel quiz questions posted today as promised. Our friend Charlie Brown passed away yesterday, and we have been a bit busy. David has been her (Charlie is his Brother-in-Law) and the real worry now is Anne, David's sister.

Charlie looked after Anne since she had an operation which went slightly wrong. Her right arm is paralysed, and she has very limited use of her right leg. She wants to continue to live in her own home, and be independent. Her Children have rallied round, but she is determined.

It is a sad loss with Charlie passing, and a worrying time for us with the situation with Anne.

I think it might be a New Year Quiz at this rate. Sorry!

ETA, going off to watch the SPN episode Heart, cos Sam and Dean are so pretty when they cry!
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This has been a hellish year. Everyone has either been ill or quite a few have died. Now, today, David has phoned to say his Brother-in-law is in hospital. He suffered a Massive Stroke. From what we have heard, his future is looking bleak. Seems that, if he doesn't die, then he will be in a vegetative state. I really do not know what to hope for.

Charlie Brown, yes that is his name, has been a caregiver since he took early retirement, looking after his wife Anne, and Anne's Uncle Andrew. Andrew died last month, but Anne, no-matter the outcome, needs constant care. Charlie really doesn't deserve this, and neither does his wife. Especially not at this time of the year.

I really am not in the mood for anything dark or angsty. Real life is too full of it already.
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I have been putting this off for a while now, but I think I will have to take my cat to the Vet. The problem being, I am not sure I will get her back.

She has been deaf and blind for a little time now, but because she knew the house so well was able to cope. So I have been able to keep her despite that. Now she seems to be getting worse.

She eats a lot, but is losing weight, has an upset stomach a lot, doesn't gloom herself, and refuses to let me do it for her. This means she has tangles in her fur, which is not good for cats, and can cause them pain. She is also staggering round the place now, and howling a lot. At first I thought she was just hungry, but now it seems if she is not eating or sleeping she is howling. I am starting to suspect that she maybe in pain. She is 17, but I worry the quality of her life is diminished. I could perhaps make an appointment to see the Vet on Wednesday and get David to take me.

I just don't want to lose her, but don't want her to suffer either.
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The local Co-op that I said was set on fire last week is kinda open. Some things are not there such as cans of food the shop fitters are still at work, and it does have a bit of a smokey smell still. But open! Can get bread and milk, and dairy stuff. As well as fruit and veg.

I found out what happened to it. Seems a man in his 60's was refused service (drink), he came back the next day, was refused again, and set fire to the shop. With people in it as well! He also attacked one of the girls who works in the shop. The police caught him, and he is being charged. In fact because he committed arson while people where in the shop, he could also be done for attempted murder.

Just to list what he did, all for the sake of alcohol, Assult, Arson, Attempted Murder! Is drink worth it!


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