Sep. 16th, 2009 05:41 pm
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I noticed it in the Buffyfandom the tendancy to have Angel do no wrong, while Spike could do no right. The total hero worshipping of one character, while constantly pointing out the flaws in the other. The whole point of character development in programmes is that they do develop. Spike fans can see his flaws, and also acknowledge them. We know where he started off, and what he became. It was what made him one of the most interesting characters in the show, and was what made Joss such a great storyteller.

Now in SPN we have the same thing with Dean can to no wrong, Sam can do no right. While the character development of both Sam and Dean is not as well written as it was for Angel and Spike, especially Spike (Angel could be very boring at times, he was quite static), the fans reaction is the same.

One character who is constantally good is not good storytelling. While Joss is better than Eric in that field, there has to be some movement in character. Yes EK may concentrate on Dean more, and show us his developements in more detail (another example of bad storytelling, after all he only had two main characters, so could've spent more time showing Sam's motivations last season, a major flaw of the season in my book).

If one character can do no wrong then they are boring, which I don't think either Angel or Dean are, it is just the depth of the character is being ignored. Spike, for example, moved from being almost a pantomime villian in Season Two, to a fully developed souled vampire in Season Seven. One we understood. While Angel was always far more interesting when we got glimpses of Angelus. To see where he started in his full evil character, to his search for redemption with his soul is what makes him interesting.

In dismissing the character to this one dimensional always right, always wrong way takes away any depth, or humanity (yes I know two of them are vampires, but they have souls). Humans are flawed, and so should good fictional characters be as well.

The depth of character development shown in BtVS and AtS, of each and every character in the show, is what makes Joss such a great storyteller, and his keeps his fandom alive. We just know we can put these character in situations and explore how they would react. I'm not sure that EK has given us enough information on either Dean or Sam to be fully inside their heads they way we can with Buffy!Verse characters.
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Ever wondered about Sam's time at Stanford? Well there is a journal you should watch/follow which explores this time in Sam's life.

[ profile] thesamjournal

Watch, join, track whatever, but lets enjoy young innocent Sam as he progresses through his Stanford years. It is up to day one now, and written in a blog style.

P.S. anyone noticed there is a push to make Supernatural a treanding topic on Twitter on Thursday? Something like #Supernatural?

So you could do Watch #Supernatural tonight.


Jun. 24th, 2009 03:35 pm
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I'm just a bit worried about what has happened during Season Four of Supernatural. We have seen the little brother that Dean wants, and it is no longer Sam, not to say that he doesn't still love Sam, and will move heaven and hell for him, just not the ideal.

While with Castiel, he has been a blank sheet to begin with, devoid of human emotions and cut off. As the season progressed he slowly began to experience human contact, mostly Dean, who he does things heaven doesn't like for. On top of that, a lot of fans seem to like him, while there has been a rise in character bashing of Sam. We are not getting Sam's POV at all in the series, and he is losing sympathy because of it. It seems EK and the other writers have isolated Sam.

I really don't want Sam to be Lucifers vessel, but I can see it coming. So his character is pushed it one side, while we get more Dean and Castiel.

Not happy at the prospect

I'm spoiler free, so, please, no spoilers in comments!


May. 30th, 2009 01:39 am
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Just thinking about the two Metas I'm going to write. Yes these are the things that keep me awake at night. Well and also that David was so boring while he was visiting I fell asleep for three hours after he left, I mean, he wanted me to decide for him whither he should go to Balloch or Glasgow after he left for a cup of coffee. By that time I couldn't care, as he had talked about it for a solid 10 minutes before that. Couldn't keep my eyes open.

Joss Meta

I see Joss as very much a detached people watcher, who is analysing what is going on around him. An observer, from a very young age, who now uses that information he has built up to use in his character development in his works.

Anyone else agree/disagree or have there own observations about what makes Joss such an expert on Character Development?


Sam Meta.

From the Pilot when we meet Sam, Sam is mourning. First it is Jess, then John then Dean. His emotions are very much effected by these tragic events, and his motivations and ambitions effected by them

While a character who is in mourning isn't cool, it is intricale to understand what is happening with Sam's mind, and why it was easy for Ruby, and, indeed both Azazeal and Lilth to manipulate him. He was under great stress, with feelings of guilt and loss.

Is this too depressing to write about? Would anyone want to read that?

I really don't think I could do the Meta without using it to explain a lot of what is happening with Sam, and where he is now.

The Vassel

May. 6th, 2009 07:14 am
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Title The Vassel
Author woman_of_
wordcount 305
Chracters Dean, Sam, Castiel, an Arch-Angel

The Vassel )

The Vassel

May. 6th, 2009 07:14 am
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Title The Vassel
Author woman_of_
wordcount 305
Chracters Dean, Sam, Castiel, an Arch-Angel

The Vassel )


May. 5th, 2009 09:41 pm
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Still thinking about the Sam Wincester Meta/Character Study.

I think I will take a stab at Sam's state of mind during the four months that Dean was dead, and Ruby got him drinking her blood. I do think I know where his head was at, and that he was at a weak ebb when it happened.

Why do I think I can do this. Well Sam lost Jessica, his father then Dean within a very short time. I lost my father, Michael and my mother within a very sort time. I have done a little psychology for the counsilling courses I did. So I think I can relate a little.

Should I warn for this?

P.S. I guess as usual my characterisation will be out of step with everyone else's.

P.P.S. The two tents next door are still erect in the garden.
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Two Supernatural ones in response to the challenge. One from Dean's POV and one from Ruby's POV, but really it is all about Sam!

Title My Brother
Author woman_of_
Fandom Supernatural
Character(s) Dean
Wordcount 269
Pairing (if any) NA
Warnings None
Rating PG13
Disclaimer Eric is the master. They are his creations.

My Brother )

Title My Lover
Author woman_of_
Fandom Supernatural
Character(s) Ruby
Wordcount 230
Pairing (if any) Hints of Sam/Ruby, but not really
Warnings None
Rating PG13
Disclaimer Eric is the master. They are his creations.

My Lover )
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Lovely day today. Sunny, warm sight breeze, people out doing the gardening. It might even feel like a summer day, were it not for the lovely Spring flowers in bloom. A day that puts a smile on your face.


Well Alpha Male Madness are down to the final two, Sam and Dean Wincester. Dean is of course winning but I kind of liked this comment

"I really like both these guys but Sam gets my vote. Dean ended up torturing people and enjoying it and crumbling under the torture, so he loses some alpha male points. Sorry Dean i'm voting for Sammy. He's been using his abilities he hates for the greater good and that's sacrifice. I have no doubt lots of fans will vote on who they 'fancy' I am voting on strength this season as a male fan"

See there are male fans of the show, it is not all females. The show does have more than pretty boys, even if that helps a lot.

If you do want to vote, go here

Dean is winning at present, but then Dean seems to win at all these type of things!


On the subject of voting, March Madness at Buffyfest is also down to the final two. It is between Spike and Buffy, so if you want to vote there go here you do not need to register to vote they take anon votes a well.

Thanks to [ profile] sueworld2003 for the heads up.

ETA I have a slight problem with spelling, in that I have a slight word blindness. I cannot differentuate vowels. It just took me ages to find seize in the dictionary.
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12:45 here, so I'm posting my responses to this weeks challenge.

Title Campaign
Author woman_of_
Fandom BtVS/AtS
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any) N/A
Warnings None
Rating U
Disclaimer Joss is the master. They are his creations. I'm just playing with them because he said we could.

Campaign )

Title Trust
Author woman_of_
Fandom Supernatural
Character(s) Sam and Dean
Wordcount 200
Pairing (if any) N/A
Warnings Missing scene from the end of "On The Head of a Pin".
Rating PG 13
Disclaimer Eric is the master. They are his creations.

Trust )
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Just a quick poll. Not saying it is perfect, I'm feeling a little tired, and have probably missed out loads. Feel free to rip apart!

[Poll #1369540]


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:11 am
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Second one!

Title Defenders
Author woman_of_
Fandom Supernatural
Character(s) Sam and Dean
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any) None
Warnings None, unless you still think Angels are fluffy.
Rating PG 13
Disclaimer Eric created them, I'm just playing with them!

Defenders )

Just one more to go from me!
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A silly little drabble that came to me! Sorry, I promise to stop now!

Sam and Dean knew about things that went bump in the night. The monsters of your worse nightmares. Then one night they heard about a champion vampire, with a soul who also saved people from the monsters. Sam found lots of sites dedicated to the vampire, and was surprised to find out there were two, each of them with many devoted, enamoured female fans.

“Makes sense Sammy, I mean they are champions."

“They are not even trying to keep a low profile. They even seem to have a television show”

“How awesome would a programme be with us in it!”
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I do tend to stay away from fandom boards, usually for a very good reason, in that they annoy me to death with bias. I of course hear things that are going on, and just makes me happy that I stick to my lj flist. Where the the people are more balanced, and sane!

I have heard two things recently that have me throwing my hands up in dispair.

One is that Season Seven of Buffy was too Spike-centric. The other is that the next episode of Supernatural (I haven't even seen the clip), is too Sam-centric!

For gawds sake. Spike as a recurring character, he just got a soul. As usual, it was Buffy-centric. She was in just about every scene. Which, yes she is the title character, and should get a good story arc, but when you take that souled Angel had his own series, and Spike was going through and interesting story arc in just getting a soul, meant that that was one of the best bits about Season Seven. Far better than the rather boring season arc of The First and The Potentials. Or Andrew taking over from Xander. If any of the four core characters was underplayed it was Xander. Then NB had his own problems that season, which might be why Andrew pretty much replaced him, not Spike!

Now after who can count how many Dean centric episodes there have been this season of Supernatural, one of the two major characters (yes there is only two, that non entity of an Angel Castiel is NOT a major character) MIGHT get a half decent episode, we haven't seen it yet, so dont know what will happen in the episode, and people start complaining.

Sam's story line in interesting, he is the reason Dean was brought out of Hell, even if the damn Angel was the one who went and dragged him back. We have to know what is happening with Sam, and it's about time it was explained to us, that cannot be done without Sam getting a nice chunk of episode time, it is part of the major arc of Supernatural since the programme began.

Ok I am a Spike and Sam fan, but their arcs should get air time, without people complaining about it. They are in the damn shows, and both of them very interesting, and needing an explaination at to what is going on with them both.

Spike was always short changed on Buffy, and now I really don't want Sam short changed as well. Especially when there are only two major characters in the show!

Edit While on the subject of fandom rants, Chris Ryall has published a preview of an upcoming cover for the Angel series in IDW here

Could someone who can post a comment at his blog tell him how to spell DRUSILLA, please!

A nice person has! :-)

The Fan!

Jan. 19th, 2009 05:30 pm
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I was feeling nostalgic, and went back to the first thing I ever wrote on LJ. It was very short, and I only wrote it to practice doing an lj-cut, but thought I would post it again, just cos! It was written on 11:25 am June 20th, 2005, so here it is. Did do a quick edit. My friend Ronnie liked it, if that is anything to go by!

Title The Fan
Author woman_of_
Character James Marsters, OFC
Summary James gets a present at a convention!

The Fan )

Also a quick Sam-centric Supernatural vid rec!

Vidder: Loki
Title: I`m Becoming Untouchable
Song: My Skin
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Warnings: season 4 spoilers
Category: character study, sort of
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean
Summary: Sort of Sam character study video with au-ish end. I really recommend you to read the explanations for understanding the video.

The link is here

The embed is here for me to enjoy )
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Title Wolfram & Hart’s Offer of Employment
Characters Sam Wincester, Lindsey McDonald
Rating PG 13
Genre General
Crossover Angel the series, Supernatural
Summary Wolfram & Hart show an interest in Sam, and send Lindsey to talk to him.

Bit worried about this one, as they both sound FAR too British to me! *sigh*

Wolfram & Hart's Offer of Employment )
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Just to see if my friends list has changed any! I doubt it *rolls eyes*, still feeling pretty lonely.

[Poll #1318773]

Two polls in as many minutes, sorry!


Dec. 20th, 2008 06:37 am
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Sorry don't know what is up with Sam and Dean, but they insist on talking to me this morning! Another drabble.

Title Awareness
Characters mentioned Dean, Sam, Castiel

If you have seen everything that has aired in the US, No spoiler )


Dec. 20th, 2008 03:18 am
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Can't sleep so I wrote a drabble

Title Changes.
Characters Dean, Sam

If you have seen everything that has aired in the US, no spoilers )


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