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These are my three responses to the [ profile] open_on_sunday prompt this week! Yey, got inspired!

Crusing, Buffy )
Depression, Spike/Dru )
Natural Magic, Willow )
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Two for the prompt from me!

College Admin, Buffy )

Internet Woes, Willow )

This is the fourth time I have tried to post these drabbles, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it works this time! *sigh*
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After fighting for ages to get an idea, I got three, and they all wanted to grow. *sigh* so quite a struggle to keep these to 100 words!

Automoble, Spike )

Autopilot, Buffy early season 6 )

Automatic, Willow during Doppelgangland )

Well that is it done for this week!
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I had all three of these drabbles going through my head at the same time, so not sure how good any of them are. I keep jumping from one to the other!

Fashion, Angel, Cordelia )

Victorian Schoolboy, Buffy, Crazy!Spike )

School Report, Xander, Willow )

Done for this week! *sigh*
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Personality Traits Buffy, Willow and Xander )

She Is Worth It Spike )

Master Plans, Angelus )
That's my three for this week!
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They picked my prompt, so three drabbles for it! After Torchwood they really knew how to pile on the hurt, Destruction! Yes, pretty much feeling it here!

Appearances can be Deceptive, Angelus, Spike, Dru )

Memories, Buffy, Willow )

Self-destruct, Gunn, Wesley )
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Willow knew there were many causes that needed help. So many that she could get involved in, help them. Give time, money, support to. She may be a high school student, but that was no excuse not to be aware that people needed help. As she considered the Universities and Colleges willing to take her in and educate her, she knew the opportunities she had for a glittering future, and please her parents.

Then Willow also knew the cause she wanted to be active in. It wouldn’t lead to any awards or recognition. Buffy’s fight would also be her fight.
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100 word drabble, Recrimination Characters Willow, Rack

Willow woke with a start. She was no longer alone in her bed-room. Looking round she saw a figure in the darkness. It moved closer and she could see it was Rack.

“Soon you will join us. You thought you activated all the slayers and became a white witch? There will be dark consequences from that action. Ah! A besotted girl called you a Goddess and you believed her. Thought it was all White Magic? You tried to destroy the world. At the best your magic will be Grey.”

With a shudder, Willow watched the figure disappear. She couldn’t sleep
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Sorry I did two this week....after thinking I couldn't even do one

Willow turned to the dark side. A world without the love of Tara was not worth living anymore. She fought her friends, turning on them when they tired to stand in her way. Now she was far from the insecure girl at High School, she had power, and was not afraid to use it. This meaningless existence without the one she loved would end, and she would take everyone else with her.

As she stood at the apex, ready to destroy everything, only one person could save her. Xander stood there, arms outstretched ready to love her at her darkest.
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Good Friends )

Flower Power )


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