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Birthdate:Nov 25
Made for me by the wonderful [profile] tamibrandt


I love you honey!

Another one from Tami! Squee


Made by [profile] tamibrandt, she is so good to me!

Made for me by the lovely [profile] shanmara at a challenge our mods at [profile] nekid_spike


Look what the adoreable [profile] dark_amia made for me! A Lorne banner, pets him! Need more Lorne love.


I thought I would put in a bit about myself.

My fandoms are BtVS, Ats (my favourite is Spike, and a big fan of James Marsters), Supernatural (big fan of Sam and Jared Padalecki) Doctor Who (who is asexual, I do not ship him), and Torchwood (do ship Janto).

Please feel free to friend me, I will usually friend back, but I will check your profile and journal. I had so many lurkers that it was getting silly. Big list of friends but no-one talking to me! Which is why I have a list of friends of. If we are mutual friends, I will read your posts, and, if I can think of something helpful to say, comment!

I also enjoy trips to the country and eating out with my friends. I am a widow and have been for 18 years, so no feeling sorry for me. I felt sorry enough for myself at the time for everyone. Guess you now know that I am older, but I was young when it happened.

Have to thank [profile] vampirellabites for my banner/header and Have to thank [personal profile] boo posting in [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts.

Get your own code!

[personal profile] spikeshunny and myself have a community for the lighter side of Spike, please visit and we would love you to join.


Please copy and paste to distrubute button

Our sister site, run by [personal profile] stolen_childe and [profile] mandarin226, if you love Angel, please join


We have a new community for all things BtVS and AtS related (yes I am an addict). Everything you want to know or tell us about Buffy or Angel.

With [profile] mentalme85, and [personal profile] selene2 I also co-mod
RareBtVS, for the rare pairings of the Buffyverse

My Star Sign Colour bar by [profile] girlyb_icons

Cat colour bar by [profile] mentalme85
credit mentalme85
Cats are love

Jared love bar created by [profile] sherry_g


I made a request for Spike to be sent to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and the talented [profile] shanmara made a fantastic manip from the request.

Made for my Birthday, by the talented [profile] shanmara, Spike and Captain Jack Harkness looking sultry together.

I have up-dated my map with my new friend since I did one a while ago. This is it
I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

i'm in ravenclaw!

To view the awards I have won, and the beautiful banners, please click here

To view the nominations I have, with buttons, links to site and nominated fic please click here

This bad boy has just captured my heart!

Credit goes to [profile] vamptastica of making this lovely art.

I am also fond of these pretty boys credit [profile] vealtaa

That is all for now.
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