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Ok, a couple of vids to keep you going!

Christian Kane voice, Eliot action moves!

After yesterday, seen all over my flist, what the heck was the #luciferiscoming on Twitter all about!

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Remember my plot bunny for Jensen as the Rock Star and Jared as the small town Vet? Well someone had aready written it, and I found it, oh I should say before I posted my plot bunny. For A Major Win! So of course I just have to rec it, it is wonderful!

Runaway Sensation By [ profile] obsessed1

It is wonderful!


I had an idea for a Lindsey getting together with Cordelia fic last night, and dreamt about it, alas I gave myself a staring role. Oh well I subpose the W&H Lindsey and Cordelia, with genius School Girls taking over, while they become increasingly aware of their attraction is just not going to see the light of day.


For my Christian Kane friends, a wonderful manip posted at [ profile] nekid_spike by [ profile] blondebitz

Click to make larger!
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Ok, Leverage....need some fic! Anyone know where I can find some lovely Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison fic? Anyone? I do need it, really! Yes I do know that Alec Hardison is Aldis Hodge who played Jake on Supernatural. I did think he was really good looking then as well, so this is just more goodies. I don't need to say where I know Christian Kane from do I? Really?


Ok, so you have someone on your friends list. They never respond to a comment you leave them, but respond to everyone else. They never leave a comment on your posts either. Any point in having them on your friends list? I mean if there is no dialogue between you, is there any meeting point to say you are friends?

Thinking of unsubscribing.


Just need to go get ready for David arriving, will be back later. Please give me lots of recs for some fic while I'm entertaining, and feeding, David.
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I really prefer Christian Kane with short hair!

Ok here he is singing A Different Kind of Knight, with lots of Christian pictures!

Edit! Just remembered. I had a dream last night where Sam, John and Bobby where on a hunt together at a Bingo Club. They were playing Bingo to blend in, and Sam got all flustered because he didn't call out when his card was full, and missed out on the money!

Woe Again

Jan. 11th, 2009 08:41 am
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Was up through the night last night. The coughing was so bad it made me sick, so feeling pretty shattered. I came across some Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane RPS. My initial reaction of WHAT, left me thinking it might take my mind off how I was feeling and read it. Did find one I really liked.

Title: Too Much Love 1/1
Author: Cari
Pairing: Jared Padalecki & Christian Kane. With a special guest appearance by Brandon Hart and the return of the world’s most well adjusted Mike Rosenbaum muse.
Rating: MA 15+? One day I’ll work out U.S. rating systems.
Summary: Why does somebody else get to decide what would be best for Jared without actually asking him?

So anyway, found out that reading Christian Kane fic while listening to his songs means I get a Sam/Lindsey plot bunny this time. I just better hope I can hold on to it long enough to write it when I feel better.
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Sorry posting again, but listening to Christian Kane has put me in a total nostalgic trip. Smokey Glasgow bars in the 70's, being chatted up by American sailors, and playing drinking games *sigh*, yes it takes me back!

Smokey voiced Christian )

Hangs up Do Not Distrub sign!
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Ok, having said I was running away from the Supernatural fandom, just found this video! *happy sigh* Christian Kane singing (I ADORE his voice, can listen to him again and again! And Sam Wincester. I am totally in love with this TOTALLY!

Song: A different kind of knight
Author: Kane


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