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"You Know Your Problem, You Keep It All In"=Sam Wincester, but I'm not going to.


Heavly involved in J2 AU....Expect a non Big Bang list of recs at some point, still putting together my Sam Meta, and avoiding spoilers.


Seems to be losing my interest, but the new season starts next week, and that should peak it up again...about time too. Not sure what will happen when the whole thing is over within one week, and don't even know it if is coming back again. What is RTD doing with his baby!

Doctor Who

Ummmm! These one of sessions, too long a break, not enough to get your teeth into. Looking forward to next year when we might get a real season. Interesting to find out how they handle all the new elements.


Missing my favourite writers, the comics left me blah. Still love Spike, but couldn't give a damn about any of the other characters anymore...except maybe Drusilla.

Anyway, having said all that, if any of it upsets you feel free to defriend, this is, after all, mostly a fandom Journal, with bits of RL thrown in. Not going to go and track you down for it, just wave you off and thank you for the good times we had!
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Ok, looking at my fandoms, I'm wondering if I really want anything to do with the fandoms. Or how they are going!

I want Spike to have nothing to do with Season Eight Buffy. I don't trust Dark Horse (or even Joss), with his character. I feel totally no love. My original Spuffy shipper as totally died with the first Buffy comic.

I don't want him in Aftermath either. My ideal would be if IDW gave him his own series, and got him out from either Buffy or Angel's shadow!


Getting a bit worried about Sam Wincester in Supernatural as well. I feel too many fans are after his blood, just waiting to jump on him if he does a foot wrong. Not happy!


Doctor Who! Worried it is in danger of becoming too shippy for my tastes. That would so not be my Doctor.


Which leaves me just looking forward to Torchwood. I know it has it's faults, but.......

Oh well, I guess I should just keep an open mind. As long as people don't rip off the actors (I will defriend in a shot), I guess I will survive. Just might leave the fandoms and enjoy the shows or comic!
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For those of you who saw the first vid, here is the second one!

Title: Saving The World 2 [Doctor Who - Supernatural - Torchwood - Heroes Crossover]
Summary: This time the daleks, the cybermen and the demons come to destroy earth!! Forces must be joined!!
Song: Doctor Who Series 4 Mid-season Promo
Pairing/Characters: Cast of Heroes, Supernatural, Torchwood & Dr. Who
Fandom: Supernatural /Torchwood / Heroes / Doctor Who

for me to keep them in one place )
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Ok so the actor playing the #11th Doctor has just been announced this week, he doesn't take over until 2010, as we have a year of specials with David Tennant this year.

So why are people already speculating about who will play the #12 Doctor. Can we not live in the present for a little while.

Let us just enjoy what is happening within the next year, not some unknown time in the future (if the series lasts that long even, and they don't totally ruin it in the meantime).

*head desk, head desk, head desk*
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I am on the Wheldonesque both here and at insane journal....think I just just drop it here. Anyway when I go over to check my friends list on insane journal, most of the posts are from Whedonesque, so I just did!

Ok, I know it is full of blind stupid rabid fans. I know that. Who credit Joss Whedon for creating the universe and everything, and are probably in the process of raising money to build a series of churches to praise his name for the true believers.....But!

It seems that Doctor Who is one of the programmes mentioned as Britian's answer to Buffy! Now overlooking that Doctor Who predates Buffy by decades, where the hell does that bit of blind idiotic claim come from? In what way is Doctor Who in any way like Buffy?

Doctor Who is NOTHING like Buffy!
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David was over, and we watched the Doctor Who Confidential. So yes I found out who was playing the #11th Doctor at the same time as the rest of the UK

Our reactions )

Didn't watch the new ITV series "Demons". Had heard what it was about, and David insisted on reading out the blurb from MY Radio Times to me. The teenage male....whatever. So no idea about that. But honestly don't think I missed anything

Watched Two episodes of Supernatural instead. David up to Nightmares now.

Doctor Who

Jan. 3rd, 2009 09:51 am
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Well they are going to annouce the actor who will play the #11th Doctor today. I suspect, even if I don't go out looking for the information, I'm going to know by the end of the day. Trying to avoid it will be like trying to avoid who would be the next James Bond, it will be everywhere.

Ok so I'm pretty certain that who I want, James Marsters, is just not a contender. I would love to see the look on Jack's face when the spitting image of Captain John is there as the new Doctor, but so not going to happen. Therefore (expect for not wanting James Nesbit, I've never liked anything he has been in), I'm pretty easy going as to who it will be. Maybe after it is all over, I can settle back and just enjoy this year with DT and the specials he is in.
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I watch three show, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Torchwood, but the states of the fandom, and how seriously they take themselves (or the fans take the shows), is so different.

Supernatural: Please, Please Please stop fanwanking in public! It is disgusting. Stop overthinking things, and having "issues", it is a fantasy show for crying out loud. You know FANTASY!

runs away and stays away from fandom

Doctor Who: Been going so long, and has such an old guard involved, have to be careful which forums and communities to join, but can be fun. It does have a wide appeal for a wide age group, so some can be a little young. *pets*

Torchwood: Ah my fun show. It is camp, frothy, escapist entertainment. The fandom is light, and knows not to take itself seriously. Still not totally forgiven it for killing of the two characters who were played by the best actors, but looking forward to more!
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The Doctor Who segment from Children in Need has been posted to Youtube, so I have embedded it. I think it is a spoof, but will put it under a cut in case of spoilers

Doctor Who )

Feeling a lot better today. Slept for 12 hours again, but woke up much better. I didn't have a full Chinese meal, but two starters. The Mixed Vegetables Soup, and Crispy Pancake Rolls. It take a while to eat them, especially the Rolls, but I enjoyed them.

I feel great, unless I look in the fridge, where I have four cans of lager, and even looking at them makes me feel sick. Might be a while before I feel like them!
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Ok, so you know my Doctor is Asexual. Not that he cannot love anyone who isn't a Time Lord, just that that love would be platonic. This of course gets in the way of reading shipper fic with The Doctor. It is so for from my Doctor you wouldn't believe.

I also do not ship Jack/Jack, because I don't see them acting as they did in the programme. If the original Captain Jack had done that in those times, he would've been shot as a coward. Homosexuals were not allowed into the military. Indeed ruined. So I cannot get into any fic with them, cos the whole scernio is flawed to me. I know it was RTD, but still bothers me.

So this takes me on to Characterisation. I never read people doing a Character Studies post any more. Too many times it just is so far away from my own. I believe my Character is canon, but very often find it is not fanon. I think this is why I don't mind OOC characterisation, because even when people think they are being in character it is OOC to me. No I am not about to do any posts on Characterisation, in this case, I shall be in my own little island, but mumbling disgruntled that I do not find fic with my characters.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!
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The Doctor Who name has been going for 40 odd years, with who knows how many writers etc involved. So continuity and canon can be all over the place. It is mindboggling where it all is, but when someone asks a specific question, which can be discussed, it is so annoying just to get the reaction of wibbly-wobbly timey wimey. Enquiring minds want to discuss the question!

Yes belonging to the one and only Doctor Who community I do did mean that when I was able to come on and read my friends list last night, I had to go back to skip 130 before I had caught up!
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I did a drabble prompt call, and got a couple of prompts for Spangel with The Doctor and Donna. I have tried to come at it from different angles, but have a hurdle....The Doctor is to pacifist to mesh with Spangel. I had the same problem last night when I had a Sam and Dean story with The Doctor, he keeps trying to stop them fighting, and defending the demons etc. I can see Angel, Spike or Dean giving him a swift kick, or punch so that they can get to the business of saving lives (or souls). Now I mean Jack Harkness, he would be in the thick of it, ready to do his bit, but The Doctor, at least this version of him, would he really be ready to allow them to kill?

Someone, anyone get me out of this. He must have a back-bone, even if it is everyone else that has to do the killing.....He cannot always be standing there, with the untimate weapon, but never pushing the button?


Jun. 28th, 2008 10:45 pm
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I feel like the wettest of wet blankets, all ready to rain on others parades. I'm left with rants about Buffy Season Eight, was not enthused by the latest Angel: After the Fall.....and tonights Dr Who? Don't even ask....unless you really want a total rant about it. Well except for Jack, Ianto and Gwen.

Only fandom I am not ranting about is Supernatural, then that could be cos I am not buying the comic this time!


Jun. 26th, 2008 08:52 pm
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I guess if you are on my flist, you must care about one of these. James Marsters, Supernatural, Torchwood or Dr Who? Then you really need to go vote at syfy portal genre awards.

Vote here

I voted yesterday, and it said I could vote every day, so I tried again today, and didn't get an e-mail back to confirm. So not sure if you can vote every day after all.

The first question may be VERY difficult if you are into Supernatural, Torchwood and Dr Who.

‘Supernatural’ Creator Sells Soul To Warner Bros.
By Alan Stanley Blair

Mention of Eliza Dusku.

What Has Eric Kripke done! No Spoilers )

Ok, now that I have had something to eat, I will go round to that co-op and spend some more money with them!
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From the Torchwood Magazine interview with James Marsters

What are you reading?

I'm reading a book called The End Of America by Naomi Wolf, which postulates that there are ten steps for turning a free and open society into a fascist state, and argues that the George Bush administration is apparently following it to the letter. It's a very scary book - areal eye opener. I'm an Obama man myself, though I think Hilary Clinton is a wonderful senator. Barack Obama is just composed of inspiration! If the Democrats don't win the next election, I will probably apply for citizenship in the UK.

I'm sorry, but now, I don't want Barack Obama to win. The world might go to hell in a handbasket if he doesn't, but at least James would be in the UK! Ok Ok if I was American I would vote for him, but I want James to emigrate!

Now my confession!

My name is Donna, and I'm a very BAD Non-Dr Who fan!

Who is Dr Who? )

Oh well, as I said, never gonna be the biggest fan, and I think the DVD's are a rip off. Then if I can get a complete series of Supernatual for 17.99 on pre-order, I guess that is what I expect for Dr Who, and Torchwood as well, with their short seasons!

Sorry meant to ask, what is CCTV called in America? Is it CCTV? The surveyance cameras in high streets and such areas?

Gay Agenda

Jun. 15th, 2008 02:38 am
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There is much debate going on at a Dr Who community about RTD having a Gay Agenda. I am not quite sure what the Agenda is. Really with RTD's potrayals of Gay relationships, my only concern is with Jack being Transgender. JB is a well known Gay man, and in a committed relationship himself in real life. But in having him portray someone who will have sex with Anything with a post code, it brings back some arguements I have had over the years with bigots.

The arguement that Gay men cannot be in a committed relationship. They cannot be faithful to one person, because they do not reproduce. As if they only reason to be in a committed relationship is to reproduce. The same men do not mention Lesbians, or if they do, it is because of the male fantasy of two women. They are out and out bigots, and I have got rid of the one who was the worse.

They also do not think that gay couples, of either sex, should have childern. Even going as far to say that if they did, Social Services would have to come in and take the childern away. For no reason, just same sex couple would be incabable of bringing up childern. Their are many types of families out there. The traditional Mother Father, single parents (who are not always women, but yes mostly), or other family members, for what ever reason, bringing up another member of the families child(ern). These childern all survive, and thrive in these situations. There is no need for Social Services to be involved. Therefore why can't same sex parents bring up a child?
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Well I have decided to give a review of the Two Parter "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead". Before you read, a heads up. I enjoyed it, so pretty much a favourable review!

Spoilers Silence in the Libarary and Forest of the Dead )

I know I took my time!


Jun. 9th, 2008 08:48 pm
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I fell asleep for a couple of hours, and had a great Dr Who dream, with shadows not attached to people, and aliens cutting them up because the people where dead, and had to move on. They tried to take The Doctor's shadow, but couldn't, of course. Two of the people whose shadow's they were looking for took refuge with the Doctor, but couldn't be saved.

A mother went to The Doctor about her son, but he also died, in his sleep. That was when I woke up!

Strange thing, I also had a dream I was reading comments to a post, which went on and on, and I was flying past the replies. Hey a flying dream!


Jun. 9th, 2008 03:19 pm
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I grew up with Dr Who, in the 60's and 70's. He was Asexual, with no romantic overtones. So the new breed with all the companions in love with him does kind of leave me cold. I like Donna, cos that is not there, I didn't like River, and I hated Rose with a passion. While I did like Martha, I would've preferred The Doctor to be back to his old self, and above all that. Not pining after Rose!

So I really do not ship The Doctor. I would ship Jack, but not with The Doctor. I know he has to be up-dated to appeal to a new generation of viewer, and maybe they do want romance, but old Dr Who fan here, and, for me, he is Asexual. No matter who they get to portray him.

Same with Owen, he is too selfish to be in a relationship! Or now he is with Tosh forever. *sigh*


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