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I noticed it in the Buffyfandom the tendancy to have Angel do no wrong, while Spike could do no right. The total hero worshipping of one character, while constantly pointing out the flaws in the other. The whole point of character development in programmes is that they do develop. Spike fans can see his flaws, and also acknowledge them. We know where he started off, and what he became. It was what made him one of the most interesting characters in the show, and was what made Joss such a great storyteller.

Now in SPN we have the same thing with Dean can to no wrong, Sam can do no right. While the character development of both Sam and Dean is not as well written as it was for Angel and Spike, especially Spike (Angel could be very boring at times, he was quite static), the fans reaction is the same.

One character who is constantally good is not good storytelling. While Joss is better than Eric in that field, there has to be some movement in character. Yes EK may concentrate on Dean more, and show us his developements in more detail (another example of bad storytelling, after all he only had two main characters, so could've spent more time showing Sam's motivations last season, a major flaw of the season in my book).

If one character can do no wrong then they are boring, which I don't think either Angel or Dean are, it is just the depth of the character is being ignored. Spike, for example, moved from being almost a pantomime villian in Season Two, to a fully developed souled vampire in Season Seven. One we understood. While Angel was always far more interesting when we got glimpses of Angelus. To see where he started in his full evil character, to his search for redemption with his soul is what makes him interesting.

In dismissing the character to this one dimensional always right, always wrong way takes away any depth, or humanity (yes I know two of them are vampires, but they have souls). Humans are flawed, and so should good fictional characters be as well.

The depth of character development shown in BtVS and AtS, of each and every character in the show, is what makes Joss such a great storyteller, and his keeps his fandom alive. We just know we can put these character in situations and explore how they would react. I'm not sure that EK has given us enough information on either Dean or Sam to be fully inside their heads they way we can with Buffy!Verse characters.
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If you have read it, just forget Angel: After the Fall, who, if either, should get the Shanshu Prophecy.

[Poll #1407880]
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Lovely day today. Sunny, warm sight breeze, people out doing the gardening. It might even feel like a summer day, were it not for the lovely Spring flowers in bloom. A day that puts a smile on your face.


Well Alpha Male Madness are down to the final two, Sam and Dean Wincester. Dean is of course winning but I kind of liked this comment

"I really like both these guys but Sam gets my vote. Dean ended up torturing people and enjoying it and crumbling under the torture, so he loses some alpha male points. Sorry Dean i'm voting for Sammy. He's been using his abilities he hates for the greater good and that's sacrifice. I have no doubt lots of fans will vote on who they 'fancy' I am voting on strength this season as a male fan"

See there are male fans of the show, it is not all females. The show does have more than pretty boys, even if that helps a lot.

If you do want to vote, go here

Dean is winning at present, but then Dean seems to win at all these type of things!


On the subject of voting, March Madness at Buffyfest is also down to the final two. It is between Spike and Buffy, so if you want to vote there go here you do not need to register to vote they take anon votes a well.

Thanks to [ profile] sueworld2003 for the heads up.

ETA I have a slight problem with spelling, in that I have a slight word blindness. I cannot differentuate vowels. It just took me ages to find seize in the dictionary.
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Bare with me here, these thoughts are a bit rambling. I probably will not be able to probably articulate them until (or if), I get some comments from other people to help me put everything together in my head.

I started wondering why Spike was/is used so sparingly in BtVS, AtS and Angel: After the Fall. I know that Spike detractors claim that he was almost taking over the show, but that is just not true.

I don't think it was because of how "well" written Spike was either. Often it seemed they didn't really know what to do with him. He was the disposable villain of Season Two, who became a regular by Season Four. They did, in the end, give him massive character development, but I've suspected that that was because they got round the table to discuss the next episode and it was a case of "and what will we do with Spike this episode". No I think that Spike rose up for one very good reason. James Marsters.

James has an aura, when he walks onto the screen, your eyes turn to him. It is not that he is greedy, in fact I think he shares the screen well with other actors. In fact is generous. He can also lift another actors game when they are playing opposite him. He gives his all in the role, and encourages others to give their all acting alongside him.

He has presence on the stage, from his days in theatre, which translates well onto the screen. You remember his performance. Remember the scenes he was in better than others. Even as sparse as they are, they are the ones etched in your memory, so love him or hate him, you remember Spike's time on the screen.

So how does this translate to the comic, if James isn't there to give Spike the benefit of his skills. He is, the presence that James gave Spike, the aura that surrounds him still makes Spike a larger than life character that you notice, which is why I believe Spike should have his own series. He deserves it. Also James should headline his own series as well. He has more than enough talent!

An unashamed James and Spike lover!

Ok, I will shut up now! Sorry had to get that out!
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A silly little drabble that came to me! Sorry, I promise to stop now!

Sam and Dean knew about things that went bump in the night. The monsters of your worse nightmares. Then one night they heard about a champion vampire, with a soul who also saved people from the monsters. Sam found lots of sites dedicated to the vampire, and was surprised to find out there were two, each of them with many devoted, enamoured female fans.

“Makes sense Sammy, I mean they are champions."

“They are not even trying to keep a low profile. They even seem to have a television show”

“How awesome would a programme be with us in it!”
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I do tend to stay away from fandom boards, usually for a very good reason, in that they annoy me to death with bias. I of course hear things that are going on, and just makes me happy that I stick to my lj flist. Where the the people are more balanced, and sane!

I have heard two things recently that have me throwing my hands up in dispair.

One is that Season Seven of Buffy was too Spike-centric. The other is that the next episode of Supernatural (I haven't even seen the clip), is too Sam-centric!

For gawds sake. Spike as a recurring character, he just got a soul. As usual, it was Buffy-centric. She was in just about every scene. Which, yes she is the title character, and should get a good story arc, but when you take that souled Angel had his own series, and Spike was going through and interesting story arc in just getting a soul, meant that that was one of the best bits about Season Seven. Far better than the rather boring season arc of The First and The Potentials. Or Andrew taking over from Xander. If any of the four core characters was underplayed it was Xander. Then NB had his own problems that season, which might be why Andrew pretty much replaced him, not Spike!

Now after who can count how many Dean centric episodes there have been this season of Supernatural, one of the two major characters (yes there is only two, that non entity of an Angel Castiel is NOT a major character) MIGHT get a half decent episode, we haven't seen it yet, so dont know what will happen in the episode, and people start complaining.

Sam's story line in interesting, he is the reason Dean was brought out of Hell, even if the damn Angel was the one who went and dragged him back. We have to know what is happening with Sam, and it's about time it was explained to us, that cannot be done without Sam getting a nice chunk of episode time, it is part of the major arc of Supernatural since the programme began.

Ok I am a Spike and Sam fan, but their arcs should get air time, without people complaining about it. They are in the damn shows, and both of them very interesting, and needing an explaination at to what is going on with them both.

Spike was always short changed on Buffy, and now I really don't want Sam short changed as well. Especially when there are only two major characters in the show!

Edit While on the subject of fandom rants, Chris Ryall has published a preview of an upcoming cover for the Angel series in IDW here

Could someone who can post a comment at his blog tell him how to spell DRUSILLA, please!

A nice person has! :-)
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Ok, looking at my fandoms, I'm wondering if I really want anything to do with the fandoms. Or how they are going!

I want Spike to have nothing to do with Season Eight Buffy. I don't trust Dark Horse (or even Joss), with his character. I feel totally no love. My original Spuffy shipper as totally died with the first Buffy comic.

I don't want him in Aftermath either. My ideal would be if IDW gave him his own series, and got him out from either Buffy or Angel's shadow!


Getting a bit worried about Sam Wincester in Supernatural as well. I feel too many fans are after his blood, just waiting to jump on him if he does a foot wrong. Not happy!


Doctor Who! Worried it is in danger of becoming too shippy for my tastes. That would so not be my Doctor.


Which leaves me just looking forward to Torchwood. I know it has it's faults, but.......

Oh well, I guess I should just keep an open mind. As long as people don't rip off the actors (I will defriend in a shot), I guess I will survive. Just might leave the fandoms and enjoy the shows or comic!
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Posting now, as I was preoccupied with him last night. A hadsome, sexy Spike I adopted from [ profile] blondebitz over at [ profile] nakid_spike I think he is save for work, but he was marked as not safe for work. Maybe the places I worked in!

Very Sexy Spike )

Now to put him in memories and cuddle and love him!


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I gave the prompt despite to [ profile] open_on_sunday but seems they didn't want it, and went for hope instead. Still this drabble wants to be written!


This was it. They all stood in the alley, as the rain beat on their faces. All of them left that was. Wesley had fallen, but it seemed to make Illyria even stronger, as she stood there in the pale imitation of Fred’s body, wanting to do damage. Gunn didn’t look like he would make it. Then which of them would, Spike thought.

It was a suicide mission, but they had been on those many times before. He had even died for Buffy’s mission, now it was time to die for Angel’s.

Despite everything, they stood by Angel, to fight!
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As seen on about 9/10ths of my flist, the quote meme. I really am not looking for prizes for originality here

If you see this, post a quotation from BtVS. Let's see how long we can keep it going.

Spike: "If every vampire who said he was at the crucifixion was actually there, it would've been like Woodstock"
School Hard

If you see this, post a quotation from Supernatural. Let's see how long we can keep it going.

Dean: "The only person who can get me out of this thing is me."
Sam: "And Me."
Dean: "And me?"
Sam: "What"
Dean: "Deep relevation, having a real moment here, and that is what you come back with? And me."
Sam "Do you want a poem"
Dean: "Moments gone.....Unbelievable"
Long Distance Call

And this has also been doing the rounds. Great vid by [ profile] ash48 Sam and Dean clips to the music "I would walk 500 miles", by the Proclaimers

I hope these keep you going for your SPN fix soon! Roll on Season 4!
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Just a silly little idea that came out, bit of a crazy crossover!

Title Cheating Hell
Authour woman_of_
Characters Spike, Sam Wincester, Captain Jack Harkness
Rating G
Summary Sam's chanting goes a bit wrong, and he meets some very strange people!

Cheating Hell )

Right off to watch A Very Supernatural Christmas, just cos I am in the mood, and the two kids that play Sam and Dean play that last scene so well!
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In fanon it is usually the case that Spike's plans fall through because he is impatient, but is that true in canon? I don't think so, and I shall explain why.

When Spike first arrives in School Hard the others are making plans for The Night of Saint Vigeous. This is not a Spike plan, but he does offer to get rid of The Slayer for them. He has defeated two slayers before, and does his usual casing out Buffy's fighting style. He even gives her a run for her money until Joyce arrives. It could be said he was impatient then, and should, but it was not a Spike plan.

His main plan was to cure Drusilla, which he does. He has Du Lac translate book with the help of the Du Lac cross, and Angel for the ritual. He maybe injured, but he does cure Drusilla.

While in a wheelchair he and Drusilla assemble The Judge. That Angelus turns up and takes over doesn't take away that most of the work was done before he arrived.

He regains his ability to walk, and is able to convince Buffy to work with him to defeat Angelus so he can get Drusilla back, which he physically does.

Next the magic spell to make Dru love him again. Not a well thought out plan, but he does manage to capture Willow and Xander, even broken hearted and drunk for the majority of the time, then dashes off to use his own methods to get Drusilla back.

Now the Gem of Amarra, the thing is he does find it. That he then goes off to fight Buffy, he has always had Buffy in his sights, she is The Slayer. Then he goes to L.A. to get the ring back, knowing Buffy would give it to Angel, but is defeated by Angel and his his plans are defeated by our heros, not Spike's impatience.

After that he is a member of BtVS as a regular, then on to AtS as a regular, and an outsider as well, so not a lot of time spend on his plans, and with the chip and then soul, the evil plans go out the window. I do think that Giles should've known better and accepted Spike's help more in being able to do research, but then Spike was one of their fighters.

Anyone else?
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The Giles one was in my head from the start, but just didn't want to get written. I forced it to come out, and be 100 words. *sigh*

Too Late, Snyder )

True Passion, Spike, Drusilla and Angelus )

Respect, Giles )
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Sorry did have another idea for the prompt after all, was just trying to think of something other than Dr Who. It didn't work!

Title Aliens?

Angel looked at the models outside the comic book store.

“So these are what Spike?”

“An exhibition of creatures from Doctor Who.”

“Doctor What?”

“Doctor Who, the British Sci-Fi programme.”

“Again I say, Doctor Who?”

“How long did you spend eating rats? How’ve you missed Doctor Who?”

“Not all of us wasted our time sitting in front of a television.”

“Well at least I kept up with modern culture.”

“So how do we track the demon down here, with all of these, whatever.”

“They are models of aliens pouf. We should be able to track a demon from cardboard figures.”
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Not quite a drabble, got a little longer than that!

Title Chance Encounters
Author woman_of_
Crossover AtS and Dr Who
Characters Angel, Spike, The Doctor and Donna
Setting NFA
Rating U
Word count 844
Dedication for [ profile] zoesmith, who wanted "I don't if it could work but what about Spike and Angel meeting Donna and the Doctor?" They do meet, for a while!

Chance Encounters )


Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:47 pm
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Just got finished reading my flist, which has totally exploded with Dr Who....I'm only a member of one community for Dr Who, but it must account for half my friends list! It takes me back, and not always in a good way, to when Buffy was being aired. I seriously am not looking for friends on that community. Too many people I do not agree with, so I am keeping my opinions to myself. Yet again I'm out of the main ship. Not a Rose fan!

On that subject, I would say at as far as BtVS and AtS is concerned everyone knows my Ship is Spangel, and I'm more than content if it never gets an official nod as canon. I have totally no axe to grind for either Bangel or Spuffy. My het pairing is Spru, because I can have them in a historic setting, and have YEARS to place them in. So I'm not against a love interest in the comics at all, indeed I'm all for Angel, Spike and Buffy moving on, and having a love interest! Or in Buffy's case growing up and learning how to treat the person you love, not in any way the way she treated Angel, Spike (or even Riley).

So why am I not on board with the comic based love interests they have given them?

Flawed )

I read that Metallica released "Whiskey in the Jar", and have ran to my Thin Lizzy. *Puts Thin Lizzy up Full Volume for protection"
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Sorry not a drabble for a prompt, but I just had to write this one! 100 words

Title Empty Dreams

Spike can come to Los Angeles with Drusilla. Drusilla had become fascinated with the moving pictures on the silver screen, and now wanted to meet the stars, and see if they would talk to her.

Spike took to the darker side of town, meeting people in bars with dreams of red carpets and fame, who found that the dream was empty. If they were lucky they worked in bars and hotels. Each street corner was filled with those who were less lucky. Both sexes sold their bodies, having already sold their souls to the men who sold the empty dream.
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Well my usual three drabbles for the week! I'm on such a roll today. Can you tell this is the first day I have felt good in a long time?

Bow Wow, Spike, Drusilla )

Always the Same, Buffy )
Champion, Spike, Angel )

Well I went to [ profile] writerconuk last year, and [ profile] speakr2customrs gave us a talk on the art of writing drabbles. The secret is in the final sentence. So imagin my delight when I got this comment today from [ profile] ayceey "I always like your final sentences, they're always good! :)". See if you got to the convention, you might learn something too!
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After fighting for ages to get an idea, I got three, and they all wanted to grow. *sigh* so quite a struggle to keep these to 100 words!

Automoble, Spike )

Autopilot, Buffy early season 6 )

Automatic, Willow during Doppelgangland )

Well that is it done for this week!
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I had all three of these drabbles going through my head at the same time, so not sure how good any of them are. I keep jumping from one to the other!

Fashion, Angel, Cordelia )

Victorian Schoolboy, Buffy, Crazy!Spike )

School Report, Xander, Willow )

Done for this week! *sigh*


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