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Just wondering how everyone is getting on, or not, with the Buffy!Verse comics!

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Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:47 pm
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Just got finished reading my flist, which has totally exploded with Dr Who....I'm only a member of one community for Dr Who, but it must account for half my friends list! It takes me back, and not always in a good way, to when Buffy was being aired. I seriously am not looking for friends on that community. Too many people I do not agree with, so I am keeping my opinions to myself. Yet again I'm out of the main ship. Not a Rose fan!

On that subject, I would say at as far as BtVS and AtS is concerned everyone knows my Ship is Spangel, and I'm more than content if it never gets an official nod as canon. I have totally no axe to grind for either Bangel or Spuffy. My het pairing is Spru, because I can have them in a historic setting, and have YEARS to place them in. So I'm not against a love interest in the comics at all, indeed I'm all for Angel, Spike and Buffy moving on, and having a love interest! Or in Buffy's case growing up and learning how to treat the person you love, not in any way the way she treated Angel, Spike (or even Riley).

So why am I not on board with the comic based love interests they have given them?

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I read that Metallica released "Whiskey in the Jar", and have ran to my Thin Lizzy. *Puts Thin Lizzy up Full Volume for protection"
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I got my Angel: After the Fall #9. This comic felt like a filler one, which I guess it could've been, just be bring us up to speed after the First Night interlude. So anyway, here is the review...

Angel: After the Fall #9 )
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I got my comics today. I am so impressed with Angel: After the Fall The Directors Cut, with 21 pages of imput from Brian Lynch of insight into what went into the writing of Angel: After the Fall issue one. I loved the cover by Alex Garner, and I love the little changes to the art inside the comic. So a very good start.

Before I go on to read Angel: After the Fall #8, First Night #3, I have to have a little rant. I am sorry for all of you who love Buffy Season Eight, but I have to get this off my chest!

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Maybe now I can go off and enjoy Angel: After the Fall, since I have got that off my chest.
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Ok, finally got my comic, so thought I would do a review of it, if anyone is still interested.

Angel: After the Fall #7 do I have to say SPOILERS )

I also have the Buffy Season Eight comic as well. I was going to wait until the end of the story arc to read them all at on go. That way I might avoid getting annoyed at something and stewing for a month, but I will read it.....Could talk about it in IM later Alex!


Mar. 30th, 2008 01:37 pm
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After all the problems of getting my comics, I caught up yesterday. Yes, I totally enjoyed Angel: After the Fall, but have a question from it. Under a cut for spoilers!

Angel: After the Fall Question )

I know the question is one often asked when it comes to vampires, but it stopped me short when I read it.
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The Los Angeles Times has an article on the writers getting back to work after the strike, and how it will effect the up-coming pilot season here

It says about Dollhouse:-

"Gary Newman, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, said the studio's development staff was in touch with its writers.

"We're not giving people hard-and-fast deadlines," he said. "We're just making them aware of the competitive advantage they'll get if they're able to turn their script in sooner rather than later."

Newman estimated that his studio had 50 to 60 pilot scripts in the works, including one from popular TV producer Joss Whedon, whose new Fox series, "Dollhouse," was ordered from a pitch two weeks before the strike began. Whedon is now busy writing both the pilot script and scenes for auditions."

So if Joss is busy working on Dollhouse, what, if any, effect would it have on the comics. Really "After the Fall" should carry on with Brian Lynch doing the writing. Joss has had his input in plotting it out with Brian, so, unless one of them come up with a brilliant new idea to use, it should be uneffected.

That leaves Buffy Season Eight. Of course Buffy always had other writers involved, and, as long as Joss has the guidelines about where he wants the comic to go, might have very little inpact at all. Or it could mean that they use more writers. It would be a shame if it meant the comic came out infrequently, as, at 40 issues, it is already a long undertaking. Missed months would be a blow to those of us following it!
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[ profile] sueworld2003 said "Trouble is as beautifully done as they are, they mainly served to push home to me how much I miss seeing those characters in a live action format." I was wondering how many others felt the same. Two polls under the cut.

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Gotta rec this, [ profile] stormwreath has done some fantastic opening credits for Angel: After the Fall. Really made it worth my while not to be in bed yet! You will find it here
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I know I am a bit late, but here is my review of Angel: After The Fall #2

Angel: After the Fall #2. Spoilers )
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Two posts so quickly after each other! I just cannot resist this idea, it is biting me hard!

Anyway, so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't read the first comic, behind a cut!

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So anyone else?


Nov. 22nd, 2007 09:44 pm
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I phoned up my comic book shop today, and made sure my Angel: After the Fall was there, and asked for the cover I wanted. So they are going to send it ASAP. I hope to get it tomorrow. I have been going through my friends lists avoiding reviews. Everyone has been wonderful and put them behind cuts, *Loves You All*.

When I get the comic and have read it, I will catch up with your reviews, so you might get late comments from me.

I also ordered the IDW Dr Who comic that is coming out in January as well. Joe Corroney is doing the artwork, so I am really looking forward to that. His work on Spike Vs Dracula was wonderful. Such a pity he couldn't do #5.

slayalives exclusive cover to A: AtF #3 )

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
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For everyone on my flist who wants to follow Angel: After the Fall, but hasn't read Spike: Asylum or Spike: Shadow Puppets, I would like to introduce the "new" character you will be meeting in the comic.

Come and meet him here )


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