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Well after not sleeping a whole eight hours in a row for the past couple of nights I went to bed early. I got about three hours sleep, but, I guess you could call it a nightmare woke me up. J2 I guess

Jared was a Detective on the trail of a serial killer, while Jensen was the psychologist doing a profile. He was killing people in parks, and had a dog, which he had trained to be an attack dog. At first all I saw were the pictures of the victims, with the wounds on their faces from where the dog attacked them.

Jared, with Jensen's help, was closing in, and I saw the serial killer start to attack this man, who the dog pounced on, and bit his face when I woke up.

Other news....James Masters in an Oscar Wilde play! I would love to see that, it would be a dream come true, but it is in LA. *sob*.

James Marsters (of "Buffy" and "Torchwood" fame) has just joined the cast of "The Importance of Being Earnest" Wow!
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You're supposed to take the person I assign to you when I tag you and post a picture of them and answer the questions about them, get it?

I got tagged to do James Marsters by [ profile] lcuddywannabe So here we go!

James Marsters )
7.Pick out four friends and tag them: Not tagging anyone, if you want to do it let me know and I'll give you someone to do the meme about.
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Bare with me here, these thoughts are a bit rambling. I probably will not be able to probably articulate them until (or if), I get some comments from other people to help me put everything together in my head.

I started wondering why Spike was/is used so sparingly in BtVS, AtS and Angel: After the Fall. I know that Spike detractors claim that he was almost taking over the show, but that is just not true.

I don't think it was because of how "well" written Spike was either. Often it seemed they didn't really know what to do with him. He was the disposable villain of Season Two, who became a regular by Season Four. They did, in the end, give him massive character development, but I've suspected that that was because they got round the table to discuss the next episode and it was a case of "and what will we do with Spike this episode". No I think that Spike rose up for one very good reason. James Marsters.

James has an aura, when he walks onto the screen, your eyes turn to him. It is not that he is greedy, in fact I think he shares the screen well with other actors. In fact is generous. He can also lift another actors game when they are playing opposite him. He gives his all in the role, and encourages others to give their all acting alongside him.

He has presence on the stage, from his days in theatre, which translates well onto the screen. You remember his performance. Remember the scenes he was in better than others. Even as sparse as they are, they are the ones etched in your memory, so love him or hate him, you remember Spike's time on the screen.

So how does this translate to the comic, if James isn't there to give Spike the benefit of his skills. He is, the presence that James gave Spike, the aura that surrounds him still makes Spike a larger than life character that you notice, which is why I believe Spike should have his own series. He deserves it. Also James should headline his own series as well. He has more than enough talent!

An unashamed James and Spike lover!

Ok, I will shut up now! Sorry had to get that out!
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I saw a screencap today of James.....and just look


(screencap by [ profile] sky_prague)

I do think he looks a little too old to play Spike anymore, but my oh my, he looks good! Aged to perfection really!

In fact, I think he might even look better, as so distinquished! Wow, just gimmie, gimmie!

Sorry for posting so much today, but my James fangirl heart just leapt to my throat!
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Sign up for a day with James including an exclusive acting "Marstersclass" on Saturday, May 2, at The Drill Hall in London.

James will be taking to the stage to offer people a rare opportunity to see how he tackles acting roles and gets under the skin of a character as part of a day and evening that also includes a concert, Q&A sessions, personalised autographs, photos and much more.

The masterclass will see him join forces with Torchwood co-star Gareth David Lloyd to offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of acting followed by a question and answer session about stage, TV and film work.

Tickets go on sale at 16:00 on Friday, February 27.

For full information about the event and tickets please go to

James Marsters Live

Ok, tell me this isn't True Love.....needs some James/Gareth RPS
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James posted is Q&A for this month!

James Q&A for February )

That time of the month again!

Cut for TMI )

Ok, friending meme's, have a look as see if there is anyone you want to friend as well as making your own post please?
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James has made arrangements for the following events in the US and Europe!

List of Events )

David had someone run into him at a roundabout and scratch his paintwork. They did exchange information, but the other guy, who was in the wrong lane and turned left into David is trying to get out it it just now. David is going to talk to his brother, Tom, who is a solicitor, so hopefully it will soon be sorted out

Why is it if I am on the phone for any length of time I get a sore ear? Ouch! I said I had to get off the phone to David because my ear was sore, and he didn't sound pleased. I just have sensitive ears!

The Fan!

Jan. 19th, 2009 05:30 pm
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I was feeling nostalgic, and went back to the first thing I ever wrote on LJ. It was very short, and I only wrote it to practice doing an lj-cut, but thought I would post it again, just cos! It was written on 11:25 am June 20th, 2005, so here it is. Did do a quick edit. My friend Ronnie liked it, if that is anything to go by!

Title The Fan
Author woman_of_
Character James Marsters, OFC
Summary James gets a present at a convention!

The Fan )

Also a quick Sam-centric Supernatural vid rec!

Vidder: Loki
Title: I`m Becoming Untouchable
Song: My Skin
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Warnings: season 4 spoilers
Category: character study, sort of
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean
Summary: Sort of Sam character study video with au-ish end. I really recommend you to read the explanations for understanding the video.

The link is here

The embed is here for me to enjoy )
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James Marsters first question and answer session for this year!

January 2009
click here )

Yes, I know that Supernatural is back for you lucky people in the U.S. tonight. I will do something about it later on I guess.

James News

Jan. 13th, 2009 12:07 am
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James is working this week on the hit CBS drama NUMB3RS. He plays Damon Lake, the owner of a fleet of cargo planes who has done extensive work for the CIA. Now he's running illegal arms to hostile buyers in the Middle East and it's up to Don and Charlie to bring him down. Stay tuned for an air date.

James has also recently completed a voice over for the animated series Marvel Super Hero Squad playing the character of Mr. Fantastic.

A reminder to anyone traveling from outside of the US to the February event that you will need to process your visa in advance as they're getting stricter at US immigration. Note: "Visitors to the US from countries where you have previously filled out a green card on the plane under the visa waiver scheme should note that from today, January 12th, you must apply online in advance of your flight (preferably at least 72 hours in advance) for the visa waiver. This is known as an ESTA and is valid for up to two years. You don't need to pay anyone a fee to do this for you - you can do it easily yourself. You can find the forms on your local US Embassy website or on the ESTA website."
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Having a bit of a hands kink, what, nothing wrong with that! I found a site with some lovely pictures of actors hands. It was one of the (many)things I loved about Michael was his hands. Large, long sexy fingers, and very nimble! Ok was that TMI. I couldn't find a picture of Michael's hands, he was a little shy about them because they were so big, as well as his toes, and tended to try and hide them. To the point of the post, there are lots and lots of actors photos at the site, including James and Jared. None of them particulary unusual, but still great for viewing pleasure. The link is here.

Anyway as I have been going on about Jared and Supernatural so much just now, two of my favourite pictures of James from the site. They are both screencaps, so nothing unusual about them, I just like them! One from BtVS and one from Torchwood!

James Marsters screencaps, look out for the hands )

I'm up at an impossibly early hour, but I did have a nice dream (could've been better, but enough of that) where I was Jared's girlfriend and we went to Ayr to meet some of my family there. They turned up with their two dogs, and we took the dogs for a walk by the beach. Alas we also got lost on the way back to their place, but it was a fun dream, and Jared was really chatty!
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Message from James
Hey everybody, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and all other good wishes I may have missed this time of year. 2009 promises to be a great year - go Obama! I'm nervous and excited about Dragonball, from what I've seen I'm happy Was a great 2008: saw many of you around the world, kept busy working on cool projects. Be well, be good and look forward to more work and seeing some of you in 2009

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James made number 69 (what a good number), in the top 100 people of 2008 for the Pop Candy List!

Link is here

Blurb about James )
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The Rift is coming to London.

Don't miss out on the chance to book your place at The Rift, a day-long event taking place at Porchester Hall on Saturday, April 26.

Featuring guests from Torchwood, including James Marsters, who plays the sexy Captain John Hart, The Rift promises to be an out of this world experience.

Tickets will go on sale at 09:00 am UK time on Sunday, February 10, only on

Further information will be made available on over the weekend.


James Marsters Live
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James will be returning to the Union Chapel in London as part of his forthcoming Waterfall Tour.

He will be showcasing songs from his new album Like a Waterfall as well as new material at the acoustic concert date in Islington.

James, who guest stars in the opening episode of the new Torchwood series on BBC 2 on Wednesday, will be appearing in concert at the award-winning London venue on Friday, May 2.

Patti Smith, U2 band members and Bjork have all appeared in concert at the Union Chapel in the past.

Tickets cost £20.00 and further information, including where to purchase your tickets, is available from

All seating is unreserved. There are a limited number of wheelchair spaces; please contact JMLive directly on to reserve one of these spaces once you have a ticket.

Further dates to be announced shortly.
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I got my Like a Waterfall CD! Squee! I totally was not expecting it yet! *happy*
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James has a message of thanks to everyone who went to his Events in and around London. It is at here, and at James Marsters Live here. Both messages are the same.

Seems James really enjoyed himself!
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Sorry spamming just now, but just in from jm news

Apologies for sending another newsletter so soon, but this just in -

James will be making a guest appearance on the new TNT series Saving Grace. The cast includes:

Grace: Holly Hunter
Earl: Leon Rippy
Ham: Kenneth Johnson
Butch: Bailey Chase
Rhetta: Laura San Giacomo
Leon: Bokeem Woodbine

The character he will play is:

DUDLEY PAYNE - 40-45 years old, handsome, wealthy from oil money, a born salesman, wearing custom-made boots, he owns Payne/Grady Rigging with his best friend, murder victim Bo Grady. While being questioned by Ham, Dudley reveals that due to the recent spate of vandalism, he'd wanted to hire security, but Bo opposed this idea. Seemingly shaken up by Bo's death, Dudley is hiding vital information about their relationship, as well the truth about his relationship with Bo's wife, Bell...GUEST LEAD

We will post the air date as soon as we have it.
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Are you ready for Spring Fever?

Don't miss this one-off exclusive event as James Marsters celebrates his return to the UK. This afternoon/evening event on Thursday, May 3 (doors open at 3.30pm) will be an unmissable get-together in London for 130 people - and James. Each ticket includes a limited edition CD EP only available at this event, an afternoon of performances, a drinks reception with James, the chance to win a post-show supper hosted by James and more.

Tickets go on sale on James Marsters Live. com from 10am UK time on Saturday. Further details will be available on the website at that time. Places are strictly limited because of the small capacity of the intimate venue. There are only two places for wheelchair users, so please specify if you will need one of these when buying your ticket.

Payment for tickets is through Worldpay, which accepts Visa, Mastercard and Delta.

No other events are currently planned for Spring Fever.

I probably will not be going, but will be in the area if anyone is and would like to meet later.
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Don't click here if you love slave!Spike or Whore!Spike )

Just me then!


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