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In comments to my previous entry, I was just wondering.

[Poll #1447818]
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An interview. To be honest they held on to it, the interview took place soon after CoE aried in the UK, until after SDCC.

"Torchwood"'s Russell T Davies Makes No Apologies — For Anything

Now just to be clear here, no I don't think that a writer/producer/creator should always listen to the fans. In many cases vocal fans can get in the way of good drama, and a good storyline. They have their favourites, and can be blinded by that. It is how the writer/producer/creator handles the upset fans that can make the situation worse. At this point RTD seems intent on antagonising the situation and fans.

Yes, CoE has millions of viewers, and the online reactions to the episodes is very small in comparison to all these millions of viewers, so perhaps he sees no value in the fans at all. What is worth bearing in mind about the fans, and having a fanbase it that they can keep the brand name alive, and the writer/producer/creators name in the public eye. It is the fanbase of Doctor Who that keep it going during the wilderness years, and made sure they was an audience for the programme when it came back on the screens. It is Joss Whedon's fanbase that keeps his name attracting attention.

Of the millions of viewers for CoE this time, many of them will not be there for the next project, and will not care. The fanbase keeps the attention on the programme, and helps to attract viewers because it gets you publicity.

Edit John Barrowman isn't sitting on his Laruals either

John Barrowman: 'I'm going to be a Desperate Housewife'
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After reading this quote from an interview from RTD concerning Rose:-

"she was enormously popular and so — let's be blunt — every time I brought her back, the ratings went up. It's my job to make people come back to watch this. Sometimes people roll their eyes and go, "Oh, you've got another returning character." [To which I respond] "Yeah, leave me alone with my millions, thank you very much." So you know, it simply works. Plus we like Billie... So simply by dint of being her, she's come back the most often. I think that was a very special chemistry between her and Chris and between her and David, and it's very fondly remembered."

On [ profile] blackhemlock's journal, taken from this article, I was wondering if I was imagining things in my thoughts that RTD just has his favourite female characters, which he keeps, or keeps going back to. So a poll.

[Poll #1437307]

If you want you can pimp it for more responses, it is an open poll and post
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Ok, so RTD has pissed off some fans with Season Three CoE on Torchwood. With Season Three Torchwood came of age, but might've left some fans behind from the rather silly programme it was in season One and Two. Ok, not so say there were not plot holes you could hold an M6 traffic jam in, but did have some undercurrents you had to think about, and could do some serious meta on.

His main problem was that he killed off a character in his main ship, putting a hole the size of a cannon ball in it, and sinking it. It is not a wise move to do that. Yes yes I know, "but Joss" he didn't. He killed off Angel, and brought him back on the next season, he killed off Spike, and moved him to his spin-off. Bangel and Spuffy fans still life to fight and argue another day, thus keeping the fandom alive, even if I find it quite negative, the Buffy!Verse lives on.

While, after CoE Day Four there has been a massive increase in creativity from the fans, there are a lot of people who feel they have been betrayed, that he threw the baby out with the bathwater.

So what is his message to disgruntiled fans? Watch Supernatural. Not a good idea to totally piss off a whole section of your own fans, then another fandom as well. Especially not Supernatural, with very loyal and, in some cases, fanatical fans. Even worse doing it to an American show when you are off to America to make programmes.

Unless of course this is his way of saying that he is going to bring Ianto back. As we know, Sam and Dean never stay dead.

But then again RTD, having annoyed so many people, even if you get another season, how many are going to stick around to watch it?
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Ok everyone, who fancies posting there favourite Ianto Pictures and moments?


Jul. 11th, 2009 11:00 am
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Ok, last I will say about CoE. So spoilers for everything Torchwood.

Torchwood Spoilers )


Jul. 10th, 2009 11:47 pm
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Well what to say!

Torchwood, 3:05 )

Oh slight spoilers of course!
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The people next door are building a deck, wooden, that looks right into my kitchen. Not only dated, but did I mention how much rain we get. A wooden deck exposed to the elements, wind and rain.

They also start work at 8:30 am.

Between the T junction in front of my living room, and the deck at the back, I'll have no privacy. Should just get a flat and move out of here.


what does 3:04 mean )


Ronnie coming over today, we are nearly finished with Season 3 of Supernatural, and cannot get Season 4 until September. We should go back to watching AtS now. Despite never watching it when it was broadcast, Ronnie now prefers it to BtVS, which he did watch. As agreed it was darker and more adult. As well as being more realistic.


Ronnie on Torchwood Season Three

Torchwood, Season Three )

Well that is all from me at present!
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Ok, behind cut for spoilers, just a slight bit of Speculation about Torchwood!

Do not read unless you have seen tonight's episode )


Jul. 8th, 2009 08:25 am
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While I'm enjoying the new Torchwood series, one slight grumble!

Boring )
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"You Know Your Problem, You Keep It All In"=Sam Wincester, but I'm not going to.


Heavly involved in J2 AU....Expect a non Big Bang list of recs at some point, still putting together my Sam Meta, and avoiding spoilers.


Seems to be losing my interest, but the new season starts next week, and that should peak it up again...about time too. Not sure what will happen when the whole thing is over within one week, and don't even know it if is coming back again. What is RTD doing with his baby!

Doctor Who

Ummmm! These one of sessions, too long a break, not enough to get your teeth into. Looking forward to next year when we might get a real season. Interesting to find out how they handle all the new elements.


Missing my favourite writers, the comics left me blah. Still love Spike, but couldn't give a damn about any of the other characters anymore...except maybe Drusilla.

Anyway, having said all that, if any of it upsets you feel free to defriend, this is, after all, mostly a fandom Journal, with bits of RL thrown in. Not going to go and track you down for it, just wave you off and thank you for the good times we had!
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Anyone want to use this in a fic, just came to be, and I thought it could be used in somthing longer. Jack/Ianto, but could easily change the characters if you wanted.

Jack pulled Ianto against him, his hands on Ianto's waist. bringing his lips into contact with Ianto, he explored Ianto's lips with his tongue. Ianto gave him entrance, and their tongues fought for dominance. Jack pulled Ianto closer to him, as Ianto moved his hands up to Jack's face, holding him as his tongue clashed in the sweet dual in his mouth.

As Ianto let Jack win, to feel his body flush against the older mans body, his hands moved up to Jack's hair, fingers and nails first wrapping themselves in Jack's locks as passion and need took over, and he started digging his fingers into Jack's scalp, wanting more of the man he was kissing so passionately.

Eyes dilated with lust, Jack looked at Ianto, with trouble he raised his head, breaking the kiss.

"Let us take this somewhere more comfortable."

Any good to anyone? P0rn muse broken and that is all I have!
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Not seeing David today, that time of the month. Pretty bad this time, may give up and take painkillers and go back to bed.


Well Dean, as I guess can be expected, is ahead in the poll. But pets poor Jack, I thought I had quite a good line on him, even if examples of him being a big brother are scarce. Well I thought it was interesting, but maybe that was only to me.

Was even going to cover survivers guilt, touch a bit on family mourning a child. *shakes self*, I guess a lot of that would've been spectulation anyway.


I think I've got the hang of twitter now, so hopefully I can calm down over there and catch up on some fanfic. Miss the boys!

LJ is still my number one place to be! *clings*
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Just one this week!

Title Lessons
Author woman_of_
Fandom Torchwood
Character(s)Jack and Ianto
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any)Janto
Warnings Silly
Rating PG13
Disclaimer RTD is the master. They are his creations.

Lessons )
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Ok, back from the dentist. Yes it is an abcess, got something for it, and go back when the swelling goes down, so a couple of things to cheer me up.

I changed my layout, it is J2 in the bath, and was made for me by [ profile] tw_31988. I really had to do very little, as it was to match my already existing layout. I hope you like it.

Was at [ profile] gwen_e_cooper, it is a kind of role play, but we can join in. Jack, Ianto and Gwen each have their own journals. Gwen was asking what charity they should donate to, and what they should do to raise funds. I suggested they should cos dress as AtS and BtVS characters. Gwen seems quite keen, but Jack thinks his teeth are just too good to be any of poll time!

[Poll #1379611]
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Another installment has been released!

Title: Fallout - Saving The World 3 [Doctor Who - Supernatural - Torchwood - Heroes Crossover]
Summary: When a star explodes and meteors are about to crash on earth, the winchester brother, the doctor and his companions, the heroes and the torchwood team must join forces to save the planet.
Pairing/Characters: Cast of Heroes, Supernatural, Torchwood & Dr. Who
Fandom: Supernatural /Torchwood / Heroes / Doctor Who
Warnings: Spoilers Heroes (4.04) / Torchwood (3.Trailer) / Supernatural (4.01) / Doctor Who (4.13)

By [ profile] tw_31988 the link is here

embed for me and Ronnie )
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The Torchwood Trailer has been uploaded at YouTube here for those of you interested!

Cannot wait to watch this!
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Guess what I found? No No you will not in a million years! Sam/Ianto fic! FTW! *does happy dance*

I don't even care if Jack has hooked up with Gwen to be her bit on the side. SAM/IANTO!

Loves crossovers

I so cannot do manips, but the author wants a story banner. Anyone? I can get you screencaps and stuff if you want.

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Ok, looking at my fandoms, I'm wondering if I really want anything to do with the fandoms. Or how they are going!

I want Spike to have nothing to do with Season Eight Buffy. I don't trust Dark Horse (or even Joss), with his character. I feel totally no love. My original Spuffy shipper as totally died with the first Buffy comic.

I don't want him in Aftermath either. My ideal would be if IDW gave him his own series, and got him out from either Buffy or Angel's shadow!


Getting a bit worried about Sam Wincester in Supernatural as well. I feel too many fans are after his blood, just waiting to jump on him if he does a foot wrong. Not happy!


Doctor Who! Worried it is in danger of becoming too shippy for my tastes. That would so not be my Doctor.


Which leaves me just looking forward to Torchwood. I know it has it's faults, but.......

Oh well, I guess I should just keep an open mind. As long as people don't rip off the actors (I will defriend in a shot), I guess I will survive. Just might leave the fandoms and enjoy the shows or comic!
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For those of you who saw the first vid, here is the second one!

Title: Saving The World 2 [Doctor Who - Supernatural - Torchwood - Heroes Crossover]
Summary: This time the daleks, the cybermen and the demons come to destroy earth!! Forces must be joined!!
Song: Doctor Who Series 4 Mid-season Promo
Pairing/Characters: Cast of Heroes, Supernatural, Torchwood & Dr. Who
Fandom: Supernatural /Torchwood / Heroes / Doctor Who

for me to keep them in one place )


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