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Jensen is a Rock star, his life is Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Jared is a student studing hoping to become a vet and specialise in horses and got back to the rach in his hometown of San Antanio.

They meet. At first Jared is blinded by Jensen's high powered lifestyle, but soon decideds it isn't healty. They split up, and Jared goes back to become the Vet he wanted to be. Jensen promises that he could life the small town life, Jared doesn't believe him. Jensen arrives in San Antionio and makes a life for himself, and Jared comes to the conclusion that Jensen means it. It it too late for Jared to try to get Jensen back?


Apr. 2nd, 2009 02:31 am
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Bleeding plot bunny for Jack/Duncan from Highlander! Need to get to bed, need at least 6 hours sleep!

ETA Anyone want to adopt it? Please.
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Sorry Just want to write this down to remind myself. I had a dream last night where I responed to a comment fic, but wrote it down long hand before posting it. In the end it was four pages long.

Angel turns up at Buffy's door, and tells her he never loved her, he then goes off to declare his undying love to Giles, while Spike walks in hand in hand with Xander.

Buffy thinks Willow has preformed some sort of spell which went wrong, and goes off to tackle her. Willow tells her she never performed any spell, while Tara tries to hide in the background. Buffy pushes her way in, and Willow confesses that she was too busy with Tara to do any spells the night before.

I think I would like to write this more for the Angel/Giles side of things.
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I think I finally have a Supernatural, or I should say, Jared/Jensen fic bunny I can work with.....or it could be Sam/Dean! Not sure yet.

Ok so set in the Buffy!Verse, with Sire!Jared/Childe!Jensen, totally fiction vampire AU. Ok if you haven't run off screaming yet, a little except!

Sire!Jared/Childe!Jensen )

Would that work.....or just scrap the idea?
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Sorry to spam today, but I had a dream the night before last, which I think might make a great story.....but just not working for me. It had elements of semi-non-con and D/s. Goes without saying it might be a bit immoral.

The basic's are. Spike (or William) is a student at University. Can be studying anything you want, but needs aspects of Maths in it. Angel (or Liam) is a Maths lecturer who sets a problem up for his students. Spike (or William) goes to Angel (or Liam), to ask for help with the problem. Angel (or Liam) says he will help if Spike (or William) has sex with him.

Anyone want it? In my dream it was set in a British University, but I suppose that could be changed.

ETA If you want I could give you a maths problem and answer?
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Yes, the countdown to Christmas has started. With it my Seaonal depression will be on the way! Anyway, last year I put up a Christmas Card list, but the depession was such, that I couldn't make it to send any cards. So not doing that again. May as well admit it, vitual gifts for your profile is as far as I will get. Cos I can to that without leaving the house, which is where I shall be hanging out to avoid Christmas.

Anyway, if you would like a vitural gift for your user info (no you do not have to give me one), please let me know. Of course I do not need your address or anything, just a Yes Me would do!

I will screen comments, so don't worry.

Right now I'm debating phoning my friend to cancel meeting him today. Woke up in cold sweats, but feeling hot. Apart from heartburn, no other symtoms. Maybe I should just have a shower. After all we are not going to do much, just watch an episode of either Supernatual or Angel, then something to eat.

Did have a great dream, which could be a plot bunny. If I just had the urge to write something other than drabbles! I guess I should be happy I had that at least. Then which character to fit into which role. The main one was a singer, so that should be Spike I guess. Cos making it Angel would be out of character.....who am I kidding, this is AU human, so out of character it would be......would be a great story I think tho'
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Ok so sitting down to write for [ profile] spring_spangel and mulling over what I will do with "Untouchable"......what does my muse do? or should I say what attacks but another plot bunny? I know I complained about having none, then they come back....hell!

Anyway, really think I should get the fic done for the 25th so that is a gonner, gonna get done. Using the prompts I was given as well. So that is what I am doing.

The new bunny, think I may discard it. Want to finish a WIP for a change. Anyway who wants Angelus/Spike/William. And is there anything new to say about threesomes!
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Angel and Spike are an honoured and special family in a fantasy land. Angelus is the king, while members of his bloodline have special powers to protect the kingdom and keep it in good order. All have excellent fighting strength.

Spike's father is a master craftsman who can keep the village in wonderful repair, but has turned his back on his calling and the village houses are falling down. Spike's father has also not told Spike of his postition, while Angel is unaware of the families importance.

The king of the next village is using dark magic to overthrow Angel, and Spike goes on a quest to defeat him. The lager town to the right of the village has many men practiced in the history of the area, and magic. The King of the next village tries to stop Spike, who has to combat his supporters to get to the town. Spike thinks he is a warrior, not a craftsman, and easily defeats them.

The dark animals of the country attack the Monestry type builting and priest like men who live there when Spike goes for help. Many men live in the forest who wish to overcome the power hungry king, and Spike joins them. Later Angel does too, when he is forced to leave his kingdom. They all join forces to defeat the evil king. Then Spike finds out his true heritage, and the powerful families together cast a blood spell to overcome the evil king.

A little Water Margin emerged with the judge leading the outlaws, and the king looking like the baddie!
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Angel has a harlem, with Spike as the special one, but he escapes. Giles is the elder statesman of the harlem, and looks after his own speicial member of the group Xander. Wesley and Gunn are also there.

Angel finds out Spike is missing, and sends his guards to look for him. Spike is found by a caravan of visitors trying to make his way to the next town. The caravan in on its way to talk to Angel and caputure and return Spike to Angel. Angel is overjoyed and gives the chief of the caravan anything he wants. He asks to have a night with Spike, whereby Angel has the palace guards imprision and behead the chief.

Spike is back as a prisioner in his guilded cage, and kept in luxuary by Angel, but he only wants his freedom, leaving him hating Angel for imprisoning him.....Thats as far as I got in my dream.

Needs work.
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A couple of years ago, I had my first BtVS Ats plot bunny. I am just going to put the bare bones of it here, so I will remember it.

It was set after BtVS finished, before AtS season 5. It was originally Spuffy, but could easliy be tweeked to be Spangel. Before they met the First, the Sunnydale gang had help from two characters. They were extremely beautiful, and eternity partners. A man and a woman, be belonged to an ancient dimension. They had been human, but had not passed on. Neither good or evil, they had healing properties, they first meet the woman after Buffy rescues Spike in "Showtime". She heals both Spike and Buffy, at first everyone thinks she is good.

Spike dies and has been accepted into their group, but must find his eternity partner. They are in New York, fighting evil, when Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Xander and Giles show up. Angel, Faith and Wood are also there. They find out about the eternity group, and quite a few surmise that they must be headed for hell. A funny (well I thought so) misunderstanding ensues, not helped by the original two, who find this very funny, and discuss what they would do in hell.

The original two are very tempting, and, originally Buffy, one of the group would love to have this type of relationship for eternity, and make a play for Spike to be his partner. This is after they find out about what the eternity really entails.

What is evil about them is that when they are together and enter a room everyone wants them, and tries to possess them, causing fights, and sometimes to the death. They themselves cannot be killed, as they have to gather their group, they can even be ripped apart but will always return to their original form by morning.


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