Apr. 5th, 2009 04:01 am
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I've been nominated at the "Running with Scissors" award for "Anything to Declare" for the Hairy Eyeball [Reader's Choice: Under 10,000 words] category. The link to the site to read the nominations is here

If you want to read the drabble I was nominated for it is here

I'm really delighted.
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I just went off and got my baby a nice little nomination banner. It was the first ficlet I posted at my LJ, and was a cross-over with LotR. I know. Doing a cross-over first.

Anyway here is the nice button

And if you want to read my baby, Home is Where the Heart is

It is Legolas/Spike. I really shouldn't have done this, cos putting my poor lamb in the field of awards. *shakes head*, but I love it, and wanted it to have its own button!
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I am delighted that I got a nomination!

For Dirty Talk

This would not be possible but for two lovely ladies who gave me the most wonderful help [ profile] edgehead73 for the great manip, and [ profile] hotspur18 for the outstanding beta!

If you have been reading the fantastic stories and artwork posted at [ profile] summer_of_giles then go over and nominate. Get the great stories nominated, but especially the art, more art needs to be given recogniation!


Jul. 28th, 2007 09:40 pm
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A wonderful person has nominated one of my drabbles at Fang Fetish! I am so pleased

For Mother's Day Card

Gotta go now, just a quick fly by post to say how happy I am at the nomination! Thank You so much *bounce's away"
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Totally at a loss at to how I got this, cos most of the work I do in the fandom is behind the scenes, but

Fandom of Stars

For Unstoppable!

I have been through my friends page, and talking to my friend.....and ill health has been a major worry today. I think it would be great to let people who are suffering know we are thinking about them....anyone got any ideas?

Only thing I can think of is a Hurt/Comfort fictathon, but I really do not think I could do it, as I will be busy just now!
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Wow just came onto LJ and went through my e-mail and friends pages, and so many exciting things have happened!

During December, we had an amazingly vibrate community, where [ profile] sexymermaid, [ profile] vamptastica and myself were co-mods, well really I did the archiving with tags and memories. The fantastic news is that we won an award. With all our Artists, Writers and Members. Everyone contributed to make this site an award winner.

From the Shades of Grey Awards, [ profile] noel_of_spike won first place!

Then I find out that I have another nomination! At "Angel Without Wings Awards"!

Link to site on banner just click to go and read some great fic ane look at some great artwork, then Vote, Vote Vote!

For Tri-Angel here

And Also Valentine's Surprise

Voting is now open, so go over and read some great Angel fic, and cast your votes for your favourites. Sure to be lots you will enjoy!

Now finally a wonderful and giving person, who really makes the fandom an exciting place to be, did a ficlet for me! Thank You [ profile] spankspike!

It is called "Rescued From Bad Fashion", and a link is here, inspired by this icon from my great co-mod [ profile] spikeshunny

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Been nominated at [ profile] fandom_of_stars for Stella Supporter! Joy, and happiness. I am delighted to except this and honoured that I was thought of as well. :-)

Fandom of Stars

I am so happy! Thank you, this is a great community that gives some much needed hugs across the fandom.

OK so I didn't post at all yesterday, but a little thought occured. Would it be a good idea to do a Supernatual Crossover fictathon? Any fandom, but I guess with my flist, the Buffyverse would be the most popular. Anyone else dying to see Dean or Sam paired with someone from another fandom? Het or Slash?

Thinking about it, I may do a poll later about it......just a vague thought at this time.
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Squeeeeeee! Ive been nominated! This NEVER gets old.

Is This Hell

It is a Lindsey/Darla story, and I am so delighted!

*Glass of Red Wine to celebrate* Do hope the muse comes back now, come on pretties for you to look at!
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"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it* I have been nominated at "Forbidden", for TWO fics. So happy!

Pretty banner

A Vengeance Demon Is Born A gen fic


In the Closet, out the Closet"Larry/Xander fic

Base of happy excitment!


Mar. 4th, 2007 06:06 am
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Wee I got nominated at the Angel Without Wings Awards! My first! Yippeee!

It is for Tri-Angel, which is here

Nominated in Best NC17, Best Extreme and Best Slash. Look at the pretty button!


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