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Right that is it! I have had enough! Buffy, neither the series or film, nor Joss Whedon invented VAMPIRES.....not even poufy lovelorn ones. Vampires where round long before any of us where born, they are the stuff of myth going back into the mists of time. Please, please, please can we have our long held creatures with TV series for us to enjoy without mentioning Buffy! Or even Angel. Or Joss Whedon. I am sick to the back teeth of people acting as if Joss Whedon has exclusive rights to these creaturs, and that everything that is produced now is somehow related to him/Buffy!

Give it a rest!

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I still have my head cold, then I phoned my comic book supplier about my comics. Yes I have Buffy #11 no problem, but the Dr Who comic is not available in the UK! WHAT DR WHO Not Available in the UK......I cannot believe it. My comic book supplier it trying to track down copies, but WHAT. Sorry for the cap locks, but I am just shocked.

Yesterday we had the looks, now, who would you want as a friend?

[Poll #1134693]
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Right, before I do a rant about why AtS is so much better than BtVS (please take my key board away from me), I'm going to bed. This is just getting to me!


Should say this has been bugging me for a few days, not sure if you are safe yet!

Dark Horse

Jun. 25th, 2007 05:22 pm
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I'm increasingly worried about what Dark Horse are doing with Buffy. I don't mind Joss playing a bout with his new medium for telling more Buffy stories. I may not be the biggest Season Eight Fan, but I do love the man himself. He lets us play in his sandbox, and, even if he may not like some of the things we do, doesn't complain that we do it.

No my reservations are towards Dark Horse themselves. I do not believe Buffy is in good hands with them. Before Joss took over the reins and got involved, it looked like they would leave Buffy, neglected on the shelf until the contract ran out. I wish they had. I would be so much happier if IDW had taken over.

I had been saying that I would give the comics up till the Faith story arc before making any hard and fast decision. I have been mulling over something from the current comic #4. Namely the letters page, one of the letters they printed, and the response.

Now I know a few people were miffed about the shipper baiting by Joss, but well my ship will never get onto any medium, and would always be in the sub-text really. So shipper baiting just doesn't get to me. I have said before that I really don't think Buffy had met the right person yet, indeed for me the closest would be Faith.

No what has got me is the irresponsive action of printing the rant on the letters page, and asking for other peoples comments in reaction. Especially as I don't think Dark Horse would print the sane reasoned responses, but from the disregard to fans feelings in printing this one, maybe more mindless rants. I also don't think they would print positive letters in support of Spike either. They always seemed to have a problem with Spike.

The male who wrote the letter doesn't like Buffy, or Willow, rants about strong women = bad, and Willow should stop trying to be strong like Buffy and more like his golden boy Xander. What he says about Angel and Spike is not worth repeating. The whole message of Buffy seems to be one he objects to.

If this is how Dark Horse carry on, I really do not think I want to give them any more money!


May. 17th, 2007 07:55 pm
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I am thinking of giving up on Yahoo groups, it is getting to be more trouble than it is all worth. I mod at three groups, but have become more and more withdrawn from it. Recently I posted some stories at the groups, and then replied to feedback. Great I though, not as much as usual, but good amount of feedback.

Today I went on, and found feedback attached to someone elses that I hadn't read before. That was when I realised that a lot of my messages where going into the bulk folder. Over 500 non-spam or bulk messages had found there way into that folder. One I hardly ever read. This was after I had left a group cos I was getting spam from it in my inbox.

This has left me very annoyed. I like to respond to feedback, is someone has taken the time to leave me some muse food, I adore them. To find out that the messages where not delivered to me makes me think "Why Bother".

Whole blocks of messages from people where there, some so out of date there was no point in replying. This on top of getting e-mails I am not interested in, and don't want to be involved in. Yeah maybe someone else finds winding this person up and watching them perform entertaining, but not how I get my kicks.

Anyway, that is what I am thinking, still addicted to lj, but Yahoo just seems so much trouble.

So enough of that, might have another poll later today, or a bit of a Strengths and Weaknesses for Darla and Dusilla, as I see it (everyone think I have a big head, you would know why I don't hold too much store with characterisation. Mine seem so different from everyone else), or an easy guide to nominating at Award Sites?

So let me know,
1) Do you want a Poll (not letting on what yet),

2) A semi character study of Darla and Drusilla,

3) An easy guide to nominating at Award Sites

or should I just sit in my quiet corner and leave you alone?
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Ok, got that off my chest! The fandom just seems to be going though its silly season, and the vipers have come out to play! I just wish they would leave me alone. I am here to read the fic, not get involved in your crazy games to attract attention.

That having been said, [ profile] ficbitca_bear had what I can only think of as a great idea because of certain things that have been happening in the fandom that I know about. A Love Meme

Post the username of someone you think should get love,
and invite others to join in.

Please spread the word - it's nicer that way.

The link is here, cos lots of people in the fandom should get love.


Mar. 4th, 2007 03:56 pm
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Ok, was at the Buffy group on myspace, constantly Buffy all the time. Anyway the guy who mods the group set up a new message board elsewhere. So I go over and have a look, quite innocent like. Find the Angel thread, and read it. Has a poll for favourite season. So I think great, will have a vote on that.

What the HELL do I find? It is the Buffy seaons, not Angel. Ok I know a lot of people where avid Buffy watchers, and some didn't even watch Angel until Spike joined, but WTF. Was it too much to ask that the Angel thread was not corrupted by a Buffy poll? I mean the Angel final had more viewers than the Buffy one did, so surely it has it's own fans?

No I guess Just me!

Almost finished Buffy season four, if I can get over the trama of a bare chested Riley.


Sep. 5th, 2006 01:17 pm
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I am getting fed up being called a user, we are no longer customers, patients or students, but users of a service. Since the Powers That Be have changed to calling us such, they now treat us like rubbish.

It seems that changing the name means they can disregard our wishes, we are never right, and get ignored, as they go off and do their own thing, no matter what we want or need. We just don't count any more, mearly people who use the system. Lower than the low, not worth bothering about. Should be grateful that they are there giving us their great offers, and scrambling for their approval.*snark*

*end of rant*
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I was on Amazon and tracked down the character books, Angel Chronicles 1,2, and 3, The Xander Years 1 & 2 and The Willow files. I thought that after I read the Angels ones I might give them as a gift to [ profile] mandarin226 but what a disappointment. It is "all about Buffy"! I was looking for Angel's thoughts and motivations, instead it is all Buffy's thoughts.

The Xander Years does have Xanders thoughts, and so does the Willow ones, but Angel. No! Ok I know they are just rehashes of the episodes, but that would have been ok, for the insight into the characters, but I was really looking foreward to an insight into Angel. This is why we do Buffy Bashing. ME and the writers are just so far up Buffy's character. I have come to the conclusion that when they do any book that Buffy is in, it is not worth having. As far as the cross overs with Angel is concerned, they are sickening. Angel is over 240, not a love sick teenager. Please.

Buffy Rant )

Right I ranted on there long enough, going behind a cut now, as it took so long!


Mar. 2nd, 2006 10:47 pm
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Brassed off rant!

I am fed up getting on to my computer and finding either Microsoft or Norton have taken it over to up-date, making my computer run so slowly I can't do anything until it is finished!

I feel as if my computer no longer belongs to me, and I am not the worlds most patient person. I want to get on and do what I have to/want to immediately. Not have to wait...well...5 min? To get onto the site I want.

End of rant, thank you for your time.


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