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Umm! Well

1) I'm double jointed and did yoga from the age of 12, so, when I was younger and fitter I could do some contortionist tricks

2) I read the tarot cards

Umm....forget the parties, maybe I should've ran away and joined the circus, just don't ask me to sing.


Ok, finding not really liking High School or between High School and College fic are just not for me, don't know if it is getting in the way of doing recs. Am I just to old and out of date for "coming of age" stories.
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Well looking back, this appears to be my first post on the 09:10 pm May 28th, 2005, I'm a lot more chatty now!

"New to this!

Right I will try again to post an entry in my journal. I have an idea for a fanfic, its Angel (you know from Buffy), with Spike, Giles, Buffy and Faith and a host of characters I will make up myself, but I need a beta, so I have asked anyone at yahoo groups Foraging Ghost to see if anyone was interested. Nothing so far but I keep hoping.

Just back from Dinner with a friend, so there goes the diet. Have to go back to the gym to work it off. Still I enjoyed it at the time."

The gym didn't last long did it! And I lost 8lb as well doing it!

Oh I did get a beta, but on LJ not the yahoo groups. Still I never finished the story. It is still a WIP. It is finished on paper, just not on the internet. *sigh* The fandom has moved on so much since then now!

I think I got up to chapter five of Truthful Angel!
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by Micha F. Lindemans
In Egyptian mythology, Menthu was the god of war. He was portrayed as a man with a hawk's head.

Were I would banish all the fan!wank loving, biased, opinionated people in fandoms to fight it out with each other.
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I went to see Disney's Snow White with my mom as a six year old. It was the first movie I had seen as a child, and loved it. I was enraptured. A total favourite. I just loved it to death. I even bought my niece a Snow White costume for a fancy dress party.

It is not a favourite now, I guess not even in my top ten, or even lower, but will always hold a special place in my heart for the memories.

The cinema we went to see it in became a bingo hall a decade after that, and we never had another cinema in Glasgow, we had to travel into the city center to watch films in the big screen. It has been demolished totally now, but had such memories for those of us who remember it.

Right will stop spamming now!
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Ailsa and I went to a temp agency to register for employment. It was supposed to be office work, out of Glasgow, anywhere really. We just both had itchy feet and wanted to work away from home for a while. Both of us in the same place, prefereably.

Ailsa phoned me to say they had something lined up for us, but didn't mention what or where. She had been to the agency and got the details, so could she come over and tell me about it. Of course I said yes.

Ailsa arrived and said "They want us to go prawn packing in Lochgoilhead." Ok so Prawn Packing? WTF? But, Lochgoilhead, it didn't sound too far away, and as my mom and dad said, I could come home at the weekends. This was of course because we though she ment Lochgarehead. Oh no, it was Lochgoilhead, which we found out when we looked at the map. It was in the North of Scotland, on the west coast, across from Inverness. It was February.

After an inital shocked response from us, Ailsa went on to explain all the wonderful benefits of working there. Great money, accommodation....etc.

So end result, we went, in the middle of February. The accommodation ended up being a caravan, that we shared with a girl from Aberdeen, who had lived in Glasgow for a while, and had a very colourful past which she loved to share.

Arrived at work the next day, and found out we were packing prawns into containers still in there shells, in fact some still alive. The larger ones trying to sneak up on the smaller ones and eat them, came home reeking of shellfish.

The first Friday we went out, and came back to find no heating or lighting in our caravan. We couldn't get a new calor gas supply until the Monday. I did mention we were in the middle of the highlands in February. We went to stay in another caravan with other girls who had arrived with us.

During the second week the woman we shared a caravan with decided to move into a farm with a farmer she had met the night before. Because Ailsa and I were not bringing men home with us every night, everyone thought we were lesbians. Had problems phoning home, this was before anyone had thought of a mobile phone (1982).

By the third week we gave up, and decided to come back to Glasgow and our parents. Ailsa took pictures of the caravan that had the roof blown off in the wind, the outside toilet, which you had to cross a wooden bridge to get to covering the stream outside the caravan park, and in the pitch dark (no lights) so you couldn't find the bridge. As well as the tap you had to get to to get fresh water.

Rescue Sheep from the mud so the crows don't peck out there eyes? Ask me how.

Home was never so good to get back to!
I've changed my layout. I'm back to an old favourite. Do not tell me it is Not Work Safe, cos really, are you not viewing in your own style. The colours are really bright, but I find them easy to read. Also do not ask why I changed my layout either.
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It is from an Oscar Wilde play, A Woman of no Importance. I love Oscar, and all his works. A truely brilliant man. I have read so many books about him. It is said that he had Marfans Symdrome....not sure about that as he seems too well built in the pictures I have seen, but apart from that he did fit the pattern. Maybe he was a lot slimmer than he looked. It would explain why he died to young from a heart condition!

the woman_of_ I decided was so my friends could decide what I was a woman of themselves. Scotland, James Marsters, Spike whatever. Whatever you think fits me. *does wonder what you do think I am a woman_of_"


I'm so tired *yawn*, trying to stay awake so I will sleep tonight, but it is a fight!


With James doing his Acting Masterclass, I was going to do a poll to see who you thought was the best actor from a list, then, of course, realised with my flist, I would probably reinforce the opinion I already have. So will just smile and say Thanks! He is, isn't he!

Theatre Trained Actors FTW!
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Ok listen, first, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry to everyone in the UK to took a Personality test in the UK, and was insulted! Ok!

Right, OK! I was in a Psychiatic ward at 15 for depression. My friend Rosa was 20 and a second year student of Psychology...Anyway, we had discussions on the tests, as she was studying them. She maintained that we only got one trait, I maintained that we were more complex, and got more than one.

They got in touch with the guy doing the up-date to the test who listened to us discussing this. He agreed with me, and decide to give more than one type. I was only 15 ok, and also, of course, at that time, knew nothing of Psycolgy. So if you have been insulted about your least I gave you more than one? If you are in the UK.

Oh, at the time, I never did the test. Everyone else agreed with Rosa (who after all was older than me, and had studied the subject) and without taking the test, they all said I was The Thinker!
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Damn, Damn, Damn! I cannot write, at all! All the plot bunnies I get are for Supernatural, but I'm too damn British to write such an American show! I was alright with BtVS and AtS while I was writing Spike and Angel, cos I could pass them off with quite a bit of a British style. Spike, well he was English, and Angel when he was human was from Ireland, so I could write them. But Supernatural, forget it! No way I can pass with such an American show! Apart from drabbles!

So unless I can change the plot bunnies to Janto, I guess that is it. It is a bit difficult trying to change plot bunnies for two brothers into Torchwood, or even Spangel! *Wanders back to drawing board*

Maybe when Torchwood airs again this will change!
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A bit of a pimp with this. I went to the minimeet in 2006, which led to me being the treasurer for Midimeet 2007. It was a wonderful experience, meeting people from livejournal, being involved in the organising, putting up Buffy related pictures (mostly Spike), compiling a quiz and bringing stuff for the raffle.

We all met on the Friday, and it was such a great friendly bunch of people. Lisa did the goodie bags, which contained some real treasures, each and every one tailored to the needs of every member. The ice-breaker was the quiz, where we had four teams. Everyone got some wine.

Then on to the socialising....we did a lot of that!

The Saturday was filled with panels. Everyone came to the fore, and our panel leaders were full of useful guidelines on doing action scenes, over coming writers block and other useful information. We continued up to 9pm, and then.....Socailising!

On the Sunday, with a slightly later start of 10am, we had the raffle, where everyone got a prize, then the business side of things with the AGM....after that? SOCALISING....said there was a lot of that!

It was a great weekend
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Sorry spamming today, waiting for the painkillers to kick in so I might get some sleep from this damned headache, and I thought this question was interesting.

Livejournal is a way for me to meet people from around the world and keep in touch. I love reading the entries, and finding out what is happening. How what is happening effects my friends, and how they are coping. It is a way of touching the real issues which effect everyone, no matter where they live.

When I first joined LJ it was mostly to do with fandom. My friends where all writers I found when in archives. I tracked down their journals, and friended them. Now it is a way to keep in touch with friends I have met on-line, and has less to do with fandom. Yes most of my friends are in some way involved in fandom, but it is more than that I am interested in. It is the people now more than the fandom!
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I am more of a giver, stats are

Comments: Posted: 24,187 - Received: 12,830

Which I put down to despite having Mutual Friends: 183 I suspect I am filtered out of quite a few peoples flist. I don't know why they don't just defriend either, maybe they think I am a delicate little flower who would get all up-set if they did. I also belong to 137 communites, which I leave more comments on than I receive, so no suprises there I guess!
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[ profile] jinxeffect didn't so much introduce me, as had a link to her live journal at the end of her fic, which I read at The Crypt, a Spikecentric archive, one of the first places I found when I went looking for fanfic. She flocked her journal, and I asked how I could read it. Tht was when I found out I would have to join LJ, and be friended to her to see the entries. Which was why I got an account, and then started tracking down authors I knew from archives. Of course [ profile] jinxeffect has left, I believe she is at Insane Journal now!

I mostly used my journal for fanfic. I tracked people and communites down by going through my friends profiles. I didn't go friends of friends, I guess like most people, because of the communities, I got more friends. Then I started writing myself, and got more friends. And here I am!
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I am taking this literally, as in the worse nightmare I have ever had, rather than the worse that could happen to me, because it has. No I didn't come out of it unscathed either.

When I was 14 I had a nightmare, where I rode around on a much admired horse during the day, but at night the horse became a skeleton, raised up in its hind legs and tried to kill me as I slept with a sythe. I woke up screaming, but stayed in my own bed, even though my mother offered to share her bed with me after that (my father worked away from home).

Now to go back and read Angel: After the Fall!

Edit, the spell check wouldn't work, and I am not getting notifications of replies to comments!
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Ok I worked in an office for two weeks at an optition's repair office. At that time glasses had to be sent into a head office. Not as may people made the glasses then. I hated it. I totally freaked when a pair of glasses came in with the protective area of the noise piece was gone, and the man who sent them in had put two dead bodies of bee in there place!

Should mention the other girls in the office where total bitches. Used to try an make me cry, and show me off to the guys that really did the work, thought it was funny that the mailroom guy fancied me, and I had a boyfriend as well......OK he was not god's gift, but still, I was happy with him. TMI I guess, but anyway, I stayed a month, and that was it!

Oh Oh sorry forgot to credit where I saw this. Thank You [ profile] jaded_jamie


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