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Jan. 30th, 2008 04:03 pm
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I know I stopped doing fic recs, but these are unbelievable.

First by [ profile] athenewolfe "Running Blind" really you need to read this, if you feel for Faith, it will bring tears to your eyes here

Next, you want to read Angel let Angelus out at his worse, when he is really angry, and has someone at his mercy.....and what mercy is that by [ profile] darklingdawns here


Aug. 17th, 2007 07:25 am
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Was chatting to [ profile] kitty_poker1 and [ profile] suki_blue here are the recs I was going to give you!

First up [ profile] nashmaveric's Ex-Evil Blonds Anonymous here with Harry/Draco and Spike/Xander.

Then [ profile] hotspur18 and [ profile] quoshara with Dragonslayers Inc, here. With Spike/Wes, arc 1 - 3 could be read as a complete story. If you want the beginning of the Xander/Illyria story arc would have to continue, but the short stories set in the verse has some insight to that relationship!

Hope you enjoy!


Jul. 16th, 2007 02:45 pm
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[ profile] sexymermaid did a little ficlet for me for the Moonridge project. The ficlet is set in the "Soapstone" verse, and beautiful here

Also a manip by [ profile] hotspur18 from our conversation about Angels, and Spike. Angel Warrior Spike here

Another rec, this is a vid, and a saver. "Cats in the Cradle", Spangel by [ profile] angelspike69, here Great song, and great clips.

I have decided to become tea-total, and I am not kidding. I had a glass of wine on Satuarday, which was so vile I am still shuddering from the memory of the taste. Really, if I had put on my reading glasses and seen that is was 13.5%, I might've run a mile. Didn't even help when I filled up the glass with Tango Cherry. This stuff was so bad.

So I guess I shall have to be like my non-drinking friends. I couldn't even say I was social drinking, cos none of my friends drink at all. They also cannot understand why anyone would drink. I was given a bottle of Glayva one Christmas, and in March got the comment, "The Glayva is fair going down."

I really kid you not, David's friends Marie is in the AA, and, as a present bought me a coffee mug, with AA slogans, 24 of them. It just isn't worth the AA Slogan 10. This too shall pass!

Is anyone else have trouble with LJ? It is taking ages to connect, and I keep getting the dreaded white screen, for everything, except User Info pages. When I try to up-date, comment or read my friends pages, it is just sitting there for ages, time to get up, make a coffee, and start drinking it.


Jul. 11th, 2007 05:59 pm
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I just realised that some of my newer friends may not have read some of the older Spangel fic that I really love. The first one is by [ profile] stakeaclaim who I have not heard from for quite some time. There is "Love and Rememberance", "Make or Break", the follow up, and "The Relevance of Spike", which won an award at Fang Fetish. They are all at the website here

Now by [ profile] vic_amy_z Two great stories! Each three chapters long. The first is What Goes Around here, Setting the Scene here then Breaking the Cycle. Breaking the Cycle as a great Cordelia, Fred and Spike scene, the whole thing is Angel/Spike, all Spike and Cordie do is kiss, but the dress up scene is to die for!

Now Plus One. chapter One, Chapter two and Chapter Three.

Hope to give everyone some great reading.....Enjoy!
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Was chatting last night to [ profile] quoshara and [ profile] hotspur18, when the subject of Hot Tubs was discussed. [ profile] quoshara wanted a new Spike/Wesley layout which you can see here, so of course we were discussing Spike and Wes in a hot tub.

The great thing that happened because of this was that [ profile] hotspur18 wrote a PWP, NC 17 ficlet about it. Go read here. Not just hot, but erotic as well.
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My Friends have been so busy this week, here are some more recs for you! Please leave feedback for the authors.

The first one is a little Angel/Spike/Wes, and ice cream! By [ profile] lilithbint, Chocmint here

Next is by [ profile] hotspur18, from a prompt call, a little refective Illyria Other Seas here

Now by a major name, [ profile] sexymermaid who has finished The Swamp. This is a charming fairy story, with the dark tones of a fairy story, but very romantic Angel/Spike. If you wait until a story is finished before you read this is the final chapter Cherry Blossom here

Now a final rec, by [ profile] tamibrandt Angel/Spike Edges of my Mind here


May. 11th, 2007 01:27 am
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Just finished doing my friends pages, and had to put in some recs. Really great stuff out there!

By [ profile] frk_werewolf at [ profile] lupa_libri more Sunnydale Files, this one the pairing is Riley/Graham, and is wondeful, Link here

More Hired Man by [ profile] sexymermaid here, lovely possessive Liam, while Mrs Robson contiues to worry about her boys.

[ profile] tamibrandt updates On The Other Side of Fate an AtS and Bones crossover, with some excellent foursomes, Angel/Spike/Booth/Dru. The link is here. Tami has also updated her memories, which makes everything so much easier to find here Lots of goodies to discover!

Finally the tag community [ profile] ds_investigate for Dragonslayers Inc has been updated. This story by [ profile] hotspur18 and [ profile] quoshara is a favourite of mine, the link is here to read the latest goings on between Spike/Wesley and Xander/Illyria.


May. 1st, 2007 12:39 am
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Gawd I have been so absorbed in the canon debate, and doing polls, I have not been reccing anything! Sorry, so anyone looking for a good read, here a couple.

Angel/Spike Fanfiction by P'al Kwai, my favourite is The Dhampir Series, no more than PG13, but has vampire Angel struggling to bring up his Dhampir teenage son Spike. I just adore it. But if you want something with more meat to it, there is bloodlines and a couple of others here

I know [ profile] sexymermaid got some bad comments to the last chapter of The Woods, and usually for every comment, about another 10 readers go. Can I just re-assure you that Will is strong, and you will see it in this chapter here, go read, and also a lovely preseries Alex/Faith.

Also to put icing on the cake, [ profile] hotspur18 did a lovely ficlet in the Dragonslayers Inc verse. Set during Arc III, a lovely glimpse into the budding relationship between Spike and Wesley. here

More Rec's!

Apr. 5th, 2007 10:32 pm
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Oh this has been a fantastic week for fic, and just today, I have a further three recs for you! These are insightful, tender, and in one case a hint of suspense and horror!

I guess you all know my new addiction is [ profile] hotspur18's Spike/Wesley and Xander/Illyria. I adore how she writes them. Well she has started a new little series of drabbles/ficlets set in the Dragonslayers Incorporated verse. These are called "Snapshot" and each has a little manip to go with them, a snapshot taken of Illyria, or by Illyria. The link to these is here

Next on the list is a verse that has been going for some time, and has its own community. It is by [ profile] frk_werewolf and today a lovely cute Oz/William story was posted. They are lovely together. The link is here Lots of cute young people being paired up at the community [ profile] lupa_libri. Too many to list all the pairings, but up to just too long to call a drabble, 103. Sounds a lot, but you will soon catch up. None of them are long, and each a treasure.

Finally! [ profile] sexymermaid has updated The Woods. Great relationships, something murderous and creepy in The Woods, and Spangel. This should be adored, loved and told as a bedtime story for giving you teh willies before going to sleep! It is wonderful, if a T.V. company took it over, it would have you hiding behind the couch at the horror bits! The latest chapter is here, and if you have been living on the Moon, and not read the rest, the whole story so far is here. Go, read, leave feedback! Maybe the creepiest thing you will read this year. Come on we all love our horror!


Apr. 1st, 2007 05:37 am
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Have three recs for you. One is the reason I am up till 5:37am this morning reading it all!

The one that kept me up, has Xander in an alternative dimension, and totally Spander. It is a classic, and finished. Not in the least confusioning, you will be able to follow which Xander is where no problem.

[ profile] savoytruffle and "There Is Your Trouble here

The second was finished today, and you so cannot miss it! It is the wonderful [ profile] sexymermaid, Spangel, AU human, with a hint of some supernatual aspects, "Soapstone" here

Finally [ profile] tamibrandt has updated "How to Treat Your Lover", full of Dark Angel, a la season 2 AtS, set during "First Impressions" Part One Here, and Part Two Here.

Will respond to comments tomorrow now, need sleep!
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I would love some loving stories where Angel and Spike are vampires. With no character bashing, just the two of them fighting the good fight side by side and loving each other. I have read all the Angel/Spike stories at The Crypt so often, I am word perfect on them.

On second thoughts they don't have to be fighting the good fight, they could be unsouled an evil, so long as they are together. It is desprate, soon I will be reading my own stories to get a fix. I just need to unwind my head with some good Spangel. HELP!

I woke up this morning and my counter was over 55,000. Pleased
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Now for Spuffy friends, an archive of Spuffy stories, with an alternative eye on Season Four.

The Archive here

Also an alternative Season Two from [ profile] speakr2customrs, The Hounds of Love.

Chapter One
Chapter two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

Hope you enjoy them all


Sep. 6th, 2006 04:22 am
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Really feeling for my friend [ profile] so_sharlemaine, and she mentioned wanting some Spangel to read, so a few recs. Apart from one they are off site. Have a look round slashing the angel and deadboy for some more great fics as well. Two wonderful sites.

Some Spike and Angelus in 70's New York, Darkdays
Post NFA explored, dont forget to look round this site, is has some fantastic fic on of my favourite sites
Spike helps Angel recover from his loss, another great site
I know you love our boys evil and fangy, so some season 2 Angelus and Spike out hunting"

I know I have very few Spuffy fans on my flist, but I will be giving some Spuffy recs from The Crypt tomorrow for [ profile] spikeshunny as she is down as well.

Lots of love, and I do hope everything goes well for both of you! You are both in my thoughts and prayers. *Sends health vibes*


Oh Oh nearly forgot, for everyone who loves Angelus siring William, here is the perfect fic for you!

One Fateful Night by AngelSpike69, you will love it, I do!
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I love detective stories, add a touch of serial killing, and I am yours forever! In fact the summary of my first rec was what got me into Spangel in the first place, I could not resist! So, completely finished, in all its gory detail here is "Under the Sheild", by Buffywatcher at the crypt definately NC17 for gore. Click on the link and scroll down to the fic.

Under the Shield here.

I am sure I dont need to rec the next one as it is by the wonderful [ profile] sexymermaid, looking to become a really dark fic is "Man Hunter" also NC17 for gore and slasy goodness! Man Hunter is here

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!


Aug. 7th, 2006 11:51 pm
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Sorry if you saw me just pasting links and nothing else, could not save my post unless I saved them individually! Not my day!

Good news is that I have arranged to meet my sister after I go to the minimeet in October! So I shall be spending some time with my family as well.

Bad news is that I had two teeth pulled today! Not because there was anything wrong with the teeth, it is my gums. This is because I smoked, it hampers the blood supply. Another reason not to smoke!

I have a new friend [ profile] vaeltaa, from Sweden, who posted some lovely icons today. Some Supernatural, as I know a few of you have moved into that fandom, but I loved the Spangel one! Here is a link

Even though I am keeping to my main pairing of Spangel, I so have to follow anything that [ profile] rngrdead does! Here is White Marble, her latest work, and if you would like to read the rest, she does such wonderful stories here is a link to her memories, read Elderly Pets, even if you never thought you would like Spander, it is a classic!

Anyway have to go for now, hope everyone is good.



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