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I noticed it in the Buffyfandom the tendancy to have Angel do no wrong, while Spike could do no right. The total hero worshipping of one character, while constantly pointing out the flaws in the other. The whole point of character development in programmes is that they do develop. Spike fans can see his flaws, and also acknowledge them. We know where he started off, and what he became. It was what made him one of the most interesting characters in the show, and was what made Joss such a great storyteller.

Now in SPN we have the same thing with Dean can to no wrong, Sam can do no right. While the character development of both Sam and Dean is not as well written as it was for Angel and Spike, especially Spike (Angel could be very boring at times, he was quite static), the fans reaction is the same.

One character who is constantally good is not good storytelling. While Joss is better than Eric in that field, there has to be some movement in character. Yes EK may concentrate on Dean more, and show us his developements in more detail (another example of bad storytelling, after all he only had two main characters, so could've spent more time showing Sam's motivations last season, a major flaw of the season in my book).

If one character can do no wrong then they are boring, which I don't think either Angel or Dean are, it is just the depth of the character is being ignored. Spike, for example, moved from being almost a pantomime villian in Season Two, to a fully developed souled vampire in Season Seven. One we understood. While Angel was always far more interesting when we got glimpses of Angelus. To see where he started in his full evil character, to his search for redemption with his soul is what makes him interesting.

In dismissing the character to this one dimensional always right, always wrong way takes away any depth, or humanity (yes I know two of them are vampires, but they have souls). Humans are flawed, and so should good fictional characters be as well.

The depth of character development shown in BtVS and AtS, of each and every character in the show, is what makes Joss such a great storyteller, and his keeps his fandom alive. We just know we can put these character in situations and explore how they would react. I'm not sure that EK has given us enough information on either Dean or Sam to be fully inside their heads they way we can with Buffy!Verse characters.
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So Ronnie and I are watching an episode of Angel, Season Two. The next one on the list is "First Impressions", but I was wondering which one you would recommend us to watch, as the season has quite a strong story arc, therefore a poll.

[Poll #1446453]
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I see in the little bit of the Buffy!Fandom I still inhabit, that Spuffy seems to have taken over again. More and More Spuffy, less and less of other pairings. Still as popular as ever!


Anyone up for a Character Fictathon? Buffy!Fandom. Just pick a theme, and put any BtVS or AtS character(s) in it? No word limit, can be as short or as long as you want. If anyone wants it can have prompts from those taking part. Any and all pairings and gen. Up for it?

Should say here that the name of the game here is good, canon, characterisation. Not fandon, canon. You may have to watch the programme.
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The people next door are building a deck, wooden, that looks right into my kitchen. Not only dated, but did I mention how much rain we get. A wooden deck exposed to the elements, wind and rain.

They also start work at 8:30 am.

Between the T junction in front of my living room, and the deck at the back, I'll have no privacy. Should just get a flat and move out of here.


what does 3:04 mean )


Ronnie coming over today, we are nearly finished with Season 3 of Supernatural, and cannot get Season 4 until September. We should go back to watching AtS now. Despite never watching it when it was broadcast, Ronnie now prefers it to BtVS, which he did watch. As agreed it was darker and more adult. As well as being more realistic.


Ronnie on Torchwood Season Three

Torchwood, Season Three )

Well that is all from me at present!
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Ok, back from the dentist. Yes it is an abcess, got something for it, and go back when the swelling goes down, so a couple of things to cheer me up.

I changed my layout, it is J2 in the bath, and was made for me by [ profile] tw_31988. I really had to do very little, as it was to match my already existing layout. I hope you like it.

Was at [ profile] gwen_e_cooper, it is a kind of role play, but we can join in. Jack, Ianto and Gwen each have their own journals. Gwen was asking what charity they should donate to, and what they should do to raise funds. I suggested they should cos dress as AtS and BtVS characters. Gwen seems quite keen, but Jack thinks his teeth are just too good to be any of poll time!

[Poll #1379611]
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Bare with me here, these thoughts are a bit rambling. I probably will not be able to probably articulate them until (or if), I get some comments from other people to help me put everything together in my head.

I started wondering why Spike was/is used so sparingly in BtVS, AtS and Angel: After the Fall. I know that Spike detractors claim that he was almost taking over the show, but that is just not true.

I don't think it was because of how "well" written Spike was either. Often it seemed they didn't really know what to do with him. He was the disposable villain of Season Two, who became a regular by Season Four. They did, in the end, give him massive character development, but I've suspected that that was because they got round the table to discuss the next episode and it was a case of "and what will we do with Spike this episode". No I think that Spike rose up for one very good reason. James Marsters.

James has an aura, when he walks onto the screen, your eyes turn to him. It is not that he is greedy, in fact I think he shares the screen well with other actors. In fact is generous. He can also lift another actors game when they are playing opposite him. He gives his all in the role, and encourages others to give their all acting alongside him.

He has presence on the stage, from his days in theatre, which translates well onto the screen. You remember his performance. Remember the scenes he was in better than others. Even as sparse as they are, they are the ones etched in your memory, so love him or hate him, you remember Spike's time on the screen.

So how does this translate to the comic, if James isn't there to give Spike the benefit of his skills. He is, the presence that James gave Spike, the aura that surrounds him still makes Spike a larger than life character that you notice, which is why I believe Spike should have his own series. He deserves it. Also James should headline his own series as well. He has more than enough talent!

An unashamed James and Spike lover!

Ok, I will shut up now! Sorry had to get that out!
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Title Wolfram & Hart’s Offer of Employment
Characters Sam Wincester, Lindsey McDonald
Rating PG 13
Genre General
Crossover Angel the series, Supernatural
Summary Wolfram & Hart show an interest in Sam, and send Lindsey to talk to him.

Bit worried about this one, as they both sound FAR too British to me! *sigh*

Wolfram & Hart's Offer of Employment )
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After doing an edited highlights of Season Three Supernatural last night, I just thought I had been neglecting Buffy and Angel. So a very quick poll!

I guess I should watch some more Buffy and/or Angel to try and get my voices and characters back!

[Poll #1326192]
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No your eyes don't deceive you, I did post this poll last night, but then thought that posting it so late at night after a couple of drinks was not a good idea (I missed some people out), here it is again!

[Poll #1318763]

Damn Danm Danm! You know, when you do something like this, you really could do with a brainstorming session! I missed out my own favourite from BtVS, Cordelia! Ok, so went for second best.

I do miss my IM's
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Well the Angel Poll had some interesting results. In the end I decided award each Third place episode 1 point, each second place 2 point and each first place 3 points. I would've gone with the most popular in each section, but third and second places had no clear winners, so this seemed easier.

Third place with 8 points was The Girl In Question
Second place with 11 points was Hole in the World
But a clear first place with 33 points was Destiny

Season Five was definately popular as are our boys having a fight!

So the same for Buffy. What are Your Favourite episodes?

[Poll #930801]

Just for comparison the Magazine I read had.

3) Chosen
2) The Gift
1) Once More, With Feeling

Results in a couple of days to give people time to vote!


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