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I guess Jared Padalecki would never make it as a jockie
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I've been reading the summaries for the SPN Big Bang this year and there are loads I want to read. I might never get through them all.

So I was thinking. I know a couple of people on my friends list like J2 AU (which is what I'm interested in), and I was wondering if any of you fancied sharing the workload then doing a rec post?

[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang's Master List of artists, authors and summaries is here

If anyone is interested we could put together our list, and then divid it out to read. I know that might mean that you read a few that you wouldn't want to rec, but we might find some total gems. What do you think?

I will not read

extreme D/s

I've been squicked enough times with them, and doing it to the actors in any situation would probably give me a heart attack. Sorry, no matter who recs it, I will not read it.

*sticks fingers in ears and sings* If I don't read it, I don't know what is happening.

So anyone fancy getting together to read them and do a rec post?

Pretty Please?
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Ok, not a great Castiel fan myself. I'm warming to him as he shows a bit more human characteristics, but was a bit of a cardboard cut-out to begin with. But from the last two conventions? Misha Collins is ace, he is a real fun guy!

I like facial hair, always have, but Jared, Jensen, could you tidy it up a bit? Just looks like you don't want to shave in the morning, not that you want an attractive beard and mustache
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Ok, my first RPS slash drabble. The plot just bit and had to be written. Behind a cut because I know that RPS and Slash are not everyones cup of tea.

Title Age Difference
Author woman_of_
Pairing JP/JDM
Rating PG 15

Age Difference )

ETA Need to get away from the computer. I feel like having a good old fashioned fandom moan, and I seem to do that a lot just now. *Takes deep breath*. Fans are called fans for a reason, they are fanatical. Repeat motto ad infinitum.
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Please people, take my mind of all the publicity Jared Padalecki is doing for the Friday 13th Premier. I have seen some clips, and damn, I nearly want to see the film now. It is just so not like the film I would usually go and see. I have not watched a slasher film since the original Friday the 13th which I walked out on.

I know, despite looking at Jared on the big screen, I wouldn't enjoy it, and this is all done to promote the film and make people want to go and see it. I mean I did marketing at University. I know what marketing is!

*shakes head I how weak willed I am with a sexy man"
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I'm sure I only have one Supernatural writer on my flist, and I'm sure she knows I don't mean her. I have been reading some J2 fic, because there is no way I can write Wincest. I have been for a while now. I know I can't really say too much about characterisation because it is not like using fictional characters from a show, where we get a good picture of them if we have been watching. The actors are more of a closed book, no matter how open they appear, it is all still a side of themselves on display to the public.

For example, James Marsters seems quite an open guy, but he jealously protects his family from any sort of media publicity. While he will promote himself, his family are very much kept from the glare.

So anyway, where am I going with this, and where does J2 fit in. Ok, so the discriptions of Jared are normally ok, but Jensen seems like just a generic good looking guy! It is not him I see from these discriptions, but a guy I went to university with. Yeah, ok I admit the guy I went to university with is still the best looking guy I have ever seen anywhere, but I am not supposed to be reading Jared Padalecki and Chris (surname withheld).

Jensen just hasn't got an individual character that people are using to hang on him it seems. Could almost be any good looking guy!
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After last night's post about not having any snow, guess what? Yes it snowed. Just a light covering, and will probably be gone by this afternoon, but, yes, snow!

Oh on the subject of last night, I had a dream I was on the Orient Express travelling across Europe, with Jared (who I was sharing a cabin with), my mother and father in the cabin next door. The food was awful, the train stopped and let on some more passangers, with two families that invaded our cabin with their small kids. That meant we couldn't use the cabin ourselves. Very frustrating!

Must add, I was a lot younger, as I guess you could guess with my Mom and Dad still being alive!

Just to add to the post, I know I keep editing it, but there are a couple of shows my friends are into just now. Leverage, which I have found on Megavideo, a site that allows you to upload a whole show for others to watch. Really good for those of us who don't use torrents. Not sure how into Leverage I am a present.

Also a lot of my younger friends are into Merlin. I have a slight problem wtih the programme having been brought up on the old myths and legends. They are also a bit young for me. I keep thinking Colin should still be at secondary school!
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Just an aside to the main point of the most. I'm getting pretty weirded out by how often my real name pops up in both Supernatural (when they mention Jensen's mother), and Doctor Who! Just saying!

Anyway David was telling me about this horror movie he had seen. After listening to him, I figured out it was "House of Wax" he had watched. He said it was pretty gruesome, but that he had pretty much guessed the ending. Why did he do good? Well when I said that Jared was in it, he knew, and had recognised him. Well ok, he did say, "That is the one with the long hair", but yes, he knew who he was. Of course he had to proceed to tell me what happened to him, but just that it made an impression was something for David.

Speaking of David we are watching "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap" today, as it is a two parter. I arranged it so we would watch them both together, so that is him finished Season One. We can start Season Two next time.

Woe Again

Jan. 11th, 2009 08:41 am
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Was up through the night last night. The coughing was so bad it made me sick, so feeling pretty shattered. I came across some Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane RPS. My initial reaction of WHAT, left me thinking it might take my mind off how I was feeling and read it. Did find one I really liked.

Title: Too Much Love 1/1
Author: Cari
Pairing: Jared Padalecki & Christian Kane. With a special guest appearance by Brandon Hart and the return of the world’s most well adjusted Mike Rosenbaum muse.
Rating: MA 15+? One day I’ll work out U.S. rating systems.
Summary: Why does somebody else get to decide what would be best for Jared without actually asking him?

So anyway, found out that reading Christian Kane fic while listening to his songs means I get a Sam/Lindsey plot bunny this time. I just better hope I can hold on to it long enough to write it when I feel better.
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Yes the ankle is playing up again, so here I am, in front of the computer at 4:41. I think it is getting a little better, so may soon try to get more sleep. I need to, David is coming over today, or at least should be. Don't want to fall asleep on him.

So where does my mind wander at this time of the morning? Really silly ideas. Like if I were to meet Jared and Jensen in RL, I think I would get on with Jensen better.....I know Jared fan saying that.

Ok so we don't really get to know the actors that well. Only got a few interviews mostly to promote whatever they are in at the time, and some YouTube vids from conventions. Even so, I think Jared's 26 year old boyish energy would tire me out very quickly. He might be fun to talk to, but I also think I would have more in common with Jensen.....especially when talking about pets. Which I tend to do.

Not to say I'm not still a Jared fan, he reminds me of Michael a lot, and probably if I was (considerably) younger, it wouldn't be a problem. At my age, I would be exausted by him.

Yes, this is the type of pointless speculation I have at this time!

Oh the poll for Favourite Regular Guests was very close, but Daddy Winchester still rules the roost, with the most votes!
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Just ignore me, posting this cos I am tired, sore and it always makes me laugh!

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Having a bit of a hands kink, what, nothing wrong with that! I found a site with some lovely pictures of actors hands. It was one of the (many)things I loved about Michael was his hands. Large, long sexy fingers, and very nimble! Ok was that TMI. I couldn't find a picture of Michael's hands, he was a little shy about them because they were so big, as well as his toes, and tended to try and hide them. To the point of the post, there are lots and lots of actors photos at the site, including James and Jared. None of them particulary unusual, but still great for viewing pleasure. The link is here.

Anyway as I have been going on about Jared and Supernatural so much just now, two of my favourite pictures of James from the site. They are both screencaps, so nothing unusual about them, I just like them! One from BtVS and one from Torchwood!

James Marsters screencaps, look out for the hands )

I'm up at an impossibly early hour, but I did have a nice dream (could've been better, but enough of that) where I was Jared's girlfriend and we went to Ayr to meet some of my family there. They turned up with their two dogs, and we took the dogs for a walk by the beach. Alas we also got lost on the way back to their place, but it was a fun dream, and Jared was really chatty!
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Just couldn't resist this! Jared Padalecki and his two rescue dogs, should say the dogs names are Harley and Sadie!

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Just got this on a comment! Isn't it wonderful! From the adorable [ profile] cologne_chick



Dec. 22nd, 2008 07:52 am
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Just to make clear to everyone from yesterdays poll.....I really wasn't going to defriend you if you didn't pick Jared....I do love Jensen as well, just not as much!

Talking of which (well Jared that is), I have such problems with his surname. I'm used to Polish surnames, honest....but they all tended to end in a ski, so the CKI throws me.

I had a pen friend when I was a teenager who had a Polish backgound....again Ski. My first boyfriend's aunt who he lived with, her boyfriend was Polish. I have gone to the Polish Club in Glasgow, and the Polish Church as well. So I should know these things. Yes Glasgow has a lot of people from a Polish background, a lot arriving during the Second World War, and never going home. Oh and can they drink....100% vodka at that. I just don't get Sam not being a big drinker, but yes they do get depressing when they are drunk.

Now to send you off running a true story about David's dad during World War Two. He recieved a message to expect 200 poles on a shipment. So he tries to figure out what short of poles, weight etc. That is when he found out they meant Polish Men to fight on our side.
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Just been round my friends list and found out I'm supposed to upload my favourite Jared picture today.....and like a little sheep that I am, I'm going to do it! Do I need to warn for bare chest?

Favourite Jared Picture )

Right I have loads of user picture space, especially since they gave us more. I really need to upload some Supernatural and Torchwood icons!
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Ok friends, I know of a lot of you are not Jared Padalecki fans, I know. And I am sure that the film "Cheaper By The Dozen" wouldn't appeal to most of you. But could someone not have told me that Jared was in it?

I mean, there I was channel hopping, and towering over Tom Welling is my beloved boy! I may be a bad fangirl in not knowing that Jared was in it in the first place, but I hadn't even looked at my Radio Times this week.

*happy cos I got to see Jared, but sad that I missed some of his scenes*


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