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As seen at [ profile] jaylan121's Journal.

We won't spread anything hateful or hurtful towards any person. We'll promote love, friendship and harmony. So hope you guys join us in this campaign and spread love with us. If you like the idea, promote it in your journal, help us with icons, banners, etc. Let's spread the word and maybe we can even write fanfiction or poetry at that day with nothing but love or something encouraging people to abandon hate. So what do you think guys, who's in?

I don't really see hate posts on my journal, but I said I would join in.
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Meant to post this yesterday, but what with the sleeping and everying, doing it today!

James as Buzz )

Pimping now, and if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest on James new role, join [ profile] moonshot_69 to find out, for example that the show is aimed to air in the U.K. in July 2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the mission

Now finally, in a voting mode for your favourite Geek? Multi fandom, and you get three votes....far more difficult than you might think when you see who have been nominated. At Hot Geek 10, you can find the link here Torchwood and Dr Who fans might like how the results are going already.

Speaking of Torchwood, do you think Moonshot means we will not get any more Captain John Hart in Torchwood next season, or could James be finished in time?

LJ News!

Mar. 28th, 2008 11:58 am
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Snagged from [ profile] kunzite1

"a new community has popped up and i figured i'd put it out there.

who here would like to see LJ continue to thrive?
who here would like to see LJ continue to be a place that you can go and post your opinions about life?
who here would like to have productive discussion about where LJ is going?

if you're willing to be a level-headed participant in talking about the various aspects and changes to LJ, please request membership in the [ profile] powerusers community."

I do have a couple of concerns regarding this new change in accounts

News from Russia
We made a commitment to keep you abreast of important LiveJournal developments and we want to honor that commitment and let you know about a new feature we are going to test in Russia: Paid Accounts Supported by Sponsors.

More Info Here )
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I know a lot of you, like me, were upset to hear of Terry's announcement a few months ago that he suffers from a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. The Discworld has such an amazing collection of fans, that matching his million dollars could be possible. Even if it was only a pound or a dollar, the price of a Discworld paperback, it could be done.

[ profile] gillo has an entry which explains the condition so much better than I can here. There is a link as well, and a button you can use to spread the word.

Link to:
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[ profile] tamibrandt has done a new manip of the much under used character Drusilla. There are three versions, Black and White, Blue, Purple and Red they are here. Tami is new to manipping, and it would be great if you all went over to encourage her!

Oh it is also her birthday as well today, so if you could wish her happy birthday while you are there :-)
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There was not really enough interest in my blog to set up an asylum for it, but [ profile] yourlibrarian kindly pointed out that her Asylum The Whedonverse Embassy could be used to do the Meme. So I have set up a few threads.....yes I spammed!

Anyway if you are at IJ and want to make new friends with the same ship as you, interested in the same things as you, go on over. Now! Writers/Aritists/Readers/Feedbackers/Lurkers. If you are on IJ, go and meet people with the same interests. If your main interest isn't there, make a post asking for people to come and join you!

the link is here. Yes that includes Firefly....and if you make a post for it, even if it hasn't aired yet, and may take some time, Dollhouse!
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Please sign up for [ profile] noel_of_spike and give us a great christmans, the post to sign up is here and all pairings are welcome. I have read so many posts that this fandom is dying on its feet let us prove that they are wrong.

So artwork, fic, anything you want, go over and sign up. Even if you do not pick a certain day, there will be open days where you can post. I will probably take one of those. Spread the Christmas Cheer!
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My friend [ profile] tamibrandt has opened a community to help you find your favourite Angel or David stories or art. It is [ profile] insearchofangel. As Tami says in the welcome post

"Welcome to 'In Search of Angel', your one stop community to find that Angel story, or stories you have been looking for and cannot find. Whether it's a story you have lost in your bookmarks, read but cannot remember where, or type of stories you would like to read. This is the place to come and post your requests. Hopefully someone will be able to guide you to the story you want. Requests for fan art or manips that you've seen and can't remember who or where it's from are also welcome.

* RPS / RPF requests are welcome as well.
* Angel / Angelus / Liam and/or David Boreanaz has be in the art or fic no matter who else is in it."

Go forth and pimp! Let people know they can find that elusive fic or art. The more people who join, the better the chance of finding the requests.....

Spread the Angel or David love


Sep. 14th, 2007 07:41 pm
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Two great new communities need pimping. Now I do hope you all know about [ profile] decade_of_spike and have something wonderful ready for posting. And I do know that quite a few of my flist have already done banners for the community. They are all wonderful!

So to celebrate Spike being on our screens for 10 years come the 29th, posting from the 24th onwards for our vamp, and all his various character changes, and partnerships (het or slash, your call) needs love. Or meta, artwork, 101 reasons to love him, first impressions, that ONE time?, Evil, chipped or souled. Come play with Spike!

Also, as you all I am sure, know, I am waiting hopefully for the Angel:After the Fall comic. So I was delighted to find out about this community from [ profile] shapinglight. One all about the up-coming comic. If you want to chat about Angel season 6, then join [ profile] angel6_atf.....and if I can find a mod to ask, I may make a post to find out what people think about what Brian Lynch has done with Spike in Shadow Puppets, and Asylum. Maybe we can squee about him together!


Aug. 4th, 2007 01:05 am
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[ profile] sueworld2003 has set up [ profile] decade_of_spike to celebrate our favourite vampire's first appearance on Buffy a decade ago. Go join and show the Spike love.

For everyone on Insane Journal, or thinking of joining, two communities you might want to join [ profile] yourlibrarian has set up two Asylums for people in the fandom to find each other. The first one, for all you Buffy!verse people to meet up is weldonexpats, and for the Supernatural fandom, roadhouse. Go over you never know might meet friends who are there!


Jul. 31st, 2007 11:37 am
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I everyone, the adoreable [ profile] aschicca needs our help for her thesis. She is doing one on the pracitice of giving and recieving gifts, so a few quick and easy questions for you at [ profile] gift_q_a shouldn't take any more and about 5 min to fill in. Just copy and paste the questions into a comment and answer, as simple as that.

The post for you to go and help this really giving person in the fandom is here

Go on over, quick and easy, and no-one gets hurt either!
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[ profile] buffyversemeta has started signups for your meta posts from the topics posted. If you want to post on any subject which is listed you have to join, so you can post! If you just want to discuss the subjects, then you can just leave comments and just watch.

First step pick a date here,some have already been taken. Then choose a subject here.

Cos I picked a classic subject, The Scooby Gang: Destroyers of Gender Norms, I decided to kick it all of on the 1st July. If anyone else really wants a subject already taken, it is possible to do it. You only have to post on the same day as the orginal person who nominated to post an essay on the subject does as well!

Come along, I so hope you have fun!

One of my subjects is still up for grabs, "Magic, a positive force, or an additive one. Comparing Tara's use of magic with Willow's in season 6", I do hope someone takes it, cos I would love to read it!

Right going off to read "Sex and the Slayer, Gender studies for the Buffy fan" to prepare for my essay!
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I am delighted to let everyone know about a midimeet going on from August 10th to 12th, it is all explained at [ profile] writerconuk where artists are posting banners at present to be picked up by some lucky writers! More details can be found here

For full details about who are going and all the exciting news why not visit the website here, membership is only £20, and the programmes and events will be well worth attending. We still have places left, so come along to a small but friendly gathering of fans for BtVS and AtS.

There will also be a raffle, the prizes are here.

Can I just confirm that all the Buffy Season Eight comics are there, and will be availible. They all have Jo Chen covers. All brand new, and first editions, in covers. That is the whole Joss Wheldon story arc, and should also include the one off for issue five!

If anyone would like the five issue set of Spike:Asylum, I might be willing to take them along for the swapmeet on Sunday. I have read them, but a lovely friend bought me the TPB, so I could be encouraged to swap them.....If I can manage to prise myself away from the Spike and Lorne cover! Better be a good swop!

So come on over and check it out, look at all the lovely people you could meet, and join us in some fun!


Jun. 13th, 2007 11:52 am
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[ profile] peasant_ has started a Metathon at [ profile] buffyversemeta, so if you have any Meta suggestions you would like someone to discuss, pop over. The rules are quite simple

Welcome to buffyversemeta. The aim of this community is to get more meta essays about the Buffyverse posted and so we can all enjoy discussing the ideas raised.

The Metathon will work as follows:

Week 1: people post ideas for subjects for meta essays.
Week 2: members sign up and commit to post an essay on a particular subject on a particular date.
July 2007: The essays are posted here.

I posted two on the post for meta topics

Magic, a positive force, or an addictive one. Comparing Tara's use of magic with Willow's in season 6.


A Soul does not a good person make. Human evil in BtVS or AtS.

There are lots more to choose from, if you want to go over and see!
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Really tired just now! But collected some great pimps and recs. So ever onward

Pimp )

Now recs

First up, Spangel from [ profile] erin_starlight two in the one day! Excellent! Angel/Spike, they are trying to be secretive, but it is not working!

Angel with Connor, "Can We Talk"


Angel Spike, "Can we Shag"

Followed by

Can We Not Do This

Now written for me. Weeeeeeeeeeeee. Angel/Wesley, and [ profile] hotspur18, who just won best new writer award at sunnyd. Very well done babe!

Not for fun times, written by [ profile] ash_carpenter for a manip made by [ profile] shanmara a ficlet, and really funny as well. All the males from AI get to so some fun stuff The Lost Script: Angel's Angels

*yawn* how can I still be tired!
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My friend [ profile] schehrezade_1 has a seasonal community for the 10 years of Buffy. The first rounds are Spike centric, from July to August. If there is enough intrest, then other characters may be used in further rounds. But everything is kicking off with the Spike love.

The community info is here 10 years of btvs, or the link is [ profile] 10yearsofbtvs. I would suggest you read the community rules first.

All pairings Spike are accepted, writing and artwork. All writing must be beta-ed, it is almost in bold and underlined. Yes I signed up before I realised this myself, *faceplam*.

So much for my resolve not to do anymore seasonal communities....look out for a prompt post soon!

Now I am tired, think I may have a nap!
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My shippers poll has got some people from outside my flist answering. Which is so not a problem, I didn't make it friends locked or anything.

So if you would like your flist to join in the fun, and want to tell them about it, feel free. In fact the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Please pimp it to your hearts content. I will keep it going for a week at least, then maybe look to see if there is any outright favourite ship, in the rare ones, canon ones and main non-canon ones. Of course at present Spangel is the outright winner *G*
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Sorry to post again so soon, but does anyone want to take part in a poll which could led to imput in the new "Spike:Shadow Puppets" comic, and maybe even Season Six of Angel? Brian Lynch is running the poll at the IDW Forum, you do have to register to vote, but well worth it. The link is here

A must for everyone who enjoys comics, and the IDW ones in particular
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No I wasn't tagged to do this at this time, just felt like it *g*
Well, the idea was that you quote what you think is the best line you've ever written.

So best line I have ever written? I think this one by Spike from "Truthful Angel", despite Joss ruining it with Season Eight comic, I kinda had good feedback from it, and got archived because of it as well. So has good memories for me

“Yes luv; I was in Rome and saw you grieving all over the Immortal.”

Anyone else? What do you think is the best/silliest/sexiest/insert adjective as needed line you've written?

And yes, I do have three chapters still to write for that story......


Looking for some fantastic stories to read? Go over to Fang Fetish here and see the outstanding stories that have been nominated! The judging will be so difficult this round. Astounding struff, from some fantastic writers. As are the artwork and vids. Go have a rummage round.
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I know I really don't need to pimp anything [ profile] sexymermaid does, but I loved The Woods, link here, cos Liam Flirting is a delight, as well as the beautifully caught suspence from the ominous Woods. Then today!

Well today Jan did the most amazing H/C chapter for Hired Man, this is fast becoming one of my favourite Hurt/Comfort stories (I have been reading quite a bit of Jan's stories at "Just Rewards" here. I have been feeling in the need of some fluff, and read Cupid, and for some Spander The Shepherd & The Forest God, go check out this archive, lots of great stories.

Back to "The Hired Man", you Must read if you enjoy H/C, Link Is Here.

Then just to make me even more excited, I saw that [ profile] kazzy_cee posted about all the wonderful raffle prizes we have on offer for the midimeet in August. It is amazing, and everyone has been so generous. To have a look as some of the wonderful items on offer Go Here.

Then I read the perfect story for a lazy Sunday after turning the clocks forward. [ profile] hotspur18 did the perfect Spike/Wesley story "Rain" here, and a wonderful sharp dressed men manip here

Wow such a wonderful day! I know why I love my fandom!


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